getting ready for spring - going Nautical :)

31 August 2013

Hello my lovelies!!

Spring is almost here.. almost! I wish it's sunnier and a little warmer as I write this post instead of the 100km/h gust of wind and heavy down pour in the background. I'm literally rugged up and I'm talking about Spring! Anyway, I've been slowly packing up my winter clothes, the heavy ones at least, and been busy pulling out my Spring-like clothes from the boxes of skinny-me clothes. The amount of clothes you can accumulate is sometimes laughable and still you can hear a woman say i've got nothing to wear. Well this time around, I really don't have anything that fits me. Promise!

Ok, maybe it fits but not as flattering as it was before?

I smell...any reason for shopping?

As I pull one item of clothing after the other, it dawned on me that! Breton Stripes to be exact!

There I've said it. I love stripes. Most of the top I own that I wear for midseason is somewhat as if I own a yacht. How much white/blue stripes can you own? Apparently a lot.

Reason I love stripes? I love the nautical look. I don't know, there's something about it, perhaps it looks very classic and clean. I love how simple it is and yet looks so sophisticated if done correctly.

Here is an outfit i put together as I was organising my wardrobe. It's a simple breton striped 3/4 tee paired with a navy blue shorts. Add some gold chunky watch and a bright red shoes and matched it with a red statement lip (or not) and finish it off with your signature scent.

This is my forever go-to outfit for Spring/Summer.

What's your go-to outfit for Spring?

Until the next post, hope it's sunny where you are :)


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