Review: Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation

10 August 2012

I went out to watch "What to expect when  you're expecting" a few weeks back with one of my besties. She's a mum meaning she's read the book. Me? I just want to see JLo.

I love JLo's skin, hair, makeup.

She's known for that dewy, glowy, golden... I want that!
Of course she's got a team of people making that all happen but thanks to YT (my personal glam squad) I can at least try to get that look.

That obsession of wanting the JLo glow lead me to a new hunt for another foundation. I wanted dewy but not heavy. I wanted glowy but not greasy. Problem is I hate that "sticky" feeling that "dewy" finish often brings. But I want it!

My all time fave foundation is Nars Sheer Glow (for winter) and i would set it with a powder which really defeats the purpose of the glow part and the shade I am using now no longer matches  my skintone! :(

I've watched YT videos, read blogs and perused the aisles of not 1 but 4 Priceline locations in a week. A bit obsessed to be honest.

and.....i.....found my JLo glow in a form of Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum!

I believe that the serum formula is the newer one but they have an original version which is for oily-combination skin... and girls (and boys) I have oily-combination skin.... eeeek!

Reasons why I (still) chose the serum formula:

- it's the closest dupe for Chanel Vitalumiere foundation which I've been wanting to get but couldn't justify the price.

- it's a gel formula (in my head it's more hydrating in winter?)

- Pixiwoo recommended it (enough said)

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation in 56

Excuse the photo but that's the best natural lighting I could get to show the "glow". I've had compliments when I am using it so really I am starting to adapt to the "dewy" look. It can sometimes look oily or maybe it's just me since I really like powder finish but I just dust my T-zone with setting powder and would blot excess oil with tissue throughout the day and that works fine. My skin feels and looks healthier. I just have to make sure that I am glowing in all the right places.

They claim that it lasts 16hrs.... well let me be another soul to reject that claim as it doesn't last that long (even with a primer), perhaps a good 5hrs on my skin maybe longer on drier skins?

They said it has fruit extracts that's why it's healthy and I would give stars on that because it hasn't broke me out.

It's medium coverage so it looks more natural. My freckles still shows through but with a more even toned skin.

It has a fruity scent but I find it ok and non-offensive. It might be strong for others who's not a fan of scented foundation. But I like it better than Nars to be honest when it comes to scent.

It sells at about $25.99AUD at Priceline. So really price wise, it's not that far off from your highend foundations but then again we are in Australia. Cosmetics are expensive here.

All their shades have yellow-undertone so it's good in neutralising any redness on your face and works well on yellow-undertone skin complexion (ie Asian). The only downside colour-wise is there not enough shades to choose from especially for our sisters with darker skintone. I got the darkest shade in 56.

I wouldn't recommend this to extremely oily skin only because it's going to be a challenge in preventing it from sliding off your face.But will work on combination skin and I think best on combination-dry skin.

I would probably buy the original formula next time but for now I am loving my version of a JLo glow with a few blotting actions here and there throughout the day.

Have you found your Jlo glow?


  1. I am an NC42 in MAC and wanted to know if the shade you used in the Healthy Mix is a good match....

  2. Hi Gigi27
    sorry for the late NC42 as well in mac and shade 56 is the perfect shade :))


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