My Current Night time skin care essentials

30 September 2013

Hi my lovelies

I think it's about time to reveal my secret to looking young and fresh and well rested. If only! But I can tell you what I use at night to sort of achieve all those things I just mentioned.

It's no secret really because I'm pretty sure you have something similar in your vanity tables.

Basically I've got a serum, a facial oil and a night cream.

Estee Lauder - Advanced Night Repair
Skin Juice - Fused Skin Drops

Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair Synchronised Recovery Complex  (phew! that's a mouthful) is my all time favourite serum for years. It's quite pricey but it is really worth every penny. Initially I didn't see much difference, not drastic at least and then I had a few months that I didn't repurchase a bottle thinking I can find something similar...guess what?... I failed. There's nothing like it in my opinion. And for the time that I wasn't using it my skin looked meh, dull. Also my spots didn't heal quicker as it did when I was using this product. I seriously believe this product helps your facial skin rest overnight better than just a moisturiser on its own. I must add that this product even worked more wonders when I started using my Clarisonic Mia - you can read my post about that here :)

Simple Repair Anti-wrinkle Night Cream is one of my new favourite night creams. It is non-greasy and absorbs into the skin quickly it doesn't end on your pillow. It is rich enough to hydrate your skin overnight but doesn't leave that film on your skin. There is no scent to it which is an added bonus. I am not a fan of scents for night time creams. I apply this after applying Advanced night repair and when I wake up I have baby-smooth skin!

and drum roll please

The latest addition to my night time routine, Skin Juice's Fused Skin Drops! I am so glad this has been introduced to me because this is one of the better facial oils that I've tried. A few years ago I didn't even give a thought about facial oil. I thought why? my skin is already oily so why? I initially started using rosehip oil from Trilogy and that was an awesome product but it was way too oily for my liking. My pillows weren't a fan but that oil was awesome! Perhaps they've improved the formulation and it now sinks in the skin better and faster? Anyway, I got this bottle of goodness from my recent trip to a day spa. I had a facial and was told that my skin looked amazing considering my sleepless nights but just needed a little bit of boost to stay balanced and hydrated. They used this after my facial and I loved the feeling on my skin. It's like love on your neglected skin. I can imagine my skin singing hallejujah. I did a little reading here and there about facial oils because I was really not buying the idea of putting oil on my skin when I can be oily already and I read that one of the reasons for having oily skin is over cleansing (guilty!), it strips off the good oils on your skin forcing it to over produce oil to compensate so finding the right facial oil can balance all that and keep your skin healthy and normal. 

There are heaps of facial oils out there and you really need to look for what suits your skin. Look into Clarins Lotus Face Treament Oil as it is one of the most popular oils for oily/combination skin.

How frequent do I use these products?

I don't use them all together on the same night. I use the facial oil every other night and on its own, nothing else. Then on nights that I don't use the facial oil, I apply the serum and the moisturiser.

*Please note that these products are suited for my skin type - oily/combination.

what's your night time routine secrets?

Have a lovely day! Until my next post :)


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Sun dresses are out!

23 September 2013

Hi my lovelies

This post was thought about on a very sunny day after days of constant rain, thunderstorms, gust winds and all that comes with Winter season.

I did some dress shopping a few weeks ago in preparation for Spring.
I do have my old dresses that I love dearly but the old-skinny-me is the only person that can rock those dresses so I needed new pieces for the new-curvylicious-me and you know where is the best spot... ASOS!

I bought 3 dresses and so far only managed to wear one because the weather is a party-pooper where I am. And this is my favourite so far :)

This is the Warehouse Ombre Tile Sundress from ASOS online I can actually live in this dress (provided it is sunny). It is light and "hides" areas that you want to hide :) It is just a dream to be in it! If only the weather continues to warm up then i have 2 more to wear ;-)

Btw did I mention that I got this on Sale?

You're welcome.

Happy Spring shopping. There are lots of sundress to choose from :)

Hopefully it's sunny where you are :)


The battle of the lip crayons!

10 September 2013

Hello my lovelies!

Have you seen the new lip crayons that are out there?!! It's insane! There are so much more to choose from. Suddenly these lip crayons are must-haves for spring. Who knew?

I think the first brand who made this an interesting must-have was Clinique, remember their chubby sticks? It was full on advertising if I remember it correctly. Unfortunately, I didn't jump in the bandwagon when that came about a year or 2 ago just because I felt it was very teeny-bopper kind of product and not to mention a little bit pricy for a lip balm - it currently sells at AU$35.

Then Revlon introduced their - Kissable Lip Balm Stain - for some reason, this was a hit in the YouTube beauty community more than the chubby sticks so I have to have it. I started with one shade - which is Honey  then i just had to get other shades that are unique to my collection because I find that they were way better than the chubby sticks not to mention way more affordable.

And recently Covergirl released their Lip perfection jumbo gloss in Australia and before hand I've heard a lot of great things about it so I just had to get one shade to have a comparison between Revlon and Covergirl and see for myself!

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

  • I do have a love-hate relationship with this. I love that it stains your lips like no other and lasts all day (or days) and i also hate that it does because removing it is just one pain in behind.
  • I am not a fan of the peppermint scent, i always expect it to have some kind of minty, tingly feel to it.
  • As much as I love how it colours my lips, it is not the most hydrating lip products out there. 
  • It has that gloss that you want but I wish there is more
  • Affordable especially when on sale
  • There are heaps of colours to choose from

Covergirl Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss

  • New to CG in Australia
  • Selling for AU$12.95 and so far I only found this in Priceline
  • This is much more hydrating than Revlon
  • Glossier than Revlon
  • It's softer, it feels like butter when you're applying it
  • Doesn't have a scent to it
Final thoughts?

  • I love these crayon types lippies just because they are easy to apply and pocket friendly
  • It's that lip product that doesn't really require a mirror, you know when you're on the go.
  • Because it's like a crayon, application is much more precise and you can stay within the lines of your lips
  • Both are light on the lips and there is little to no transfer so it's kiss-friendly
  • Both affordable
  • Great for spring/summer when you're outdoors or at the beach
  • Like any lip product, both don't look good on dry lips, it accentuate the dry skin on your lips. Make sure to exfoliate first. 
1 - Revlon's Smitten; 2 - Revlon's Rendevouz; 3 - Revlon in Honey; 4 - Covergirl's Coral Twist

I know Bourjois' version is soon to hit the Australian shores so more choices? I know in US there are far more brands to choose from and much cheaper. To be honest they are all very similar if not the same so it's up to you which is much preferred by your lips and your pockets.

Have you tried these lip crayons?

Until the next post, smile always!


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Help me raise funds for PinkHope and mark your calendars - 20th September is Bright Pink Lipstick Day!

05 September 2013

Hi my lovelies,

Let's talk about something that is dear to my heart - Breast and Ovarian cancer awareness :)

I recently found PinkHope. It's the first community that I know of that inspires women to be more  proactive with their breast and ovarian health. I love that this community is also for high risk women to connect and find support.

From Pink Hope's website
Pink Hope is Australia’s first community designed to inspire women to be proactive and vigilant with their breast and ovarian health, while providing a safe haven for high risk women to connect.
Although this charity organisation was founded in 2009, I only heard about it today while watching a the telly and came across their Ad campaign for Bright Pink Lipstick Day which is on 20th September and already I am all for it.

Also, I've decided to create an online fundraising in honour of my mum Jane to help PinkHope raise some funds so they can employ a genetic counsellor.

For your donations, please visit For Jane :)

And show your support by sporting your brightest pink lipstick on 20th September and also by donating ;-)

Forever grateful,


Top lipstick shades for Spring 2013

04 September 2013

Helloooooiiiii (in true Aussie style!)

Spring is in! Spring is in!

It's time to whip out your beautiful, bright lippies again and I've got a few that I'd like to share with you all :) If you're like me, I do try to change up my makeup as the season change and I always get excited for spring because the yummy colours come out and it doesn't help that all the cosmetic brands come up with new shades for the Spring.

I did pick up a few new lip products although they've been on the market for months now. I just thought it was perfect for spring and also it was half-price at Priceline when I bought it and of course i have my old favourites that I'm giving much love once again.

Here are my top picks for Spring :)

I love corals, oranges and pinks and the brighter the better. I normally would just have a basic eye makeup or sometimes just coats of mascara, nicely shaped and drawn brows and subtle cheek colour and a bright lip! bam!

The recent items I bought were from Maybelline's ColourSensational Vivids collection: Vivid Rose and Shocking Coral. Vivid Rose is vibrant, deep pink on the cool side of things while Shocking Coral is well a shocking peachy-coral with pink and yellow undertone, very warm.

These Vivids lipsticks are:

  • Very bright and creamy. 
  • They are very pigmented and can stain your lips all day.
  • It has the yummiest scent to it, like a vanilla bean. 
  • It's hydrating on the lips as well, lots of movement. 
  • You won't have that dry lips feeling at the day progresses. 
  • Very affordable
If I were to choose, I'd go for Shocking coral as I have yellow-undertone complexion but both are equally yummy looking :) I tell you, these drugstore brands are stepping up their game and really releasing better formulation and to be honest much more value for your money than the known high-end ones.

My old favourites are:

MAC Vegas Volt - an amplified creamy coral shade. Very creamy and pigmented.

MAC Girl about Town - this is my all-time favourite deep pink shade, thanks to Rihanna, she rocked this colour in one of her videos many moons ago and I just had to get it.

Revlon Lip butter in Tutti Frutti - a very creamy and hydrating orange shade. I love this as it adds that warmth you wanted to your makeup. It is very spring to me and these lip butters are a dream to apply on the lips.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Rendezvous - This is another orange shade. If I'm being honest, this almost the exact same shade as the Tutti Frutti only less glossy and less creamy but the stain power is longer. I normally use both if I want a really orange lips.

Here are swatches for you:

1 - MAC Vegas Volt
2 - MAC Girl about town
3 - MNY Shocking Coral
4 - MNY Vivid Rose
5 - Revlon Tutti Frutti
6 - Revlon Rendezvous

Are your lips in spring mode yet?

Until the next post, enjoy the sunshine :)


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The bag of my dreams! (one of them)

03 September 2013

Hi my lovelies!

I am now a proud owner of what I call  my dream bag! Michael Kors Jetset Logo Large

Happy bag lady!

Bag: Michael Kors Jetset Logo Large
Scarf: Kenza Threads - Code: mschikee10 for your 10% discount


I was originally after the Louis Vuitton Never Full GM but I just couldn't justify the price. Even if I end up saving up for it, I still can't justify it. Then one day I was introduced to MK brand and the first thing I saw was their Jetset collection and then! That was in 2011.

End of confession.

Two years after, I saw it again BUT again I contemplated and for months I wished I just bought it already. So I listed this in my Christmas wishlist....then one day a good catch of the day deal came up and my amazing santa got me my Christmas present this early!

Happy dance!

I could not contain my joy and oh boy did I jump and jump and jump and jump.

This bag is awesome! It holds almost everything I want to bring. It is light on it's own so it's not a worry if you actually fill it up, it won't break your shoulder. I LOVE IT! The only issue is I actually can bring loads of crap too!

I think I would like a coloured one next time hehehehe

whats your current dream bag?

Until the next post!
Hope it's sunny and warm where you are :)


Ps. Thank you santa for this lovely present!

This post is sponsored by my santa hahaha