You Watch It!

02 September 2012

A birthday present to my self 12 months ago that remains to be one of the best material gift to myself to date. It is worth every penny or better yet my money well spent :)

If you've been reading or following beauty/fashion blogs from all around the world (like me) then this watch has been featured like gazillion times.

Meet the very famous Michael Kors - Chronograph Watch!

Code: MK 5055
This is the men's watch of this model. I chose this over the women's size because I love big watches.

Size really does matter ;-)

It matches everything that I own! I actually enjoy stacking bracelets with it when I am in the mood but most of the time, just one bracelet next to it. I like minimal accessories :)

Here's the back story

First, let me put this out there, It's the best purchase of my 30s! lol

I actually searched everywhere online for the best deal because as you may know everything in Australia is priced like 2x of what it is retailed elsewhere like US. I think if I am not mistaken, this watch sells at around $499AUD when I saw it in one of the shops in Leederville!!

no way Jose!

I considered but the shipping was just too much then I thought Nordstrom online would be better as that's where I got my Marc Jacobs watch 2 years ago but I just didn't get round to actually buying it.

I wasn't in a hurry to get it but it was definitely in my list to buy in 2011.

Then a so called soul-searching personal project brought my feet to Singapore. I didn't think of this watch until I got lost looking for the bus that will take me to the zoo :) It was right in front of MK's flagship store in SG :)

it's a sign!!!

I happily and obediently went in. I started with the sunnies. I thought I needed sunnies.

oh FFS just look at the watches woman!

I turned to the watches selection and there it was patiently waiting for me.

I'll take this one thank you.

And she ushered me to the expensive looking couch for me to wait. Gave me something to drink. Measured my wrist so they can adjust it. And even offered me some almond cookies. I mean is this customer service or what?!

How much is this watch?! you only get this treatment when you're buying half the store right?

I calmly took my phone out and started converting Singapore dollars to Aussie dollars

That's all?!! That's what I am paying? That's it?

The kind lady asked if if I want to get a tax-refund.

Hell yes!

And the rest is history.

It turns out way cheaper (and I really mean WAAAYY CHEAPER!) than what I would accept to pay if I were to buy it online. It was a plus that I didn't have to pay for it to be resized or anything because they do it for free :)

So consider holding to buying it online if you can actually visit a flagship store that is not in Australia. I don't think there is one here anyway. And get a tax refund and enjoy!

Oh, if you already own one (high five!) and you need it fix then find a watch repair shop that repairs Fossil watches because they have access to the same parts :) For all I know Fossil watches and MK are made in the same workshop somewhere in China? Just saying :)

It's a great investment. I promise :)