The bag of my dreams! (one of them)

03 September 2013

Hi my lovelies!

I am now a proud owner of what I call  my dream bag! Michael Kors Jetset Logo Large

Happy bag lady!

Bag: Michael Kors Jetset Logo Large
Scarf: Kenza Threads - Code: mschikee10 for your 10% discount


I was originally after the Louis Vuitton Never Full GM but I just couldn't justify the price. Even if I end up saving up for it, I still can't justify it. Then one day I was introduced to MK brand and the first thing I saw was their Jetset collection and then! That was in 2011.

End of confession.

Two years after, I saw it again BUT again I contemplated and for months I wished I just bought it already. So I listed this in my Christmas wishlist....then one day a good catch of the day deal came up and my amazing santa got me my Christmas present this early!

Happy dance!

I could not contain my joy and oh boy did I jump and jump and jump and jump.

This bag is awesome! It holds almost everything I want to bring. It is light on it's own so it's not a worry if you actually fill it up, it won't break your shoulder. I LOVE IT! The only issue is I actually can bring loads of crap too!

I think I would like a coloured one next time hehehehe

whats your current dream bag?

Until the next post!
Hope it's sunny and warm where you are :)


Ps. Thank you santa for this lovely present!

This post is sponsored by my santa hahaha

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