getting ready for spring - going Nautical :)

31 August 2013

Hello my lovelies!!

Spring is almost here.. almost! I wish it's sunnier and a little warmer as I write this post instead of the 100km/h gust of wind and heavy down pour in the background. I'm literally rugged up and I'm talking about Spring! Anyway, I've been slowly packing up my winter clothes, the heavy ones at least, and been busy pulling out my Spring-like clothes from the boxes of skinny-me clothes. The amount of clothes you can accumulate is sometimes laughable and still you can hear a woman say i've got nothing to wear. Well this time around, I really don't have anything that fits me. Promise!

Ok, maybe it fits but not as flattering as it was before?

I smell...any reason for shopping?

As I pull one item of clothing after the other, it dawned on me that! Breton Stripes to be exact!

There I've said it. I love stripes. Most of the top I own that I wear for midseason is somewhat as if I own a yacht. How much white/blue stripes can you own? Apparently a lot.

Reason I love stripes? I love the nautical look. I don't know, there's something about it, perhaps it looks very classic and clean. I love how simple it is and yet looks so sophisticated if done correctly.

Here is an outfit i put together as I was organising my wardrobe. It's a simple breton striped 3/4 tee paired with a navy blue shorts. Add some gold chunky watch and a bright red shoes and matched it with a red statement lip (or not) and finish it off with your signature scent.

This is my forever go-to outfit for Spring/Summer.

What's your go-to outfit for Spring?

Until the next post, hope it's sunny where you are :)


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Most Worn Fragrance (All year round)

29 August 2013


I love perfume. I love shopping for it. It's one of my favourite things. I used to pass by Myer or David Jones on my way home and just roam around their perfume section (after being at the makeup counters of course). And I would take down the names and then research it at night.

I would search for reviews on longevity on skin, people's description of scent (even it I smelled it already), places I could get it for cheap and the notes. 

For years, my taste on perfumes changed from annoyingly sweet to now florals and musks and sometimes spicy. Sometimes I would like to smell like J Lo, I think she's still one of the many celebrities that has a good selection of unique scents like Still. I even joined the Britney Spears bandwagon at some point until majority of commuters in the train smelled like me so I decided to chuck it in the bin and in all honesty it became sickeningly sweet to my liking. Then I have the occasional "my friend made me buy it" perfumes which ranges from Victoria secret kind to major splurges like Chanel.

Which brings me to the heart of this most worn fragrances.

L-R: Chanel Coco Mademoiselle EDT, Chanel Chance EDP, Chloe EDP

Let's start with my trademark scent - Chloe (New) Eau de Parfum

This is my signature scent. My friends would know I've arrived once they smelled it and I kid you not at one point I would use the body creme AND the perfume. intense. But i just love love love how it smells on my skin. I love how the rose note lingers all day. If I can drink it and have this come out of my pores then I will.

Confession - this is my 7th bottle!!! I've tried all the variation that came out in this line: the limited edition Chloe Rose and the L'eau de Chloe which is part of their permanent line. But I always go back to the original one.

To me it's the most flattering powdery floral scent. I love how feminine it smells (and makes me feel). To my humble nose, it is a classic, seductive and clean scent.

A few blogs have labelled this fragrance as borderline laundry smell which to be honest is not bad at all. Who wouldn't want to smell like fresh laundry? an expensive fresh laundry?

I use this anytime, any season.

To read more about the Chloe fragrance, click here.

Second most worn scent is - Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

This is my grown up scent. I first purchase this when I hit 30 and this was my fragrance. I thought, I need sophistication, I need seduction, I need elegance, I need money. 

This fragrance is a great combination of jasmine and musk and I'm pretty sure there is some patchouli in there. I love how it ends up like a powdery floral on my skin at the end of the day and that muskiness is oh so sexy.

I use this for datenights and those special occasions that you need an extra oommpphh. This is my 3rd bottle :)
I use this more in winter because it's warmer and makes you a delight for cuddles.

And third most worn fragrance is Chanel Chance Fraiche

Now this is my spring/summer go to scent especially when it is really hot and humid. It's so fresh and citrusy that your sweats smell expensive.

I love how it starts really fresh, almost slapping you to wake your senses and ends very floral, feminine.


fragrance. I can talk about this all day.

What's your most worn fragrance?


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Repost: A Pop of Colour featuring Kenza Threads scarves + Discount Code!

28 August 2013

Hi my loves!

Spring is just around the corner...for my fellow peeps in the southern hemisphere at least.

We've been getting quite a few warmer days here and there but still with cooler mornings and nights. The dullness of winter is slowly making its exit.
Out with the grey and In with colours!

What's the best way to welcome Spring? with a pop of colour! There are many ways to incorporate colours in your outfit and the easiest way is accessories which brings me to the star of this post...

My fail-safe way of welcoming Spring?.... (colourful) SCARVES

  • Wrap or drape it around your neck and it will keep you warm enough but not boiling hot.
  • Use it a head scarf and make it your statement piece.
  • It adds that pop of colour that you want.....easy! 
  • It jazzes up your outfit effortlessly. A simple Tee and jeans with a coloured scarf can easily transform your outfit from dull to wow!
  • It's great to camouflage to your winter figure ;-)
I do own quite a few of lightweight scarves that I whip out when Spring comes in and just recently I added some more to my collection. These lovely lightweight scarves are from a local Western Australian online shop called Kenza Threads. They just had their grand opening yesterday and I was one of the few who snagged a scarf or two on their online launch.  

I am fortunate enough to see collection in person today and I am so impressed by the quality and the selection! There is a scarf for everyone that's for sure! I was like a kid in a candy store. I couldn't contain myself....i want it all!

Scarves fom Kenza Threads
This is what I got - Link!

It's an Alexander Mcqueen inspired scarf in bright pink! And you all know me and pink, I can't say no.

And here's how I'm going to wear it one of these days. It just adds that feminine touch to a masculine outfit don't you think?

Jacket: H & M (last season)
White Tee: RittenHouse - Link!
Scarf: Kenza Threads - Link!

And because I was like a kid in a candy shop, the lovely team of Kenza Threads** was kind enough to let me take home this baby right here (see photo below).

I can't find it on their online shop yet but I found something similar - here! Thank you Kenza Team!!

The lovely team of Kenza Thread is offering a 10% Discount to all my readers. Just use the code MSCHIKEE10 and you get the discount and **free shipping.

The promo code is only valid until 8th of September 2013. Happy Shopping!

And if you're not a scarf person but still want to do some pop of colour to your look then perhaps add it on to your makeup. A statement bright lip is very common but something subtle like your eye makeup can do just the trick :) I used Makeup Forever's Matte e/s number 92 for this look :)

What's do you do to get that pop colour?

Until the next post, keep smiling!


This Post is Sponsored by Kenza Threads.

**Kenza Threads offers a free shipping service Australia Wide.

Love for Shoes: Mel for Melissa

26 August 2013

Hi my loves!

I've been meaning to blog about this not so new brand that I only just came across early this year. I must be living under a rock for not seeing it. Now, expect a big ramble on this post.. here we go!

As you can read my post title, I am currently obsessed with Mel for Melissa shoes!!

Just a background, I first lusted the Melissa shoes when I saw it in a posh mall in Philippines and this was the Vivienne Westwood collaboration....many many many moons ago. Although I was a little bit iffy about it being plastic-like I was so inlove with the design. But still I can't justify in my head why I would wear something I used to grow up wearing (plastic/rubber) and it's not even considered a proper shoes (said in my mum's voice in my head).

I left it behind.

Two years ago, a very close girlfriend of mine, who is a shoe addict let me in her shoe closet. And when I say a shoe addict I really mean a major shoe addict. She would buy different colours of exactly the same thing if she really loved it and sure enough there were a few Melissa shoes in there. She asked me if I wanted to try one on and my feet were already in one pair before she even finished her offer. Like a glove! (well almost, but i had the vision!)

Although I wanted one so bad, I couldn't find something that compliments my manly feet UNTIL two and a half years later and nosy shopper me spotted a pair held by another lady trying begging to get her size from the sales me it was the prettiest shade of red.

I WANT That one!
I NEED it in my life.

24 hours later after spotting it in the shops and finding out it was from a sister company of the Melissa brand... aka the more affordable and younger line..... it was finally mine!! *evil laugh*

Mel for Melissa - JUJUBE Flats in Red Flocked

How lively is that red??!! It's the perfect shade of red! This is the JUJUBE collection and this is the Red Flocked which unfortunately is sold out :( but you can find the other colours here!

Why I love this shoes?

  • It fits so well and very comfortable. 
  • I didn't get any blisters which is only possible if I were a good quality leather shoes.
  • It smells like candy when you first open it and the scent stays on even after using it for months. Mind still does at least.
  • It is very bright that it makes me happy seeing it on my feet
  • It makes my manly feet look like a lady for once
  • It is such a great statement piece if you're feeling meh on your outfit. 
  • It's very affordable, retails for AU$49.00 a pair and they offer free shipping Australia wide :)

And because I love it, I snagged a pair of thongs (Honey AU$39.95 reg price) when Myer had their stocktake sale ealier this year.

My girls in all their glory....;-)

Mel for Melissa Shoes: Jujube and Honey

Mel for Melissa is available in Myer but the selections are limited. You're better off checking it online from their official Australian website MelPop because they always have sale going on and it's always free shipping :)

If you're up for some proper Melissa shoes then check out Melissa Australia, I personally love Doris Spikes - perhaps it will be added to my Christmas wishlist ;-)

Enjoy shoe shopping!

Until the next pair of shoes!


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Pink Lips Invasion: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in HONEY

22 August 2013

Hi lovelies

And we're back for another episode of Pink Lips Invasion! And this time is all about Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. I got the shade Honey which I think is one of the most wearable shade in the entire line.

When this was released in US, it was madness. It was compared to the Clinique Chubby stick but cheaper. So what else can you do if you were me? Join the bandwagon.

What I love about it:
  • I like the crayon like packaging. It makes colouring your lips fun.
  • It really stains your lips.
  • It has a minty scent to it which threw me off the first time I used it as I was used to sweet scents when it comes to lip products. 
  • It does that slight tingly effect or it could only be in my head because of the scent, my brain tells me it should be tingly?
  • It has a good shine to it but not overly glossy if you know what I mean
  • I love that you don't need to sharpen it.
  • It's not that hydrating as i thought it would be but re-application does the trick and make your lips look pretty again
  • It retails for AU$17.95 but you will often spot some kind of a promo here and there and it's available in most leading stores in Australia or if you're like me, I get it off eBay hehe
Would I recommend it?

Yes! This is great for days where you can't be arsed to put a proper lipstick but still want that i-am-alive look, really sometimes even on the crappiest day, a lip colour can change your mood. Like I said it's not as hydrating as I want it to be but it could be just my lips to be honest. The darker shades are much more pigmented and can stain your lips for hours!

I seriously have enough pink lipsticks that will last me a lifetime but I swear every pink lippies that I own are very different from each other ;-)

Until the next pink lips!

Hope you gave yourself some me-time today :)


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Favourite Liquid Foundations: Current and All-time

20 August 2013

Hi my lovelies!

Let's talk liquid foundations *big grin*

Liquid foundation is one makeup item that I'm picky about. I used to be a total snob when it comes to brands. My motto was invest on a good foundation and I would only look at MAC or Estee Lauder or Clinique or NARS or Chanel or Makeup Forever. You pay for the price that's for sure and know you're getting an amazing result that will make you say that was worth every penny! So what happened? I grew up and acknowledged that there are good and cheaper brands out there so I ventured on drugstore brands and surprisingly found a few that I absolutely love! And also in fairness, drugstore brands have improved soooooo much in everything since the beginning of beauty madness on YouTube where they get real feedbacks from real buying customers.

Another reason why I was staying away from drugstore brands before is the price. It is still expensive! So in my head, if I'm going to pay that much then why not just buy high-end foundation? That was me like 4 yrs ago. At the end of the day, you will pay for what you can afford, for what you think suits your skin and for your what foundation you want whether high end or drugstore.

So let me introduce you to my current favourite Liquid Foundations. I have a mix of high end and drugstore brands andI'll tell you why I'm obsessed about them. I will not go into too much details as this post will turn out to be a novel and we all know that I can ramble.

(L-R): Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1, Urban Decay Naked Skin, NARS Sheer Glow, L'oreal Lumi Magique
Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation 

Absolutely love this foundation!! Marketed to be a Primer, Concealer, Foundation all in one and happy to report that it does perform as promised. And for whatever reason, I get so much compliment when I use this. I get told I look well rested when I'm using this product.

  • Finishes off matte - so you will need to bring back dimensions on your face (ie contour, highlights)
  • Stays on all day with minimal to no touch-ups
  • Doesn't oxidise on my skin
  • I don't need concealing when I use this, after all it is meant to act like a concealer as well
  • It has SPF 15
  • Buildable - medium to full coverage
  • I'm using shade 857 for your reference (I'm on NC40/42 on MAC)
  • Retails from AU$19.95 depending where you get it from

Who doesn't love the UD's Naked line? I fell inlove with this foundation even before trying it out and when I finally got the chance...wait for was a must have purchase. It's a weightless, high definition foundation which I think would be great for a wedding or just normal everyday makeup if you're the kind who wears makeup all the time. I used this all the time when I was in Florida and it was hot hot hot considering it's winter back then but this worked so well on my skin.
  • It's a demi-matte finish
  • Very light-weight! You can hear yourself saying I don't feel I have anything on. Foundation that is.
  • It has this very caramel-ish scent to it which I find really nice but don't worry the scent doesn't linger for you or anyone to smell.
  • Stays on all day but will need to touch up your oily zones
  • Works well in humidity
  • No SPF on it so it will be suitable for flash photography!
  • Not available in Australia at all so perhaps an online shopping activity is required for you. I got this at Sephora for US$39.00
  • Buildable - light to medium coverage
  • I got the shade 7.0

My all time favourite foundation. I can't recommend it enough. It's great for winter/cooler months when everything feels dry and dull and you want that glow. I tend to venture to other brands, types but I will always come back to this. My only thing now is I think I need to be colour matched again as my skin over the last few months has become a tad darker even without major sun exposure. 
  • Has a dewy finish which is great for cooler months
  • It is hydrating, luminous, silk  - all the good stuff
  • Lightweight and easy to work with
  • Fingers or brush can be used to apply it
  • The price went down from AU$99.00 back in 2010 to AU$68.00 *cue happy dance*
  • It has SPF 18
  • Buildable - Light to medium coverage
  • Available at Mecca Cosmetica
  • I got the shade Barcelona Medium but I'll be changing to one shade darker.

And last but not the least, L'oreal Lumi Magique! Want that J-Lo golden glow? This is it in a bottle! I actually think this is very comparable to NARS Sheer Glow but this is a little bit more dewy or glowy.
  • It has gold specks to it that gives that golden look. It's not overly golden but you can definitely see it on your hands after applying.
  • It's lightweight and easy to blend on skin
  • Ideal for normal to dry skin. Oily skin will need to use some kind of a primer or else this will slide off your face.
  • Don't really need to set this with a powder or you will defeat the purpose of it being a glowy
  • Absolutely amazing on photos if you've got the right shade
  • Buildable - light to medium coverage
  • It has SPF 18 so easy on the flash when taking pictures
  • I use this during the cooler months too to get that hydrated look haha. Also this was way too shiny for me in Summer when I tend to get oilier face.
  • Available at leading chemists, Myer, DJ, Priceline, BigW, Kmart, Target
  • Retails from AU$33.95
That's it, my awesome four! I hope this post helped you in one way or another. 

what is your current favourite foundation?

Hope it's sunny where you are!


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First Impression: L'oreal Nude Magique BB Cream and Nude Magique Blush

18 August 2013

Hello ladies!

How about that post title! Could I squeeze in another word or not!

It's time for another First Impression and for this post I'll be sharing with you what I think about L'oreal Nude Magique BB Cream and Nude Magique BB Blush.

I got both BB Cream and BB Blush as part of my prize for winning the L'oreal Paris Australia ombre hair challenge. I was their Week 2 winner! woot!! 

OK enough of my shameless plug and let's get back to business!

As you may know, western cosmetic brands started to jump in the BB Cream bandwagon over 2 years now and only recently that the drugstore brands joined in. BB creams are meant to be your all in one product that will nourish, protect, even out, prime and hydrate your skin. The real deal BB creams were first introduced to Asian market and this was years ago. Main aim was to whiten your skin which is the on-going trend in Asia, lighter skin = beautiful. meh. 

Anyway, the L'oreal Nude Magique line has been in my list of products to try and oh boy was I happy to see this in my prize pack!!

What are my First Impressions on Nude Magique BB Cream?


  • Love love love the packaging. 
  • It's neat and travel friendly.
  • Love that it has a pointy end of the tube so you can actually control the amount of product that you want to apply on your face.

Formula and Finish

  • It comes out a little runny and white
  • It has a tiny pigment capsules that feels like exfoliators when you rub it on your face. mild exfoliator.
  • Once blended it transforms or adapts to your skin tone. Not a new technology really.
  • It feels like silicone primer once it is set on the skin
  • It has light to medium coverage
  • Definitely evens out your skin.
  • It is demi-matte finish and it's not flat
  • Lightweight, you can barely feel it on your skin
  • Can be worn on its own or under your usual foundation
  • No foul scent
  • Has SPF 12

What are my First Impressions on Nude Magique BB Blush?

  • The BB blush doesn't have that pointy end but it's not an issue as the product is thicker
  • It comes out as a gel like consistency
  • No offensive scent
  • Feels like a silicone primer when applied
  • Blends well and effortless using your fingers

Would I recommend one or the other or both?

I would definitely recommend the BB Cream. This is by far one of the better (drugstore) brand I've tried. So far I've tried Garnier and Maybelline BB creams and they were both disappointments. With the Nude Magique, the formula is better and the finish is more desirable (to me at least). I didn't find it sliding off my face at the end of the day and it is not greasy when applied nor when it sets. It also stays demi-matte all day long.

I love that it feels like a silicone primer on skin because I do like the soft to touch feeling.

I love that it's so lightweight! There are days that all you want is a decent coverage but not heavy on the skin.

In my opinion, it is still a tinted moisturiser. If you've tried Estee Lauder Day Wear Sheer Tint Release then Nude Magique BB Cream is very very similar when it comes to the micro pigment capsules and how it comes out white but adapts to your skin tone but for a fraction of the price!

I use this on days that I don't have much time to get ready or when I don't feel a heavy foundation on my skin. You literally slap it on and off you go. In my case, slap it on, draw my eyebrows, apply my blush and then a lip product, done!

As for the BB Blush, I'd say skip it. It is not worth your money. You can barely see it when applied. You're better off with a cream blush or a cheek stain.

Here's how both products look on my skin. You can barely see the blush!! pffftt But the BB cream is a dream, I really like it.

Hope this post helped you :)

Until next my post, hope it's sunny where you are!


in case you missed my Ombre Hair post, click here :)

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My skin's new bestfriend - Clarisonic Mia

16 August 2013

Hi loves!

I finally got around to blogging this! 

Meet my skin's new best friend, Clarisonic Mia and an old favourite Philosophy Purity made simple 

I was given the Clarisonic Mia last christmas after begging for it. OK, maybe begging wasn't the word for it...hhmm....let's see.... a broken-record more like it? I've mentioned it like a gazillion times at every conversation that I can think of at that time. 

Oh you know I saw the Clarisonic Mia in David Jones!

Oh remember that Clarisonic Mia I showed you at the shops, they are having some kind of 10% off.

I just heard that so and so got her Clarisonic Mia online and it was held by customs.

I think Clarisonic Mia is a reasonable present.

Oh the Clarisonic Mia comes in pink now!

I eventually shut up once I opened my Christmas present and everyone was relieved. 

What is Clarisonic Mia?
"Redefining Skin Care Through Patented Technology Unlike spinning devices, our patented sonic technology works with skin’s natural elasticity, oscillating at a sonic frequency that produces over 300 movements per second. The resulting flexing action created between the outer and inner brushes work to loosen dirt and oil, removing deep-seated impurities from pores and priming skin to better absorb topical treatments. 
Feel the Difference - Smoother, softer, healthier-looking skin - Minimizes appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles - Cleanses so thoroughly, skin care products absorb better - Gentle enough to use 2X daily on all skin types" -  from

Why do I love it?
  • It cleans my face so well, removing all the shizz that I piled on during the day.
  • My face absorbs my serums and night creams better 
  • My face is left smooth and soft after every use
  • The brush is so gentle!
  • My breakouts are much more manageable to a point that I don't get them anymore unless it's the time of the month. 
  • Aside from the wonders it does to my skin, it is compact and travel friendly :)
  • The one-speed option is so easy and straight-forward. You literally just press the on-button and off you go (for a minute)
  • I love that it massages my face as I use it, it's relaxing :)
What do I use it with?

I use it with Philosophy's Purity made simple cleanser which is still my all-time favourite creme cleanser. It's gentle and removes makeup like no other and with Clarisonic it's like match made in heaven!
I find that Clarisonic works better with creamy type of cleanser rather than the foamy (or liquid) types.

How often do I use it?

I use it every night. Initially started with 2x a day for a good 2 weeks then I dropped it to 1xday and only at night time.

What brush did I get?

I got the Sensitive brush head which came in the pack. 
I would repurchase the same brush when I replace it as it suits my combination skin type.

Where did I get mine and how much?

Like I said I got this as a present and I am sure my santa got it from David Jones during a sale. DJ retails it from AU$139.00 depending on the colour and I just saw the other day that Mia2 is now available.

You can get it too from the Clarisonic Australian website for cheaper and with free shipping which turns out to be a better deal than if you're considering of buying it from a US online store as shipping cost will be too much. And plus if you buy it overseas then you will need to get an adapter for the power plug.

Do I recommend it?

I know there are similar brushes out there for cheaper price and I tried a few of them thinking I would save by buying the copy and I was deeply disappointed. 
Clarisonic is expensive but it is a great investment that's for sure. It is worth every penny and if you're like me who is obsessed with skin care whether the tools or the creams then you will love this as much as I do :) I've been using this for 6 months now and my skin's never been happier!

Hope this post helped you :)

Until the next Skin Care update!


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TV Obsession: Offspring TV Show - Season 4 Finale (Spoiler Alert)

15 August 2013

Hi my loves!

So let's talk about Offspring the TV show. Yeah, let's and don't roll your eyes on me now.
Look away if you haven't seen the last 2 episodes as in now! look away now!

After the shocking Episode 12 where Patrick dies (spoiler alert!), I for the love of me could not get over his death for a good day week. I was in mourning, then I was angry then was in denial then was angry then in just doesn't end. I read countless messages to the show on social media.... they were not really messages, they were rants!  Let's face it about 1 million very vocal Australians were suddenly widows of the Late Patrick Reid and about 500,000 more who didn't want to admit they watch the show.

Someone asked me...Did you cry?

Of course I cried!
And i mean A LOT.
I had my mascara all over my face, two very swollen eyes and that lower lip shivering action.

I had a week of contemplation of what could be really happening. Is it one of Nina's day dreaming? Maybe she's just imagining it and he's really alive and this is all a bad dream.
Turns out, he's really dead. done. no more Patrick Reid. The writers actually killed the character and they've admitted that it was the toughest storyline to write that they are considering on going under a witness protection programme.  And They should! 

*Deep Breath*
Season 4 ended today.
I expected an hour-long funeral scene if I'm honest but I'm glad that it wasn't the case. I love the fact that they played on Nina's strong personality using the silent labour...having that grieving pain numbing every contraction just makes your heart burst of love and sympathy and awe for Nina!

Seriously let's recap Episode 13 - there was the obvious Funeral which was short and sweet just like how it should be since the show is really meant to be light, funny, relatable; A  family reunion of the cast; A broken marriage which was a big part of the entire season but was downplayed with respect; A Sisterly love which I think is always the source of unconditional love for the show; A baby's nursery with my dream high chair - A Stokke Tripp Trapp; Don't forget THE secret baby present that Patrick made which I am sure the viewers did the i-can't-do-this-anymore cry,  that was intense; The amazing Silent labour which was portrayed and written well. I mean any woman who experienced going into active labour knows that when she had this pain look and glanced at her phone that she's already in pre-labour and the swimming, geez that was calming..don't you think? And then of course the Baby, that was just special. Oh wait let's not forget Patrick's apparitions throughout the episode! At least we still get to see his face.

I think this season is a little bit heavier in content than normal which is understandable because Nina already found love and is committed and also pregnant so really it should be and they live happily ever after but that would be boring will it and too predictable for a show that is going for another season. Also I noticed a new trend in TV shows today - the writers slap you in the face by killing main characters.. makes you Angry and hooked at same time.

I am looking forward to the next season, I really am. One can only hope that they keep all of the characters alive. But if they have to kill again, let it be Nina's pot plant!

R.I.P. Patrick Reid
Patrick Reid portrayed by actor Matthew Le Nevez.

I swear I am normal :) I just love the show :)

Until next current obsession post!


Pink Lips Invasion: Covergirl Lip Perfection in Heavenly Paradisiaque

13 August 2013

Hi Petals!

Hope you're enjoying this series as I'm having fun writing them :)

This post is all about Covergirl's Lip Perfection in Heavenly Paradisiaque

Covergirl LipPerfection: photo credit to 
This heavily pigmented line of drugstore lipsticks is one of my favourite. I own 3 shades and today I'm gonna share my second most worn pink lipstick!

I love love love this product. To me it is the perfect shade of baby pink. It looks bright when swatched but it's not on the lips.. well to my lips at least. It has the right amount of blue to it so it is very flattering on warm skin tone.

The pigmentation is superb! Whatever you see on the tube is as true as it is on the lips.

And the formulation is very creamy and moisturising! It's a delight to apply on the lips. This shade doesn't stain your lips as much as the other darker shades. This doesn't dry out your lips as well but it does transfer so you will need to touch it up through out the day.

It is also cheap! It retails from AU$14.95 depending on where you get them and it's available in Priceline, Kmart, Big W, Target and other leading chemist stores Australia wide - in other words it is easily accessible.

Oh the scent, I almost forgot the scent! It has one of the nicest sweet smell compared to other drugstore lipsticks. To me, it smells like a really nice a creme brulee hahah but that's me and the fact that all I can think of right now is creme brulee. But trust me it has one of the better scents :)

Here's how it looks like on my lips in natural light :)

How pretty is that pink?!

Hope this post helped you or entertained in one way or another :)

Until the next pink lip!


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First Impression: REVLON Nearly Naked Makeup and Pressed Powder

10 August 2013

Hi Petals!

Revlon Nearly Naked has finally arrived in Australian stores! hooorayy

I could be the only excited person who jumped for joy when I found it during my weekly visit at Priceline (just ' know ...well..uumm...research). The best thing is...wait for it...the best thing is they have a lot of shades to choose from! Perhaps my constant commenting on their Facebook page about introducing darker colours finally paid off? Maybe.

OK let's see, Revlon wrote on their site:

"Revlon introduces NEW Revlon Nearly Naked®Makeup, so light, it melts right in, working in harmony with your skin’s unique tone and texture for an even, fresh finish. Vitamin and
antioxidant-packed to pump up your natural glow and a nearly naked look that’s absolutely perfect."

In other words, it is a product that will help you get that no makeup look using only 1 product and makeup junkie like me knows that no-makeup-look means gazillion shizz slapped on your face to get that flawless look. So I repeat.. Only one product to achieve that no makeup look. Too good to be true? 

I got the shade Natural Tan and I'm NC42 for MAC reference.

What I think about it? (first impressions on the liquid foundation)

  • Well I thought they would have known by now that having a pump is always good. A tiny accident of you tipping it on your carpet will send you crying or in this case cleaning.
  • The glass bottle doesn't gel with tiled floors. 
  • I like that you see the actual product and the colour through the bottle.
Colour selection
  • Fantastic! They have up to Cappuccino which is considered to be the darkest so our sisters with darker skintone can enjoy (or hate) this product
  • No offensive smell to it. In fact I don't think it has smell at all.
  • It is reasonably priced. At least the Australian definition of reasonable. It retails at AU$25.95. 
  • Big W is currently having an introductory price on the makeup and pressed powder for AU$20 each - offer expires next week 14th Aug 2013
Formulation and Coverage
  • It is very runny so it makes it even trickier without a pump.
  • It applies very wet on the skin so it blends easy. It wont dry instantly as you apply the product and you can use your fingers or a brush. 
  • I wouldn't recommend using a beauty blender with this one as it's very runny.
  • Coverage is light to medium. Your freckles will still show even if you build it up hence the word "naked"
  • Therefore you will need to conceal areas that needs concealing
  • This evens out your skin (ie redness)
  • Has a dewy finish. If you have very oily skin then perhaps use an oil controlling primer first so the product doesn't slide off your face
  • Has SPF 20 so this may not be an ideal foundation for flash photography.
  • It feels very wet on first application so you will need to wait until it settles in your skin and you can finish it off with a powder all over or just on areas where you need sealing (ie, T-zone). But once it is set you can't feel it...weightless.
  • It transfers on clothes when rubbed
  • Doesn't last all day. Pressed powder touch-ups required.

All in all, I would give this product a 3.5 out 5, many points were taken out just for not having a pump #firstworldproblems. The major icky thing for me is that it feels so wet on the skin when applied and I have to wait for a few minutes before I can finish off my face and time is something I don't have much these days. But aside from that, it finishes so natural on skin and you can't feel it on and doesn't look cakey even with the pressed powder... it just looks so naked. Definitely would recommend it if you're on the hunt for an affordable (and readily available) weightless foundation :)

This is also very comparable to Urban Decay's Naked Skin which I have as well and I will do a comparison post soon to help you decide in case you're torn which one to get. 

First impression on the pressed powder

It is a brilliant powder! It works well with the liquid foundation and on its own. Not cakey nor heavy looking on the skin. It's a winner!


Here's a photo of me wearing the foundation in natural lighting. I didn't set this with the pressed powder. Note how you can see my freckles. 

I got the shade Natural Tan which I thought was a bit dark than what I normally have but it works well on my skin. This is going to be great in summer. FYI on MAC reference, I'm NC42.

Revlon products are available in Myer, David Jones, Chemist Warehouse, Priceline and other leading chemists.

Wishing you a fun naked experience.


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Pink Lips Invasion: Rimmel Apocalips in Celestial (101)

09 August 2013

Hi petals! Second instalment to my Pink Lips Invasion series and today it's all about Rimmel's Apocalips lip lacquers.

I've seen / heard of this on YouTube from my favourite UK beauty vloggers and I was tempted to get one online but I waited until it's in Australian market and just a few weeks back it finally came in and at that time Priceline had a 1/2 price on all Rimmel products so I got this for under AU$!!

Rimmel Apocalips in Celestial 101
Brief description for those who haven't seen / heard of this product, it is a liquid lipstick or a lip stain but with a glossier finish. You can also say it is a very opaque lipgloss. It's been raved that it's a cheap and very comparable dupe for YSL Glossy Stains which I kinda agree but I still have to mention that the YSL one is much better when it comes to formulation and glossiness...which I expect it to have since it retails at AU$50 a piece.

So what do I like about Rimmel Apocalips?

  • It is a great product. It is very pigmented = colour payoff on your lips is as pink as it is in the tube
  • It is glossy enough to skip the lip gloss but if you want killer shine then please by all means apply some lip gloss. 
  • It's very lightweight on the lips and not sticky at all so no icky feeling
  • The brush applicator is awesome! It holds some product in the middle of the sponge (see photo) so you can cover your lips with just one coat!
  • There is no annoying smell to it or at least it's not offensively sweet
  • There is no taste to it which is always a plus to me.
  • The formula is so opaque that you get a more intensified colour payoff at every coat you apply!
  • It is a dream to apply on the lips
  • It doesn't stain your lips for days which is always good in my books. 
  • The packaging is great, the size of the tube is purse friendly. 
  • It's cheap! hehe well cheap in Australian definition of cheap.
And what I don't like about it?
  • It doesn't have that lasting power which brings me back to what I said earlier about not staining your lips for long. But this could be the shade that I got which is considered lighter to other reds and pinks that are in the collection. 
  • It is not hydrating on the lips, it accentuates dry and flaky lips. So make sure you exfoliate your lips before you apply this product.
Here are some swatches : The shade I got is Celestial which is a muted pink. I can't really say it's a yellow pink because you can see blue undertone to it but it still compliments my skintone (MAC reference is NC42 or Natural Tan with yellow undertone / warmer tone). 

Here's how it looks like on my lips with one coat (photo below).

All in all this is good product. It's pigmented and opaque and the colour selection is fantastic. There's every shade to your heart's desire. I would definitely recommend it if you're after a glossy lip stain that's light on the lips and on your wallet.

This retails for AU$15.95 in Australia but you can get it cheaper if you spot a promo or sale in places like Priceline or Chemist Warehouse. 

You can also get it from ASOS for cheaper! It retails at AU$10.50 on ASOS and sometimes less if they are having some sale. Don't forget free shipping which is always a plus!

Until the next pink lipstick :) Have a great day!


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Double-wrap watches. Splurge vs Steal

06 August 2013

Hi Petals!

If you've been following my blog for a while then you know that I have a soft spot for Michael Kors watches for as long as I can remember. I bought my first watch for the 30th birthday a few years back and my arm has never been seen without it (well almost).

Earlier this year while holidaying in US, I spotted my second watch. It was love at first sight. The chemistry was instant. I need it in my life. #watchjunkie

This kind of purchase requires a valid reason, a good justification. And oh boy I had one.valid.reason. 

Needless to say I got a new watch!
(Note: this is now a 6month old watch but still new to me!)

I love love the design. Simple. Clean. Old School. 
I love the pop of colour which is what called me out. buy me
I love that I didn't have to pay Australian price to it.
It is my splurge.

Unfortunately, this colour is not available in Michael Kors' online store (US) but it doesn't mean it's not available in flagship stores. I remember receiving a promotional email about this just a month or 2 ago so I think you should be able to find it or if you're online shopping savvy then you can find something similar to the design which brings me to the real reason why I thought of writing this post. I found a copy!!!!

I found a copy or what I like to call a steal of this style on sale at Target (Australia) in their current "Oh My Gok" campaign! So perhaps get the same style for cheaper price tag :) It may not be real leather straps but look at how cute it is. Layer it with dainty or chunky bracelets to create your own arm party :) 

Happy watch shopping! 


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PInk Lips Invasion: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in PINK VELVET

05 August 2013

Welcome to my Pink Lips Invasion series and to start it rolling I chose to feature my current obsession - Revlon's Pink Velvet!

Now is it just me or any colour that ends with velvet will bring you happiness? Red velvet? *badumtiss*

So I happen to stumble on this shade when I went shopping with my cousin, she offered me to pick a lipstick as my birthday gift and I happily obliged. It was a "spontaneous" purchase because it wasn't something that I was eyeing for a while nor a shade that I've seen from my many nights of watching YouTube beauty videos...I simply spotted it out of luck and oh boy I am glad I did and even better I got it as a present*

"It looks so bright but when swatched on hand it is wearable", said me to myself. That was the selling point for me...the word wearable. In all honestly it wasn't that hard to decide on this one, it ticked all the boxes in my rules on buying a pink lipstick... wait, what list? I don't have a list, I'm a bonafied makeup junkie that will try anything that looks...hhmm..what's the word... pretty!

Let's get back to why do I love this lipstick?

  • It's a yellow-base pink with a very tiny tinge of blue (very tiny) which compliments my NC42 complexion -  natural tan
  • It's a creme finush so it glides on the lips like butter
  • It doesn't have that weird scent that you find on most drugstore lipsticks
  • It is cheaper... retails from AU$21.95 (not really cheap if you compare it to US prices but meh)
  • It is moisturising and friendly to the lips
  • It is glossy enough that you can skip the lip gloss
  • It is simply pretty!
Here is swatch of it on my lips :)

It is really a flattering shade and I've been using it almost everyday since I got it. It's not over the top nor annoyingly bright. It is not too young nor too old. It is just right and I'm sure it will work on any skintone! I pair this up with neutral eyes and soft pink cheeks :) 

This is part of their permanent line and available in Myer, David Jones, Priceline, Target, Kmart, Big W and some other chemist stores. 

Until the next pink lip!


*Thank you Batres family for my present :)

Mschikee's Pink Lips Invasion: An Intro

02 August 2013

Hi Petals!

My lipstick collection has been dominated by everything pink! From Bright-in-your-face pink to subtle-my-lips-but-better pink. For months I've been obsessed (and really mean obsessed) with just pink lipsticks and with that obsession came to re-discovering old makeup in my kit and getting new shades, new brand which is always exciting to say the least. So I thought why not dedicate a post for every pink lipstick that I own and love in case you're on the hunt for it or just like me who finds makeup very interesting.

Here are the lip products that will be featured on separate posts in the coming days/weeks :) I've got a good range from high-end brands for your splurge to very affordable drugstore brand for your steal.

MsChikee's Pink Lips Invasion
Names of lip products shown from L - R:

Maybelline Baby Lips Pink in Mixed Berry

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey

Rimmel Apocalips in Celestial 101

Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Truffle

Covergirl lipstick in Heavenly Paradiasque

Revlon Super Lustrous in Pink Velvet

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate in shade 19

MAC lipstick in Lustering (Lustre, Permanent line)

MAC lipstick in Girl about town (Amplified, Permanent line)

MAC Lipstick in Nude Rose (Lustre, Limited Edition from DSquared Collection 2009)

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Crystal Lipstick in Crystal Baby 301

MAC Lipstick in Angel (Frost, Permanent line)

YSL Rouge Volupte in shade 02

Now that's a list!

Until the next post! Stay Beautiful!

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L'Oreal Preference Wild Ombre colouring kit - A Review

01 August 2013

Hi Petals! It's been a while since my last post and I mean a looonnggg while. My apologies for being MIA but I am back and very happy to be blogging again. I've got TONS to post!!

So let's go jump straight in to my welcome back post!

There's been a lot of changes in my life and my hair just caught up with it. Teehee. For months I've been wanting to ombre my hair but didn't have the courage to do so because it seems so drastic from dark brown to almost blonde hair end bits?  *chicken* So I daydreamed about the idea of it and looked for inspirations online and even found my "ideal" ombre look through Khloe Kardashian hahaha

Photo Credit:
My mantra was "someday when I have time" until one day I saw L'Oreal Paris posted on their Facebook page about this new product - Link!

Lo and behold - Preference Wild Ombre kit! Here's my "after" photo :) 

**Oh if you're wondering about the lipstick I'm wearing, it's from Revlon Super Lustrous in Pink Velvet and Priceline is currently having a 3 for 2 promo on all Revlon Products - Link!

So what do I think about it?

The Good

  1. I think it's bloody brilliant! It's very easy to use and you have the choice on how "light" you want it to be depending on how long you leave the lightening potion on your hair. But there are about 6 steps to follow and the box got everything you need.
  2. For the price of it, you can't go wrong, it retails from AU$18.95 but you can get it cheaper if you spot a sale in places like Big W or Priceline.
  3. The brush that came with it was the winner for me. It was daunting when I was about to start the process but after a while I was just going cray-cray! 
  4. I love that L'Oreal Paris provided videos on their site to show you the steps in case you didn't like reading perhaps? 
  5. There are 2 shades you can choose from in Australia depending on your base haircolour so you have the option and we love options! Btw I got Ombre No. 2,  for Dark Blonde to Medium Dark Brown because I coloured my hair many moons ago so it's a little lighter than my very dark brown hair.
The Bad
  1. The only thing that I can think of is that this is only available in the supermarket ie Coles and Woolworths, at least where I live so I was on the hunt for it for days! And when I found it they I realised that they only have 2 shades!!! Ombre No. 2 and No. 4 (for really blonde hair) so if you have a dark brown hair or black then you're only option is Ombre No. 2. I'm sure you'll be able to find the one for darker hair on eBay or Amazon or some online stores.
    NOTE: this product is named "Feria Wild Ombre" in US and Canada.
All in all I would rate this as 3.5 out of 5 for the "simplcity". I enjoyed the whole process even though I had my hairdresser friend's number should this experiment failed. I told myself I can always just cut the bit off if I really hate it ;-) 

If you're up for it, go for it!

Just for your reference, here's the video on how-to :)

Enjoy and share your DIY Ombre experience by tagging me (@mschikee) on Instragram #CurrentObsessiondotNet

That's it for now :)

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