Victoria Secret in Australia

22 November 2013

Hi Petals!

I could be the last person in the beauty blog community who didn't know about Victoria Secret in Australia?! Maybe.

I was on a mini-holiday (vacation that is) last weekend and went to Queensland for some much deserved RnR :)

I did some clothes shopping of course! which I'll show you a link at the end of the this post. But highlight shopping event was the Victoria Secret one obviously.

I saw a shop at the airport on my way back while looking for a Starbucks and I couldn't believe my eyes that there is a  physical shop in Australia. 

Anyway I didn't pass up the opportunity to shop!

I am a big VS body mist fan. I used to order mine online and buy in bulk and wait for 8weeks ah!

I saw old favourites but I thought it was time to venture out with new scents and this was my favourite!

It's not too sweet and not fruity...two things I am now off in the terms of scents. It's light and fresh and it makes you feel you are surrounded by daisies and freesia and sitting by the beach :)

Ingredients for your info ;-)
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I was told by the sales rep that there will some stores to be opened across Australia but not sure when.

Jumps for joy!

I hope that the shops brings a wide variety of lingerie selection and the cosmetics and more of the body mists :)

Are you a Victoria Secret Fan?

And oh before I finish this post, let me share the dress I got from the shop Dissh :) 

until the next post hope it's sunny where you are :)


ps. this post is not sponsored.

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