First Impression: L'oreal Nude Magique BB Cream and Nude Magique Blush

18 August 2013

Hello ladies!

How about that post title! Could I squeeze in another word or not!

It's time for another First Impression and for this post I'll be sharing with you what I think about L'oreal Nude Magique BB Cream and Nude Magique BB Blush.

I got both BB Cream and BB Blush as part of my prize for winning the L'oreal Paris Australia ombre hair challenge. I was their Week 2 winner! woot!! 

OK enough of my shameless plug and let's get back to business!

As you may know, western cosmetic brands started to jump in the BB Cream bandwagon over 2 years now and only recently that the drugstore brands joined in. BB creams are meant to be your all in one product that will nourish, protect, even out, prime and hydrate your skin. The real deal BB creams were first introduced to Asian market and this was years ago. Main aim was to whiten your skin which is the on-going trend in Asia, lighter skin = beautiful. meh. 

Anyway, the L'oreal Nude Magique line has been in my list of products to try and oh boy was I happy to see this in my prize pack!!

What are my First Impressions on Nude Magique BB Cream?


  • Love love love the packaging. 
  • It's neat and travel friendly.
  • Love that it has a pointy end of the tube so you can actually control the amount of product that you want to apply on your face.

Formula and Finish

  • It comes out a little runny and white
  • It has a tiny pigment capsules that feels like exfoliators when you rub it on your face. mild exfoliator.
  • Once blended it transforms or adapts to your skin tone. Not a new technology really.
  • It feels like silicone primer once it is set on the skin
  • It has light to medium coverage
  • Definitely evens out your skin.
  • It is demi-matte finish and it's not flat
  • Lightweight, you can barely feel it on your skin
  • Can be worn on its own or under your usual foundation
  • No foul scent
  • Has SPF 12

What are my First Impressions on Nude Magique BB Blush?

  • The BB blush doesn't have that pointy end but it's not an issue as the product is thicker
  • It comes out as a gel like consistency
  • No offensive scent
  • Feels like a silicone primer when applied
  • Blends well and effortless using your fingers

Would I recommend one or the other or both?

I would definitely recommend the BB Cream. This is by far one of the better (drugstore) brand I've tried. So far I've tried Garnier and Maybelline BB creams and they were both disappointments. With the Nude Magique, the formula is better and the finish is more desirable (to me at least). I didn't find it sliding off my face at the end of the day and it is not greasy when applied nor when it sets. It also stays demi-matte all day long.

I love that it feels like a silicone primer on skin because I do like the soft to touch feeling.

I love that it's so lightweight! There are days that all you want is a decent coverage but not heavy on the skin.

In my opinion, it is still a tinted moisturiser. If you've tried Estee Lauder Day Wear Sheer Tint Release then Nude Magique BB Cream is very very similar when it comes to the micro pigment capsules and how it comes out white but adapts to your skin tone but for a fraction of the price!

I use this on days that I don't have much time to get ready or when I don't feel a heavy foundation on my skin. You literally slap it on and off you go. In my case, slap it on, draw my eyebrows, apply my blush and then a lip product, done!

As for the BB Blush, I'd say skip it. It is not worth your money. You can barely see it when applied. You're better off with a cream blush or a cheek stain.

Here's how both products look on my skin. You can barely see the blush!! pffftt But the BB cream is a dream, I really like it.

Hope this post helped you :)

Until next my post, hope it's sunny where you are!


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