TV Obsession: Offspring TV Show - Season 4 Finale (Spoiler Alert)

15 August 2013

Hi my loves!

So let's talk about Offspring the TV show. Yeah, let's and don't roll your eyes on me now.
Look away if you haven't seen the last 2 episodes as in now! look away now!

After the shocking Episode 12 where Patrick dies (spoiler alert!), I for the love of me could not get over his death for a good day week. I was in mourning, then I was angry then was in denial then was angry then in just doesn't end. I read countless messages to the show on social media.... they were not really messages, they were rants!  Let's face it about 1 million very vocal Australians were suddenly widows of the Late Patrick Reid and about 500,000 more who didn't want to admit they watch the show.

Someone asked me...Did you cry?

Of course I cried!
And i mean A LOT.
I had my mascara all over my face, two very swollen eyes and that lower lip shivering action.

I had a week of contemplation of what could be really happening. Is it one of Nina's day dreaming? Maybe she's just imagining it and he's really alive and this is all a bad dream.
Turns out, he's really dead. done. no more Patrick Reid. The writers actually killed the character and they've admitted that it was the toughest storyline to write that they are considering on going under a witness protection programme.  And They should! 

*Deep Breath*
Season 4 ended today.
I expected an hour-long funeral scene if I'm honest but I'm glad that it wasn't the case. I love the fact that they played on Nina's strong personality using the silent labour...having that grieving pain numbing every contraction just makes your heart burst of love and sympathy and awe for Nina!

Seriously let's recap Episode 13 - there was the obvious Funeral which was short and sweet just like how it should be since the show is really meant to be light, funny, relatable; A  family reunion of the cast; A broken marriage which was a big part of the entire season but was downplayed with respect; A Sisterly love which I think is always the source of unconditional love for the show; A baby's nursery with my dream high chair - A Stokke Tripp Trapp; Don't forget THE secret baby present that Patrick made which I am sure the viewers did the i-can't-do-this-anymore cry,  that was intense; The amazing Silent labour which was portrayed and written well. I mean any woman who experienced going into active labour knows that when she had this pain look and glanced at her phone that she's already in pre-labour and the swimming, geez that was calming..don't you think? And then of course the Baby, that was just special. Oh wait let's not forget Patrick's apparitions throughout the episode! At least we still get to see his face.

I think this season is a little bit heavier in content than normal which is understandable because Nina already found love and is committed and also pregnant so really it should be and they live happily ever after but that would be boring will it and too predictable for a show that is going for another season. Also I noticed a new trend in TV shows today - the writers slap you in the face by killing main characters.. makes you Angry and hooked at same time.

I am looking forward to the next season, I really am. One can only hope that they keep all of the characters alive. But if they have to kill again, let it be Nina's pot plant!

R.I.P. Patrick Reid
Patrick Reid portrayed by actor Matthew Le Nevez.

I swear I am normal :) I just love the show :)

Until next current obsession post!


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