First Impression: REVLON Nearly Naked Makeup and Pressed Powder

10 August 2013

Hi Petals!

Revlon Nearly Naked has finally arrived in Australian stores! hooorayy

I could be the only excited person who jumped for joy when I found it during my weekly visit at Priceline (just ' know ...well..uumm...research). The best thing is...wait for it...the best thing is they have a lot of shades to choose from! Perhaps my constant commenting on their Facebook page about introducing darker colours finally paid off? Maybe.

OK let's see, Revlon wrote on their site:

"Revlon introduces NEW Revlon Nearly Naked®Makeup, so light, it melts right in, working in harmony with your skin’s unique tone and texture for an even, fresh finish. Vitamin and
antioxidant-packed to pump up your natural glow and a nearly naked look that’s absolutely perfect."

In other words, it is a product that will help you get that no makeup look using only 1 product and makeup junkie like me knows that no-makeup-look means gazillion shizz slapped on your face to get that flawless look. So I repeat.. Only one product to achieve that no makeup look. Too good to be true? 

I got the shade Natural Tan and I'm NC42 for MAC reference.

What I think about it? (first impressions on the liquid foundation)

  • Well I thought they would have known by now that having a pump is always good. A tiny accident of you tipping it on your carpet will send you crying or in this case cleaning.
  • The glass bottle doesn't gel with tiled floors. 
  • I like that you see the actual product and the colour through the bottle.
Colour selection
  • Fantastic! They have up to Cappuccino which is considered to be the darkest so our sisters with darker skintone can enjoy (or hate) this product
  • No offensive smell to it. In fact I don't think it has smell at all.
  • It is reasonably priced. At least the Australian definition of reasonable. It retails at AU$25.95. 
  • Big W is currently having an introductory price on the makeup and pressed powder for AU$20 each - offer expires next week 14th Aug 2013
Formulation and Coverage
  • It is very runny so it makes it even trickier without a pump.
  • It applies very wet on the skin so it blends easy. It wont dry instantly as you apply the product and you can use your fingers or a brush. 
  • I wouldn't recommend using a beauty blender with this one as it's very runny.
  • Coverage is light to medium. Your freckles will still show even if you build it up hence the word "naked"
  • Therefore you will need to conceal areas that needs concealing
  • This evens out your skin (ie redness)
  • Has a dewy finish. If you have very oily skin then perhaps use an oil controlling primer first so the product doesn't slide off your face
  • Has SPF 20 so this may not be an ideal foundation for flash photography.
  • It feels very wet on first application so you will need to wait until it settles in your skin and you can finish it off with a powder all over or just on areas where you need sealing (ie, T-zone). But once it is set you can't feel it...weightless.
  • It transfers on clothes when rubbed
  • Doesn't last all day. Pressed powder touch-ups required.

All in all, I would give this product a 3.5 out 5, many points were taken out just for not having a pump #firstworldproblems. The major icky thing for me is that it feels so wet on the skin when applied and I have to wait for a few minutes before I can finish off my face and time is something I don't have much these days. But aside from that, it finishes so natural on skin and you can't feel it on and doesn't look cakey even with the pressed powder... it just looks so naked. Definitely would recommend it if you're on the hunt for an affordable (and readily available) weightless foundation :)

This is also very comparable to Urban Decay's Naked Skin which I have as well and I will do a comparison post soon to help you decide in case you're torn which one to get. 

First impression on the pressed powder

It is a brilliant powder! It works well with the liquid foundation and on its own. Not cakey nor heavy looking on the skin. It's a winner!


Here's a photo of me wearing the foundation in natural lighting. I didn't set this with the pressed powder. Note how you can see my freckles. 

I got the shade Natural Tan which I thought was a bit dark than what I normally have but it works well on my skin. This is going to be great in summer. FYI on MAC reference, I'm NC42.

Revlon products are available in Myer, David Jones, Chemist Warehouse, Priceline and other leading chemists.

Wishing you a fun naked experience.


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