Beauty and Skincare Favourites for 2013

31 December 2013

hi petals!

so it's new year's eve!! I can't believe 2013 is almost over!

this year has been a year of great beauty and skincare finds. I've changed up my skincare routine as my skin has changed due to age and you can say diet and not to mention hormones. As for makeup, well I've stayed within my comfort zone but definitely found a few foundations that well and truly made my skin look good.

So let's start shall we because I know this post is going to be ginormous!

Let's start with Skincare as this has changed the most in 2013 :)

My favourite Cleanser combo remains the Clarisonic Mia and Philosophy's Purity madde simple. I could not love this enough really and I wish that none of them will be discontinued in the future. Part of my skin's happiness really is because of these 2 babies here. My skin is prep so well for all the lotions and potions. If you would like to invest on a facial brush cleanser, you can't go wrong with the Clarisonic.

Next up is the The new skincare regime as shown in the photo below, these items are my ultimate skincare faves for 2013 :)

Bioderma Crealine H2O Cleanser
  - this is a long wait kind of product that I've heard about so long ago but just couldn't justify spending the online overpriced pricetag plus the ridiculous shipping cost until my dear Priceline started selling them. This cleanser is as gentle as water but it removes every single makeup you have on. It's non-drying as there is no alcohol in it and it is just a pleasant way to clean your face after piling the shizz (aka makeup) on.

L'oreal Revitalift eye cream - This is not my HG for eye cream but it has been doing a good job keeping my under eye hydrated. I am not sure about the anti-wrinkles property as I don't really have that much yet but it gives me a peace of mind (hahahaha) knowing that I am being proactive and using anti-wrinkle eye cream at a young age of 33 (ha!). It doesn't hurt the pocket nor the eye so I guess it's a win-win situation for me. This cream makes my under eye concealer apply better if that's any consolation.

Kosmea Radiance 24/7 Youth boost oil - this little bottle of goodness is my new skin's bestfriend. This has replaced my night cream for all the good reasons. This little baby has improved my skin's texture, discolouration and elasticity. I could not say enough good things about this product. If only it comes in like giant bottles I would surely bathe in it (that and if I am made of money then I can buy a giant bottle of it...yah, lame analogy). I've tried a few facial oils this year and this is the winner for me. If you haven't tried it yet please do unless you have a perfect skin or you hate oils on your skin. One thing I have to add is I have an oily-combination skin and this doesn't make my skin produce more oil. I used this on day time when the weather was really cold and I needed that extra hydration and it worked well. My face doesn't end up like a giant greaseball in summer in case you're wondering. I know a few who are scared to try facial oils for the fear of being very oily but as I've said in one of my previous posts, these facial oils are meant to balance your oil production making your skin normal or a least your skin's definition of normal. I say dare to try this product for 2014!

Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair Synchronised Recovery Complex - My face is married to this bottle. that's all I have to say. It is a luxurious serum both on the face and in the pocket but if you have the money to spend on it I definitely recommend it especially to those in their 30s and over. I started using this when I turned 30 many moons ago and I haven't stopped. I think there comes an age where you just need that extra bit to keep your skin looking like the age it should be if you know what I mean without going under the knife.

Estee Lauder Idealist Even Skin Illuminator -this has been the best eraser for all my sun spots and post acne scars better than other erasers that I've tried in the past. There is something about this that makes your skin radiant after every use. Although I love this product for 2013, I don't think I will repurchase it only because I want to try another kind or similar for the next year and plus I don't have much skin discolourations and acne spots lately but if you do and is looking for a light and effective serum then this is a great product.

and finally...

Estee Lauder Day Wear - this has been my favourite day time moisturiser for 2013. It is light, with decent SPF and the smell of cucumber or something really fresh makes my morning a little bit more pleasant. I have always come back to this after trying out a few different ones although next year I'll be using something different (thanks to a lovely Christmas present) but for 2013, this my HG moisturiser.

And here we go.... Beauty (Makeup) Favourites for 2013 (i am going to make it short or else you'll be reading forever and ever).

Bobbi Brown BB Creme (Medium to Dark) - best BB creme for my oily-combo skin. It has the perfect light coverage when you just want a no-fuss makeup day. Love this and I am sure I will repurchase this until I find another good BB Creme.

Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous - best matte foundation I've ever tried and this beat all the high-end products. There is something about it that is brightening on my face and it doesn't oxidise at all. This works sooo well in the hot and humid months.

Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation - best lightweight foundation for 2013. You can barely feel it on and it is amazing on photos. I Cannot love this enough.

Smashbox Photo finish foundation primer - hands down, the only face primer that works well with my skin. While it keeps your makeup on, it also controls oil. Love it!

Revlon Nearly Naked pressed powder - best pressed powder for 2013. It is the most natural and flattering face powder that doesn't cake up when you put over your foundation. It keeps your face matte but not flat.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Treatment Concealer - still is the best under eye concealer I've tried. It is creamy and pigmented enough to use on it's own and it doesn't settle into your fine lines. It covers and brightens up your eye but not the Kim Kardashian way which by the way is not my go-to look that's why I love this product. It is the closest to my skin tone and yet it is brightening.

Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette and Sonia Kashuk neutral palette - these 2 palettes are my go-to palettes for 2013. I've travelled a lot this year and just brought these 2 and I was set for eyeshadows. I think the UD Naked palettes are really great makeup must-have and the Sonia Kashuk one is just an impulse purchase that turned into a favourite makeup item. You can buy UD products at and it does free shipping to Australia :)

 Favourite Blushes goes to...... UD Naked Flushed, MAC So Ceylon (limited edition) and MAC Ripe for Love (limited edition).

UD Naked flushed - is a great compact of blush, bronzer and highlighting combo. I loved that colours are universal and would work on most skintones. I've been drawn to this cheek palette for the most part of the year just because it is easy and the colours are pretty.

 These 2 limited edition MAC blushes are another of my cheek go-to combo. It sucks that they are limited editions but basically, So Ceylon mineralised skin finished is very comparable to Benefit's Rockateur blush - a very rose gold blush that is so J-Lo glow kind of blush while the MAC Ripe for Love is a peachy-pink blush and very similar to Nars' Deep Throat blush.

And finally, body creme favourite for 2013 goes to Lush's Creme Anglaise. This stuff is ah-mah-zing!!!!!!!!!! It makes your skin so smooth and soft and leaves you that baby powder smell that I love so much!

In case you're wondering why there are no lip products in this post is because I have no favourite lip product. I gravitate to all my lipsticks and lipglosses all through out the year that made me a lipstick junkie so this post is going to be a novel if I list them all down. But I have to say that I was more into Pink lipsticks more than other colours.

Mascaras (Covergirl lashblast), eyeliners (Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on pencils) and eyebrow pencils (Rimmel London Brow pencil) are all the same for the past few years and I haven't really ventured out to try other kinds just yet :)

Phew! what a long post....

Hope this post helps you or entertained you hahahahaha

May the new year brings you love and joy and peace and of course new makeup items to try :)


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Physician's Formula Youthful Wear Youth Boosting Powder Review

28 December 2013

Hi petals!

It is almost the end of the year and before I do my Beauty and Skincare Faves for 2013, let me just share with you my latest discovery and new love!

Before I do, let's build the back story shall we?

Have you heard of the very popular Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder ? If you're a makeup junkie like me then I bet you have but for those who haven't well let me enlighten you! This ambient lighting powder is your "best light" in a finishing powder form. Basically, it illuminates your skin to give you that flawless and youthful look and it makes your skin look sooooo good in any light.

Here's a product description for you..
 " universal finishing powders that recreate the most exquisitely flattering light—from ethereal moonlight to luminous candlelight."
Based on my research and by research I mean countless Youtube videos of girls and boys reviewing this product, this ambient lighting powder is your skin's bestfriend. It illuminates without the shine and it gives your skin that healthy glow.

Obviously, I wanted this product so bad but I am still not ready to fork out AU$62 for one powder just yet so I have been on a mission to finding a dupe in a more pocket friendly price and I think I may have just found it in the form of Physicians Formula Youthful Wear Youth Boosting Power - Illuminating Finish (Phew! that's a mouthful!)

secret to a glowing skin :)

It's no Ambient light (that's for sure) but it illuminates your skin without looking shiny. There are light reflecting particles that makes your skin glow when the light touches your skin.

I got the Translucent shade of the Illuminating Finish and this doesn't leave a white/ashy film on my tannned (NC42) skin unlike the other "translucent" powders I've tried.

It doesn't mattify the skin which is plus for me as lately I've been hating the matte look.

It is very light on the skin and it doesn't give that cakey feeling when you use it over your foundation.

It is currently on sale at Priceline for 40% :)

Here's how it looks like on my skin on natural lighting (and no flash), can you see the glow??  I can! and I love it :)

This is seriously good stuff.

I still want to get my Ambient Lighting powder eventually but for now this baby will do :)

have you found your glow??


ps. this post is not sponsored but thank you for christmas presents ;-)

Victoria Secret in Australia

22 November 2013

Hi Petals!

I could be the last person in the beauty blog community who didn't know about Victoria Secret in Australia?! Maybe.

I was on a mini-holiday (vacation that is) last weekend and went to Queensland for some much deserved RnR :)

I did some clothes shopping of course! which I'll show you a link at the end of the this post. But highlight shopping event was the Victoria Secret one obviously.

I saw a shop at the airport on my way back while looking for a Starbucks and I couldn't believe my eyes that there is a  physical shop in Australia. 

Anyway I didn't pass up the opportunity to shop!

I am a big VS body mist fan. I used to order mine online and buy in bulk and wait for 8weeks ah!

I saw old favourites but I thought it was time to venture out with new scents and this was my favourite!

It's not too sweet and not fruity...two things I am now off in the terms of scents. It's light and fresh and it makes you feel you are surrounded by daisies and freesia and sitting by the beach :)

Ingredients for your info ;-)
Add caption
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I was told by the sales rep that there will some stores to be opened across Australia but not sure when.

Jumps for joy!

I hope that the shops brings a wide variety of lingerie selection and the cosmetics and more of the body mists :)

Are you a Victoria Secret Fan?

And oh before I finish this post, let me share the dress I got from the shop Dissh :) 

until the next post hope it's sunny where you are :)


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Summer nails!

Hi lovelies!

So I finally got me my first Sally Hansen nailpolish! Thanks to Priceline's 40% off all cosmetics I now own one of the prettiest pink! Also joined in the "accent" nail trend haha I could be the last person to do this but hey better late than never :-) 

Here are the shades I got: Tickle me pink (410) and Golden Rule (121) for my accent nails :-)

I love the brush applicator! It is flat and sturdy so application is a dream!

I think I'm gonna get more shades while the sale is on :-) 

Have you tried this nail polish?

I wish I can put nail polish like a pro ;-) 

Until next post!


First Impressions - BOURJOIS HAPPY LIGHT Foundation

07 November 2013

Hi Lovelies!

O-M-G did I just found my new favourite foundation!!

I've been whinging lately on how my face seems to be drier than usual (Thank you hormones!). I am currently using Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous foundation or Urban Decay Naked Skin which both worked for my skin during the warmer weather but recently both foundations are not giving my combo-skin any justice at all. My face looks so powdery, flat and dry. 


I was doing my usual night time routine of watching YouTube (makeup) videos about new products (as you do hehe) and a certain makeup guru talked about a new foundation from Bourjois, their Happy Light Foundation

I was so intrigued. 
Ok I lied. I wasn't intrigued. I WANT IT!

It promises a luminous and flawless complexion in ANY light!!

double check!

And so I got it!

It's currently Spring in Australia and we are heading to warmer days now and this product is a Fall/Winter release from Bourjois so you'd think I am a little cray cray for getting it but hear me out sisters/brothers - this has got to be the most natural finish foundation ever applied on my skin! As in ever!

So what are my first impressions?
  • I absolutely LOVE IT! It is light on the skin that you don't even feel you are wearing a foundation. 
  • As promised, it makes your skin flawless and luminous without the shine / glitter
  • I love how natural it looks on skin and even if I put 2 coats it still feels lightweight
  • I am not sure about the claim on the 16hr longevity on your skin because I haven't really wore makeup for 16hrs straight or had the need to wear it for that long so I don't really care at this point.
  • It is pricey for a drugstore product but who am I kidding, there is no such thing as a  cheap drugstore prices here in the land down under
  • I am not a fan of the smell but it's not offensive. In fact if you've used Chanel foundations then it has that similar scent.
Things you need to consider before buying:
  • There is no SPF on this foundation which makes it a perfect foundation for photography. 
  • Remember to apply a moisturiser with SPF if you're using this during the daytime at this time of the year (ie Spring/Summer)
  • There is a limited shades available to choose from.

I really love it and glad I made the purchase.

It is official. I am a liquid foundation junkie.

Here's how it looks on my skin :)

FYI: For reference, I am using the shade Beige (54) and I am normally a NC42 on MAC or Golden Caramel on Revlon Colourstay.

Also in case you don't know, Bourjois is owned by Chanel so don't be surprised if the foundations are similar in scent, texture and finish :)

Until the next favourite, stay happy!


ps. this post is not sponsored. I purchased this at Priceline :)

MsChikee Review: Nivea In Shower Rich Body Lotion

05 November 2013

Hi my lovelies

It is now November! Can you believe it? Where did my October go?

Anyway, this post is entirely dedicated to Nivea's In Shower Rich Body Lotion

I'm sure you've seen the ads about it on TV and read countless reviews online, so here's another one for you ;-)

I got this just over a month ago and I must admit I do have a love-hate relationship with it.

I do like the idea of it, I think it's brilliant. For someone who doesn't have the luxury of having enough time getting ready during the day, this is a great product.

Like I said, in theory it is awesome. You hop in the shower and do your routine and finish it off with this product and voila you're left with a soft skin and you're ready to just get dressed. So you basically skip a step and saves time. That's the theory at least.

It does work for me to an extent. I am someone who loves her moisturisers. I know some girls (and boys) who can't stand the feel of lotions in their body on daily basis. I am the opposite, I can't stand the feeling of no lotion. So while this In Shower Rich Body lotion does leave your skin somewhat moisturised and silky-smooth right after shower, I need more so I still end up applying my moisturiser but that's just me.

However, there are days when I feel this is enough moisturiser for the day and that's usually on hot and humid days and I say a silent hallelujah in my head because I don't have to feel sticky all day.

I would definitely recommend this to those who hates the greasy feeling of lotions but want that silky-smooth feeling after a shower. I think it is really a great idea..finally! 

As for the saving time, well I am not entirely sure about that because you may have skipped a step in your post shower routine (ie, applying your body lotion) but really you are just doing it in the shower.

All in all, I love this product for what it does to my skin. It's not a holy grail and for sure other brands will jump in this bandwagon and introduce their own version soon or repromote if they have it already.

Oh if there is one thing I hate about it is the squeeze-bottle. I mean you are all wet and after one application your hands are slippery as making it so hard to squeeze the bottle again for more product. In other words, I wish they have put a PUMP to dispense the product. It would have been much easier to work with.

Have you tried it?

Until next time, stay gorgeous!


RiRI Hearts MAC : RiRi Woo

14 October 2013

Hi my loves!

A surprise present was given to me this past weekend and to my delight, it was a makeup item!! To be specific, a makeup item from MAC's recent collection - RiRi Hearts M.A.C. Fall Collection

I think it reached the Australian shores just 2 weeks ago, conveniently while Rihanna was having her Australian Tour which I saw when she came to Perth. She's awesome but I wished I didn't have to wait that long for her to come on stage. Ok that's another post all together.

Anyway, back to her MAC collection, I have to be honest though, I didn't find myself dragging my feet to a MAC counter to check it up close and personal. I've actually lost an interest in MAC collections for a few reasons, one is I've accumulated quite a few (ok, quite A lot!!) back in the days which I still have and currently use. I was a sucker for every new collection that came out to a point that I was on a first name basis with almost if not all of the MAC makeup reps in the both Myer and DJ counters. They would recognise my voice on the phone when I ask them to put stuff aside for me before it becomes sold out. Yes, that was me. A mad woman. Then suddenly they started releasing meh collections that didn't interest me at all. Perhaps I just grew up and fell inlove with other brands? or I became broke. More like the latter.

So yeah back to RiRi (geez all this tagents)! I went to town for a day of pampering and shopping last week and I ended up in the makeup section (shocked!) Mainly because of how Myer Perth changed their layout so I was familiarising. Then I saw rose gold goodness of packaging and realised it was the RiRi Hearts MAC. It was one of the prettiest packaging ever presented and I thought their Hello Kitty collection 100 years ago was THE ultimate packaging, I was wrong.

Of course everything almost had the "sold out" sticker. I felt I needed to get one item because it is so pretty but the thought of a nice suck-it-in type of jeans had far better benefits in my books at this time than makeup so I walked away from RiRi

*cue victory walk*

But then at the end of the day, a lovely man came home bearing a gift.

What gift you may ask?

Only the RiRi Woo lipglass from the RiRi Hearts MAC.

In fairness, the lovely man didn't know about my desire to purchase an item from this collection or any collection so really kudos to the lovely man braving the dreaded makeup shopping knowing absolutely nothing about a lipgloss :) Im keeping him by the way.

I am in RiRi heaven.

Isn't it just the prettiest cherry red?

The packaging is amazing and I think I will never Back-to-MAC this baby at all. Expired or not, this is staying in my vanity table.

It has all the goodness of a MAC lipglass - intense shine, beautiful colour payoff and that famous vanila scent.

As you all know MAC's lipglasses are sticky as so if you're not into sticky lip products then this is not for you.

Thank you lovely man for the gift.

DId you get anything from the collection?


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Spring Green(ing) + tribal prints = gorgeousness

10 October 2013

Hi Lovelies!

so that was a fail attempt on a "catchy" title! But you get my gist? or maybe not.

anyway, so Spring is definitely in! Although some might beg to differ with all the rain and storms we've been getting in the last few weeks, no one can deny that it's no longer winter!

towards the end of cold season, I was already adding pieces that I think will be great for Spring. My clothing style is somewhat in between Classic to what's "hot" at the moment but always on the borderline of the Classic pieces which I invest on because I know I would make more use out of it and for a long time. Then I'll just get a few of what's hot right now to incorporate it to my wardrobe but I would normally just get it from Target, Kmart or Big W or places with a sale going on. In other words I wouldn't spend that much on items that I know won't be in in the next year or 2.

This year's spring, I am so loving green and to be specific Chartruese green. Some would say it is yellow-green but I've been educated by Jack of Will & Grace and it is indeed Chartreuse!  Seriuosly though, it is one of the prettiest shade of green.

Most of my clothing items are either black or white, like I said like classic (boring) pieces so these bright accessories are the best finishing touches for that added pop!

My latest obsession on clothing is the monochrome ikat or tribal prints on anything and luckily they are everywhere at the moment. But I've recently purchased one from Kmart which I can't find in their website so here is a photo of the print that I'm referring to.

See how pretty all together are? This print can go with almost anything! But personally I have worn this with a plain white tee and these accessories and also with a chambray shirt with the same jewels.

I'm trying to get hold of a decent length skirt with some kind of similar print and then bob's my uncle! Or a dress!! oh the possibilities!

Now for your shopping guide, I found some similar shorts that you might like.

This is from Witchery.


and last but not the least from Portmans which doesn't want me to link a photo but if you click HERE then it should take you to the goods :)

happy shopping :)


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My Current Night time skin care essentials

30 September 2013

Hi my lovelies

I think it's about time to reveal my secret to looking young and fresh and well rested. If only! But I can tell you what I use at night to sort of achieve all those things I just mentioned.

It's no secret really because I'm pretty sure you have something similar in your vanity tables.

Basically I've got a serum, a facial oil and a night cream.

Estee Lauder - Advanced Night Repair
Skin Juice - Fused Skin Drops

Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair Synchronised Recovery Complex  (phew! that's a mouthful) is my all time favourite serum for years. It's quite pricey but it is really worth every penny. Initially I didn't see much difference, not drastic at least and then I had a few months that I didn't repurchase a bottle thinking I can find something similar...guess what?... I failed. There's nothing like it in my opinion. And for the time that I wasn't using it my skin looked meh, dull. Also my spots didn't heal quicker as it did when I was using this product. I seriously believe this product helps your facial skin rest overnight better than just a moisturiser on its own. I must add that this product even worked more wonders when I started using my Clarisonic Mia - you can read my post about that here :)

Simple Repair Anti-wrinkle Night Cream is one of my new favourite night creams. It is non-greasy and absorbs into the skin quickly it doesn't end on your pillow. It is rich enough to hydrate your skin overnight but doesn't leave that film on your skin. There is no scent to it which is an added bonus. I am not a fan of scents for night time creams. I apply this after applying Advanced night repair and when I wake up I have baby-smooth skin!

and drum roll please

The latest addition to my night time routine, Skin Juice's Fused Skin Drops! I am so glad this has been introduced to me because this is one of the better facial oils that I've tried. A few years ago I didn't even give a thought about facial oil. I thought why? my skin is already oily so why? I initially started using rosehip oil from Trilogy and that was an awesome product but it was way too oily for my liking. My pillows weren't a fan but that oil was awesome! Perhaps they've improved the formulation and it now sinks in the skin better and faster? Anyway, I got this bottle of goodness from my recent trip to a day spa. I had a facial and was told that my skin looked amazing considering my sleepless nights but just needed a little bit of boost to stay balanced and hydrated. They used this after my facial and I loved the feeling on my skin. It's like love on your neglected skin. I can imagine my skin singing hallejujah. I did a little reading here and there about facial oils because I was really not buying the idea of putting oil on my skin when I can be oily already and I read that one of the reasons for having oily skin is over cleansing (guilty!), it strips off the good oils on your skin forcing it to over produce oil to compensate so finding the right facial oil can balance all that and keep your skin healthy and normal. 

There are heaps of facial oils out there and you really need to look for what suits your skin. Look into Clarins Lotus Face Treament Oil as it is one of the most popular oils for oily/combination skin.

How frequent do I use these products?

I don't use them all together on the same night. I use the facial oil every other night and on its own, nothing else. Then on nights that I don't use the facial oil, I apply the serum and the moisturiser.

*Please note that these products are suited for my skin type - oily/combination.

what's your night time routine secrets?

Have a lovely day! Until my next post :)


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Sun dresses are out!

23 September 2013

Hi my lovelies

This post was thought about on a very sunny day after days of constant rain, thunderstorms, gust winds and all that comes with Winter season.

I did some dress shopping a few weeks ago in preparation for Spring.
I do have my old dresses that I love dearly but the old-skinny-me is the only person that can rock those dresses so I needed new pieces for the new-curvylicious-me and you know where is the best spot... ASOS!

I bought 3 dresses and so far only managed to wear one because the weather is a party-pooper where I am. And this is my favourite so far :)

This is the Warehouse Ombre Tile Sundress from ASOS online I can actually live in this dress (provided it is sunny). It is light and "hides" areas that you want to hide :) It is just a dream to be in it! If only the weather continues to warm up then i have 2 more to wear ;-)

Btw did I mention that I got this on Sale?

You're welcome.

Happy Spring shopping. There are lots of sundress to choose from :)

Hopefully it's sunny where you are :)


The battle of the lip crayons!

10 September 2013

Hello my lovelies!

Have you seen the new lip crayons that are out there?!! It's insane! There are so much more to choose from. Suddenly these lip crayons are must-haves for spring. Who knew?

I think the first brand who made this an interesting must-have was Clinique, remember their chubby sticks? It was full on advertising if I remember it correctly. Unfortunately, I didn't jump in the bandwagon when that came about a year or 2 ago just because I felt it was very teeny-bopper kind of product and not to mention a little bit pricy for a lip balm - it currently sells at AU$35.

Then Revlon introduced their - Kissable Lip Balm Stain - for some reason, this was a hit in the YouTube beauty community more than the chubby sticks so I have to have it. I started with one shade - which is Honey  then i just had to get other shades that are unique to my collection because I find that they were way better than the chubby sticks not to mention way more affordable.

And recently Covergirl released their Lip perfection jumbo gloss in Australia and before hand I've heard a lot of great things about it so I just had to get one shade to have a comparison between Revlon and Covergirl and see for myself!

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

  • I do have a love-hate relationship with this. I love that it stains your lips like no other and lasts all day (or days) and i also hate that it does because removing it is just one pain in behind.
  • I am not a fan of the peppermint scent, i always expect it to have some kind of minty, tingly feel to it.
  • As much as I love how it colours my lips, it is not the most hydrating lip products out there. 
  • It has that gloss that you want but I wish there is more
  • Affordable especially when on sale
  • There are heaps of colours to choose from

Covergirl Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss

  • New to CG in Australia
  • Selling for AU$12.95 and so far I only found this in Priceline
  • This is much more hydrating than Revlon
  • Glossier than Revlon
  • It's softer, it feels like butter when you're applying it
  • Doesn't have a scent to it
Final thoughts?

  • I love these crayon types lippies just because they are easy to apply and pocket friendly
  • It's that lip product that doesn't really require a mirror, you know when you're on the go.
  • Because it's like a crayon, application is much more precise and you can stay within the lines of your lips
  • Both are light on the lips and there is little to no transfer so it's kiss-friendly
  • Both affordable
  • Great for spring/summer when you're outdoors or at the beach
  • Like any lip product, both don't look good on dry lips, it accentuate the dry skin on your lips. Make sure to exfoliate first. 
1 - Revlon's Smitten; 2 - Revlon's Rendevouz; 3 - Revlon in Honey; 4 - Covergirl's Coral Twist

I know Bourjois' version is soon to hit the Australian shores so more choices? I know in US there are far more brands to choose from and much cheaper. To be honest they are all very similar if not the same so it's up to you which is much preferred by your lips and your pockets.

Have you tried these lip crayons?

Until the next post, smile always!


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Help me raise funds for PinkHope and mark your calendars - 20th September is Bright Pink Lipstick Day!

05 September 2013

Hi my lovelies,

Let's talk about something that is dear to my heart - Breast and Ovarian cancer awareness :)

I recently found PinkHope. It's the first community that I know of that inspires women to be more  proactive with their breast and ovarian health. I love that this community is also for high risk women to connect and find support.

From Pink Hope's website
Pink Hope is Australia’s first community designed to inspire women to be proactive and vigilant with their breast and ovarian health, while providing a safe haven for high risk women to connect.
Although this charity organisation was founded in 2009, I only heard about it today while watching a the telly and came across their Ad campaign for Bright Pink Lipstick Day which is on 20th September and already I am all for it.

Also, I've decided to create an online fundraising in honour of my mum Jane to help PinkHope raise some funds so they can employ a genetic counsellor.

For your donations, please visit For Jane :)

And show your support by sporting your brightest pink lipstick on 20th September and also by donating ;-)

Forever grateful,


Top lipstick shades for Spring 2013

04 September 2013

Helloooooiiiii (in true Aussie style!)

Spring is in! Spring is in!

It's time to whip out your beautiful, bright lippies again and I've got a few that I'd like to share with you all :) If you're like me, I do try to change up my makeup as the season change and I always get excited for spring because the yummy colours come out and it doesn't help that all the cosmetic brands come up with new shades for the Spring.

I did pick up a few new lip products although they've been on the market for months now. I just thought it was perfect for spring and also it was half-price at Priceline when I bought it and of course i have my old favourites that I'm giving much love once again.

Here are my top picks for Spring :)

I love corals, oranges and pinks and the brighter the better. I normally would just have a basic eye makeup or sometimes just coats of mascara, nicely shaped and drawn brows and subtle cheek colour and a bright lip! bam!

The recent items I bought were from Maybelline's ColourSensational Vivids collection: Vivid Rose and Shocking Coral. Vivid Rose is vibrant, deep pink on the cool side of things while Shocking Coral is well a shocking peachy-coral with pink and yellow undertone, very warm.

These Vivids lipsticks are:

  • Very bright and creamy. 
  • They are very pigmented and can stain your lips all day.
  • It has the yummiest scent to it, like a vanilla bean. 
  • It's hydrating on the lips as well, lots of movement. 
  • You won't have that dry lips feeling at the day progresses. 
  • Very affordable
If I were to choose, I'd go for Shocking coral as I have yellow-undertone complexion but both are equally yummy looking :) I tell you, these drugstore brands are stepping up their game and really releasing better formulation and to be honest much more value for your money than the known high-end ones.

My old favourites are:

MAC Vegas Volt - an amplified creamy coral shade. Very creamy and pigmented.

MAC Girl about Town - this is my all-time favourite deep pink shade, thanks to Rihanna, she rocked this colour in one of her videos many moons ago and I just had to get it.

Revlon Lip butter in Tutti Frutti - a very creamy and hydrating orange shade. I love this as it adds that warmth you wanted to your makeup. It is very spring to me and these lip butters are a dream to apply on the lips.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Rendezvous - This is another orange shade. If I'm being honest, this almost the exact same shade as the Tutti Frutti only less glossy and less creamy but the stain power is longer. I normally use both if I want a really orange lips.

Here are swatches for you:

1 - MAC Vegas Volt
2 - MAC Girl about town
3 - MNY Shocking Coral
4 - MNY Vivid Rose
5 - Revlon Tutti Frutti
6 - Revlon Rendezvous

Are your lips in spring mode yet?

Until the next post, enjoy the sunshine :)


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The bag of my dreams! (one of them)

03 September 2013

Hi my lovelies!

I am now a proud owner of what I call  my dream bag! Michael Kors Jetset Logo Large

Happy bag lady!

Bag: Michael Kors Jetset Logo Large
Scarf: Kenza Threads - Code: mschikee10 for your 10% discount


I was originally after the Louis Vuitton Never Full GM but I just couldn't justify the price. Even if I end up saving up for it, I still can't justify it. Then one day I was introduced to MK brand and the first thing I saw was their Jetset collection and then! That was in 2011.

End of confession.

Two years after, I saw it again BUT again I contemplated and for months I wished I just bought it already. So I listed this in my Christmas wishlist....then one day a good catch of the day deal came up and my amazing santa got me my Christmas present this early!

Happy dance!

I could not contain my joy and oh boy did I jump and jump and jump and jump.

This bag is awesome! It holds almost everything I want to bring. It is light on it's own so it's not a worry if you actually fill it up, it won't break your shoulder. I LOVE IT! The only issue is I actually can bring loads of crap too!

I think I would like a coloured one next time hehehehe

whats your current dream bag?

Until the next post!
Hope it's sunny and warm where you are :)


Ps. Thank you santa for this lovely present!

This post is sponsored by my santa hahaha

getting ready for spring - going Nautical :)

31 August 2013

Hello my lovelies!!

Spring is almost here.. almost! I wish it's sunnier and a little warmer as I write this post instead of the 100km/h gust of wind and heavy down pour in the background. I'm literally rugged up and I'm talking about Spring! Anyway, I've been slowly packing up my winter clothes, the heavy ones at least, and been busy pulling out my Spring-like clothes from the boxes of skinny-me clothes. The amount of clothes you can accumulate is sometimes laughable and still you can hear a woman say i've got nothing to wear. Well this time around, I really don't have anything that fits me. Promise!

Ok, maybe it fits but not as flattering as it was before?

I smell...any reason for shopping?

As I pull one item of clothing after the other, it dawned on me that! Breton Stripes to be exact!

There I've said it. I love stripes. Most of the top I own that I wear for midseason is somewhat as if I own a yacht. How much white/blue stripes can you own? Apparently a lot.

Reason I love stripes? I love the nautical look. I don't know, there's something about it, perhaps it looks very classic and clean. I love how simple it is and yet looks so sophisticated if done correctly.

Here is an outfit i put together as I was organising my wardrobe. It's a simple breton striped 3/4 tee paired with a navy blue shorts. Add some gold chunky watch and a bright red shoes and matched it with a red statement lip (or not) and finish it off with your signature scent.

This is my forever go-to outfit for Spring/Summer.

What's your go-to outfit for Spring?

Until the next post, hope it's sunny where you are :)


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Most Worn Fragrance (All year round)

29 August 2013


I love perfume. I love shopping for it. It's one of my favourite things. I used to pass by Myer or David Jones on my way home and just roam around their perfume section (after being at the makeup counters of course). And I would take down the names and then research it at night.

I would search for reviews on longevity on skin, people's description of scent (even it I smelled it already), places I could get it for cheap and the notes. 

For years, my taste on perfumes changed from annoyingly sweet to now florals and musks and sometimes spicy. Sometimes I would like to smell like J Lo, I think she's still one of the many celebrities that has a good selection of unique scents like Still. I even joined the Britney Spears bandwagon at some point until majority of commuters in the train smelled like me so I decided to chuck it in the bin and in all honesty it became sickeningly sweet to my liking. Then I have the occasional "my friend made me buy it" perfumes which ranges from Victoria secret kind to major splurges like Chanel.

Which brings me to the heart of this most worn fragrances.

L-R: Chanel Coco Mademoiselle EDT, Chanel Chance EDP, Chloe EDP

Let's start with my trademark scent - Chloe (New) Eau de Parfum

This is my signature scent. My friends would know I've arrived once they smelled it and I kid you not at one point I would use the body creme AND the perfume. intense. But i just love love love how it smells on my skin. I love how the rose note lingers all day. If I can drink it and have this come out of my pores then I will.

Confession - this is my 7th bottle!!! I've tried all the variation that came out in this line: the limited edition Chloe Rose and the L'eau de Chloe which is part of their permanent line. But I always go back to the original one.

To me it's the most flattering powdery floral scent. I love how feminine it smells (and makes me feel). To my humble nose, it is a classic, seductive and clean scent.

A few blogs have labelled this fragrance as borderline laundry smell which to be honest is not bad at all. Who wouldn't want to smell like fresh laundry? an expensive fresh laundry?

I use this anytime, any season.

To read more about the Chloe fragrance, click here.

Second most worn scent is - Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

This is my grown up scent. I first purchase this when I hit 30 and this was my fragrance. I thought, I need sophistication, I need seduction, I need elegance, I need money. 

This fragrance is a great combination of jasmine and musk and I'm pretty sure there is some patchouli in there. I love how it ends up like a powdery floral on my skin at the end of the day and that muskiness is oh so sexy.

I use this for datenights and those special occasions that you need an extra oommpphh. This is my 3rd bottle :)
I use this more in winter because it's warmer and makes you a delight for cuddles.

And third most worn fragrance is Chanel Chance Fraiche

Now this is my spring/summer go to scent especially when it is really hot and humid. It's so fresh and citrusy that your sweats smell expensive.

I love how it starts really fresh, almost slapping you to wake your senses and ends very floral, feminine.


fragrance. I can talk about this all day.

What's your most worn fragrance?


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Repost: A Pop of Colour featuring Kenza Threads scarves + Discount Code!

28 August 2013

Hi my loves!

Spring is just around the corner...for my fellow peeps in the southern hemisphere at least.

We've been getting quite a few warmer days here and there but still with cooler mornings and nights. The dullness of winter is slowly making its exit.
Out with the grey and In with colours!

What's the best way to welcome Spring? with a pop of colour! There are many ways to incorporate colours in your outfit and the easiest way is accessories which brings me to the star of this post...

My fail-safe way of welcoming Spring?.... (colourful) SCARVES

  • Wrap or drape it around your neck and it will keep you warm enough but not boiling hot.
  • Use it a head scarf and make it your statement piece.
  • It adds that pop of colour that you want.....easy! 
  • It jazzes up your outfit effortlessly. A simple Tee and jeans with a coloured scarf can easily transform your outfit from dull to wow!
  • It's great to camouflage to your winter figure ;-)
I do own quite a few of lightweight scarves that I whip out when Spring comes in and just recently I added some more to my collection. These lovely lightweight scarves are from a local Western Australian online shop called Kenza Threads. They just had their grand opening yesterday and I was one of the few who snagged a scarf or two on their online launch.  

I am fortunate enough to see collection in person today and I am so impressed by the quality and the selection! There is a scarf for everyone that's for sure! I was like a kid in a candy store. I couldn't contain myself....i want it all!

Scarves fom Kenza Threads
This is what I got - Link!

It's an Alexander Mcqueen inspired scarf in bright pink! And you all know me and pink, I can't say no.

And here's how I'm going to wear it one of these days. It just adds that feminine touch to a masculine outfit don't you think?

Jacket: H & M (last season)
White Tee: RittenHouse - Link!
Scarf: Kenza Threads - Link!

And because I was like a kid in a candy shop, the lovely team of Kenza Threads** was kind enough to let me take home this baby right here (see photo below).

I can't find it on their online shop yet but I found something similar - here! Thank you Kenza Team!!

The lovely team of Kenza Thread is offering a 10% Discount to all my readers. Just use the code MSCHIKEE10 and you get the discount and **free shipping.

The promo code is only valid until 8th of September 2013. Happy Shopping!

And if you're not a scarf person but still want to do some pop of colour to your look then perhaps add it on to your makeup. A statement bright lip is very common but something subtle like your eye makeup can do just the trick :) I used Makeup Forever's Matte e/s number 92 for this look :)

What's do you do to get that pop colour?

Until the next post, keep smiling!


This Post is Sponsored by Kenza Threads.

**Kenza Threads offers a free shipping service Australia Wide.

Love for Shoes: Mel for Melissa

26 August 2013

Hi my loves!

I've been meaning to blog about this not so new brand that I only just came across early this year. I must be living under a rock for not seeing it. Now, expect a big ramble on this post.. here we go!

As you can read my post title, I am currently obsessed with Mel for Melissa shoes!!

Just a background, I first lusted the Melissa shoes when I saw it in a posh mall in Philippines and this was the Vivienne Westwood collaboration....many many many moons ago. Although I was a little bit iffy about it being plastic-like I was so inlove with the design. But still I can't justify in my head why I would wear something I used to grow up wearing (plastic/rubber) and it's not even considered a proper shoes (said in my mum's voice in my head).

I left it behind.

Two years ago, a very close girlfriend of mine, who is a shoe addict let me in her shoe closet. And when I say a shoe addict I really mean a major shoe addict. She would buy different colours of exactly the same thing if she really loved it and sure enough there were a few Melissa shoes in there. She asked me if I wanted to try one on and my feet were already in one pair before she even finished her offer. Like a glove! (well almost, but i had the vision!)

Although I wanted one so bad, I couldn't find something that compliments my manly feet UNTIL two and a half years later and nosy shopper me spotted a pair held by another lady trying begging to get her size from the sales me it was the prettiest shade of red.

I WANT That one!
I NEED it in my life.

24 hours later after spotting it in the shops and finding out it was from a sister company of the Melissa brand... aka the more affordable and younger line..... it was finally mine!! *evil laugh*

Mel for Melissa - JUJUBE Flats in Red Flocked

How lively is that red??!! It's the perfect shade of red! This is the JUJUBE collection and this is the Red Flocked which unfortunately is sold out :( but you can find the other colours here!

Why I love this shoes?

  • It fits so well and very comfortable. 
  • I didn't get any blisters which is only possible if I were a good quality leather shoes.
  • It smells like candy when you first open it and the scent stays on even after using it for months. Mind still does at least.
  • It is very bright that it makes me happy seeing it on my feet
  • It makes my manly feet look like a lady for once
  • It is such a great statement piece if you're feeling meh on your outfit. 
  • It's very affordable, retails for AU$49.00 a pair and they offer free shipping Australia wide :)

And because I love it, I snagged a pair of thongs (Honey AU$39.95 reg price) when Myer had their stocktake sale ealier this year.

My girls in all their glory....;-)

Mel for Melissa Shoes: Jujube and Honey

Mel for Melissa is available in Myer but the selections are limited. You're better off checking it online from their official Australian website MelPop because they always have sale going on and it's always free shipping :)

If you're up for some proper Melissa shoes then check out Melissa Australia, I personally love Doris Spikes - perhaps it will be added to my Christmas wishlist ;-)

Enjoy shoe shopping!

Until the next pair of shoes!


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Pink Lips Invasion: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in HONEY

22 August 2013

Hi lovelies

And we're back for another episode of Pink Lips Invasion! And this time is all about Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. I got the shade Honey which I think is one of the most wearable shade in the entire line.

When this was released in US, it was madness. It was compared to the Clinique Chubby stick but cheaper. So what else can you do if you were me? Join the bandwagon.

What I love about it:
  • I like the crayon like packaging. It makes colouring your lips fun.
  • It really stains your lips.
  • It has a minty scent to it which threw me off the first time I used it as I was used to sweet scents when it comes to lip products. 
  • It does that slight tingly effect or it could only be in my head because of the scent, my brain tells me it should be tingly?
  • It has a good shine to it but not overly glossy if you know what I mean
  • I love that you don't need to sharpen it.
  • It's not that hydrating as i thought it would be but re-application does the trick and make your lips look pretty again
  • It retails for AU$17.95 but you will often spot some kind of a promo here and there and it's available in most leading stores in Australia or if you're like me, I get it off eBay hehe
Would I recommend it?

Yes! This is great for days where you can't be arsed to put a proper lipstick but still want that i-am-alive look, really sometimes even on the crappiest day, a lip colour can change your mood. Like I said it's not as hydrating as I want it to be but it could be just my lips to be honest. The darker shades are much more pigmented and can stain your lips for hours!

I seriously have enough pink lipsticks that will last me a lifetime but I swear every pink lippies that I own are very different from each other ;-)

Until the next pink lips!

Hope you gave yourself some me-time today :)


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Favourite Liquid Foundations: Current and All-time

20 August 2013

Hi my lovelies!

Let's talk liquid foundations *big grin*

Liquid foundation is one makeup item that I'm picky about. I used to be a total snob when it comes to brands. My motto was invest on a good foundation and I would only look at MAC or Estee Lauder or Clinique or NARS or Chanel or Makeup Forever. You pay for the price that's for sure and know you're getting an amazing result that will make you say that was worth every penny! So what happened? I grew up and acknowledged that there are good and cheaper brands out there so I ventured on drugstore brands and surprisingly found a few that I absolutely love! And also in fairness, drugstore brands have improved soooooo much in everything since the beginning of beauty madness on YouTube where they get real feedbacks from real buying customers.

Another reason why I was staying away from drugstore brands before is the price. It is still expensive! So in my head, if I'm going to pay that much then why not just buy high-end foundation? That was me like 4 yrs ago. At the end of the day, you will pay for what you can afford, for what you think suits your skin and for your what foundation you want whether high end or drugstore.

So let me introduce you to my current favourite Liquid Foundations. I have a mix of high end and drugstore brands andI'll tell you why I'm obsessed about them. I will not go into too much details as this post will turn out to be a novel and we all know that I can ramble.

(L-R): Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1, Urban Decay Naked Skin, NARS Sheer Glow, L'oreal Lumi Magique
Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation 

Absolutely love this foundation!! Marketed to be a Primer, Concealer, Foundation all in one and happy to report that it does perform as promised. And for whatever reason, I get so much compliment when I use this. I get told I look well rested when I'm using this product.

  • Finishes off matte - so you will need to bring back dimensions on your face (ie contour, highlights)
  • Stays on all day with minimal to no touch-ups
  • Doesn't oxidise on my skin
  • I don't need concealing when I use this, after all it is meant to act like a concealer as well
  • It has SPF 15
  • Buildable - medium to full coverage
  • I'm using shade 857 for your reference (I'm on NC40/42 on MAC)
  • Retails from AU$19.95 depending where you get it from

Who doesn't love the UD's Naked line? I fell inlove with this foundation even before trying it out and when I finally got the chance...wait for was a must have purchase. It's a weightless, high definition foundation which I think would be great for a wedding or just normal everyday makeup if you're the kind who wears makeup all the time. I used this all the time when I was in Florida and it was hot hot hot considering it's winter back then but this worked so well on my skin.
  • It's a demi-matte finish
  • Very light-weight! You can hear yourself saying I don't feel I have anything on. Foundation that is.
  • It has this very caramel-ish scent to it which I find really nice but don't worry the scent doesn't linger for you or anyone to smell.
  • Stays on all day but will need to touch up your oily zones
  • Works well in humidity
  • No SPF on it so it will be suitable for flash photography!
  • Not available in Australia at all so perhaps an online shopping activity is required for you. I got this at Sephora for US$39.00
  • Buildable - light to medium coverage
  • I got the shade 7.0

My all time favourite foundation. I can't recommend it enough. It's great for winter/cooler months when everything feels dry and dull and you want that glow. I tend to venture to other brands, types but I will always come back to this. My only thing now is I think I need to be colour matched again as my skin over the last few months has become a tad darker even without major sun exposure. 
  • Has a dewy finish which is great for cooler months
  • It is hydrating, luminous, silk  - all the good stuff
  • Lightweight and easy to work with
  • Fingers or brush can be used to apply it
  • The price went down from AU$99.00 back in 2010 to AU$68.00 *cue happy dance*
  • It has SPF 18
  • Buildable - Light to medium coverage
  • Available at Mecca Cosmetica
  • I got the shade Barcelona Medium but I'll be changing to one shade darker.

And last but not the least, L'oreal Lumi Magique! Want that J-Lo golden glow? This is it in a bottle! I actually think this is very comparable to NARS Sheer Glow but this is a little bit more dewy or glowy.
  • It has gold specks to it that gives that golden look. It's not overly golden but you can definitely see it on your hands after applying.
  • It's lightweight and easy to blend on skin
  • Ideal for normal to dry skin. Oily skin will need to use some kind of a primer or else this will slide off your face.
  • Don't really need to set this with a powder or you will defeat the purpose of it being a glowy
  • Absolutely amazing on photos if you've got the right shade
  • Buildable - light to medium coverage
  • It has SPF 18 so easy on the flash when taking pictures
  • I use this during the cooler months too to get that hydrated look haha. Also this was way too shiny for me in Summer when I tend to get oilier face.
  • Available at leading chemists, Myer, DJ, Priceline, BigW, Kmart, Target
  • Retails from AU$33.95
That's it, my awesome four! I hope this post helped you in one way or another. 

what is your current favourite foundation?

Hope it's sunny where you are!


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