Most Worn Fragrance (All year round)

29 August 2013


I love perfume. I love shopping for it. It's one of my favourite things. I used to pass by Myer or David Jones on my way home and just roam around their perfume section (after being at the makeup counters of course). And I would take down the names and then research it at night.

I would search for reviews on longevity on skin, people's description of scent (even it I smelled it already), places I could get it for cheap and the notes. 

For years, my taste on perfumes changed from annoyingly sweet to now florals and musks and sometimes spicy. Sometimes I would like to smell like J Lo, I think she's still one of the many celebrities that has a good selection of unique scents like Still. I even joined the Britney Spears bandwagon at some point until majority of commuters in the train smelled like me so I decided to chuck it in the bin and in all honesty it became sickeningly sweet to my liking. Then I have the occasional "my friend made me buy it" perfumes which ranges from Victoria secret kind to major splurges like Chanel.

Which brings me to the heart of this most worn fragrances.

L-R: Chanel Coco Mademoiselle EDT, Chanel Chance EDP, Chloe EDP

Let's start with my trademark scent - Chloe (New) Eau de Parfum

This is my signature scent. My friends would know I've arrived once they smelled it and I kid you not at one point I would use the body creme AND the perfume. intense. But i just love love love how it smells on my skin. I love how the rose note lingers all day. If I can drink it and have this come out of my pores then I will.

Confession - this is my 7th bottle!!! I've tried all the variation that came out in this line: the limited edition Chloe Rose and the L'eau de Chloe which is part of their permanent line. But I always go back to the original one.

To me it's the most flattering powdery floral scent. I love how feminine it smells (and makes me feel). To my humble nose, it is a classic, seductive and clean scent.

A few blogs have labelled this fragrance as borderline laundry smell which to be honest is not bad at all. Who wouldn't want to smell like fresh laundry? an expensive fresh laundry?

I use this anytime, any season.

To read more about the Chloe fragrance, click here.

Second most worn scent is - Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

This is my grown up scent. I first purchase this when I hit 30 and this was my fragrance. I thought, I need sophistication, I need seduction, I need elegance, I need money. 

This fragrance is a great combination of jasmine and musk and I'm pretty sure there is some patchouli in there. I love how it ends up like a powdery floral on my skin at the end of the day and that muskiness is oh so sexy.

I use this for datenights and those special occasions that you need an extra oommpphh. This is my 3rd bottle :)
I use this more in winter because it's warmer and makes you a delight for cuddles.

And third most worn fragrance is Chanel Chance Fraiche

Now this is my spring/summer go to scent especially when it is really hot and humid. It's so fresh and citrusy that your sweats smell expensive.

I love how it starts really fresh, almost slapping you to wake your senses and ends very floral, feminine.


fragrance. I can talk about this all day.

What's your most worn fragrance?


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