RiRI Hearts MAC : RiRi Woo

14 October 2013

Hi my loves!

A surprise present was given to me this past weekend and to my delight, it was a makeup item!! To be specific, a makeup item from MAC's recent collection - RiRi Hearts M.A.C. Fall Collection

I think it reached the Australian shores just 2 weeks ago, conveniently while Rihanna was having her Australian Tour which I saw when she came to Perth. She's awesome but I wished I didn't have to wait that long for her to come on stage. Ok that's another post all together.

Anyway, back to her MAC collection, I have to be honest though, I didn't find myself dragging my feet to a MAC counter to check it up close and personal. I've actually lost an interest in MAC collections for a few reasons, one is I've accumulated quite a few (ok, quite A lot!!) back in the days which I still have and currently use. I was a sucker for every new collection that came out to a point that I was on a first name basis with almost if not all of the MAC makeup reps in the both Myer and DJ counters. They would recognise my voice on the phone when I ask them to put stuff aside for me before it becomes sold out. Yes, that was me. A mad woman. Then suddenly they started releasing meh collections that didn't interest me at all. Perhaps I just grew up and fell inlove with other brands? or I became broke. More like the latter.

So yeah back to RiRi (geez all this tagents)! I went to town for a day of pampering and shopping last week and I ended up in the makeup section (shocked!) Mainly because of how Myer Perth changed their layout so I was familiarising. Then I saw rose gold goodness of packaging and realised it was the RiRi Hearts MAC. It was one of the prettiest packaging ever presented and I thought their Hello Kitty collection 100 years ago was THE ultimate packaging, I was wrong.

Of course everything almost had the "sold out" sticker. I felt I needed to get one item because it is so pretty but the thought of a nice suck-it-in type of jeans had far better benefits in my books at this time than makeup so I walked away from RiRi

*cue victory walk*

But then at the end of the day, a lovely man came home bearing a gift.

What gift you may ask?

Only the RiRi Woo lipglass from the RiRi Hearts MAC.

In fairness, the lovely man didn't know about my desire to purchase an item from this collection or any collection so really kudos to the lovely man braving the dreaded makeup shopping knowing absolutely nothing about a lipgloss :) Im keeping him by the way.

I am in RiRi heaven.

Isn't it just the prettiest cherry red?

The packaging is amazing and I think I will never Back-to-MAC this baby at all. Expired or not, this is staying in my vanity table.

It has all the goodness of a MAC lipglass - intense shine, beautiful colour payoff and that famous vanila scent.

As you all know MAC's lipglasses are sticky as so if you're not into sticky lip products then this is not for you.

Thank you lovely man for the gift.

DId you get anything from the collection?


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Spring Green(ing) + tribal prints = gorgeousness

10 October 2013

Hi Lovelies!

so that was a fail attempt on a "catchy" title! But you get my gist? or maybe not.

anyway, so Spring is definitely in! Although some might beg to differ with all the rain and storms we've been getting in the last few weeks, no one can deny that it's no longer winter!

towards the end of cold season, I was already adding pieces that I think will be great for Spring. My clothing style is somewhat in between Classic to what's "hot" at the moment but always on the borderline of the Classic pieces which I invest on because I know I would make more use out of it and for a long time. Then I'll just get a few of what's hot right now to incorporate it to my wardrobe but I would normally just get it from Target, Kmart or Big W or places with a sale going on. In other words I wouldn't spend that much on items that I know won't be in in the next year or 2.

This year's spring, I am so loving green and to be specific Chartruese green. Some would say it is yellow-green but I've been educated by Jack of Will & Grace and it is indeed Chartreuse!  Seriuosly though, it is one of the prettiest shade of green.

Most of my clothing items are either black or white, like I said like classic (boring) pieces so these bright accessories are the best finishing touches for that added pop!

My latest obsession on clothing is the monochrome ikat or tribal prints on anything and luckily they are everywhere at the moment. But I've recently purchased one from Kmart which I can't find in their website so here is a photo of the print that I'm referring to.

See how pretty all together are? This print can go with almost anything! But personally I have worn this with a plain white tee and these accessories and also with a chambray shirt with the same jewels.

I'm trying to get hold of a decent length skirt with some kind of similar print and then bob's my uncle! Or a dress!! oh the possibilities!

Now for your shopping guide, I found some similar shorts that you might like.

This is from Witchery.


and last but not the least from Portmans which doesn't want me to link a photo but if you click HERE then it should take you to the goods :)

happy shopping :)


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