Sun dresses are out!

23 September 2013

Hi my lovelies

This post was thought about on a very sunny day after days of constant rain, thunderstorms, gust winds and all that comes with Winter season.

I did some dress shopping a few weeks ago in preparation for Spring.
I do have my old dresses that I love dearly but the old-skinny-me is the only person that can rock those dresses so I needed new pieces for the new-curvylicious-me and you know where is the best spot... ASOS!

I bought 3 dresses and so far only managed to wear one because the weather is a party-pooper where I am. And this is my favourite so far :)

This is the Warehouse Ombre Tile Sundress from ASOS online I can actually live in this dress (provided it is sunny). It is light and "hides" areas that you want to hide :) It is just a dream to be in it! If only the weather continues to warm up then i have 2 more to wear ;-)

Btw did I mention that I got this on Sale?

You're welcome.

Happy Spring shopping. There are lots of sundress to choose from :)

Hopefully it's sunny where you are :)


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