First Impressions - BOURJOIS HAPPY LIGHT Foundation

07 November 2013

Hi Lovelies!

O-M-G did I just found my new favourite foundation!!

I've been whinging lately on how my face seems to be drier than usual (Thank you hormones!). I am currently using Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous foundation or Urban Decay Naked Skin which both worked for my skin during the warmer weather but recently both foundations are not giving my combo-skin any justice at all. My face looks so powdery, flat and dry. 


I was doing my usual night time routine of watching YouTube (makeup) videos about new products (as you do hehe) and a certain makeup guru talked about a new foundation from Bourjois, their Happy Light Foundation

I was so intrigued. 
Ok I lied. I wasn't intrigued. I WANT IT!

It promises a luminous and flawless complexion in ANY light!!

double check!

And so I got it!

It's currently Spring in Australia and we are heading to warmer days now and this product is a Fall/Winter release from Bourjois so you'd think I am a little cray cray for getting it but hear me out sisters/brothers - this has got to be the most natural finish foundation ever applied on my skin! As in ever!

So what are my first impressions?
  • I absolutely LOVE IT! It is light on the skin that you don't even feel you are wearing a foundation. 
  • As promised, it makes your skin flawless and luminous without the shine / glitter
  • I love how natural it looks on skin and even if I put 2 coats it still feels lightweight
  • I am not sure about the claim on the 16hr longevity on your skin because I haven't really wore makeup for 16hrs straight or had the need to wear it for that long so I don't really care at this point.
  • It is pricey for a drugstore product but who am I kidding, there is no such thing as a  cheap drugstore prices here in the land down under
  • I am not a fan of the smell but it's not offensive. In fact if you've used Chanel foundations then it has that similar scent.
Things you need to consider before buying:
  • There is no SPF on this foundation which makes it a perfect foundation for photography. 
  • Remember to apply a moisturiser with SPF if you're using this during the daytime at this time of the year (ie Spring/Summer)
  • There is a limited shades available to choose from.

I really love it and glad I made the purchase.

It is official. I am a liquid foundation junkie.

Here's how it looks on my skin :)

FYI: For reference, I am using the shade Beige (54) and I am normally a NC42 on MAC or Golden Caramel on Revlon Colourstay.

Also in case you don't know, Bourjois is owned by Chanel so don't be surprised if the foundations are similar in scent, texture and finish :)

Until the next favourite, stay happy!


ps. this post is not sponsored. I purchased this at Priceline :)


  1. I need to try this out! I am still on the hunt for the perfect foundation.

  2. Hi Stella! Have you tried it?!! This is definitely one of my fave foundation. if only it came with SPF it will be a potential HG!


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