PInk Lips Invasion: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in PINK VELVET

05 August 2013

Welcome to my Pink Lips Invasion series and to start it rolling I chose to feature my current obsession - Revlon's Pink Velvet!

Now is it just me or any colour that ends with velvet will bring you happiness? Red velvet? *badumtiss*

So I happen to stumble on this shade when I went shopping with my cousin, she offered me to pick a lipstick as my birthday gift and I happily obliged. It was a "spontaneous" purchase because it wasn't something that I was eyeing for a while nor a shade that I've seen from my many nights of watching YouTube beauty videos...I simply spotted it out of luck and oh boy I am glad I did and even better I got it as a present*

"It looks so bright but when swatched on hand it is wearable", said me to myself. That was the selling point for me...the word wearable. In all honestly it wasn't that hard to decide on this one, it ticked all the boxes in my rules on buying a pink lipstick... wait, what list? I don't have a list, I'm a bonafied makeup junkie that will try anything that looks...hhmm..what's the word... pretty!

Let's get back to why do I love this lipstick?

  • It's a yellow-base pink with a very tiny tinge of blue (very tiny) which compliments my NC42 complexion -  natural tan
  • It's a creme finush so it glides on the lips like butter
  • It doesn't have that weird scent that you find on most drugstore lipsticks
  • It is cheaper... retails from AU$21.95 (not really cheap if you compare it to US prices but meh)
  • It is moisturising and friendly to the lips
  • It is glossy enough that you can skip the lip gloss
  • It is simply pretty!
Here is swatch of it on my lips :)

It is really a flattering shade and I've been using it almost everyday since I got it. It's not over the top nor annoyingly bright. It is not too young nor too old. It is just right and I'm sure it will work on any skintone! I pair this up with neutral eyes and soft pink cheeks :) 

This is part of their permanent line and available in Myer, David Jones, Priceline, Target, Kmart, Big W and some other chemist stores. 

Until the next pink lip!


*Thank you Batres family for my present :)

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