Product Review: Trilogy Face Cream Cleanser

02 August 2012

Hello petals! On to another review on one of the Trilogy products that I am currently loving so much. I actually space out my review now because of other work commitments.

By the way, are you following the Olympics? I have been but it's just a little difficult because of the time difference but I still get to watch some events. I really want to watch the Dream Team (basketball, USA) but the timing is crap. Other than that I've been pretty happy with how Australia is going :) (Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi Oi Oi)

So on to the review shall we?

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I initially got this in a travel size package together with the Rosehip oil that I am still obsessed about from Priceline. I didn't think highly of this at first because it wasn't something that I initially went for, it just happen to be part of the package but did it surprise me? Yes it did.


I think it's clean and smart to have a pump however I am not a fan of the glass bottle simply because i am glumsy and my bathroom tiles are not bottle-friendly. I guess it's nature friendly but it just makes everything fragile when this is being used.


I've been trying to pinpoint where I actually smelled this before. How can I describe it?.. it smells like fresh in a non-citrusy way. Fresh as in less-chemical way is what I mean. Oh wait, here's a better one, if you've used Philosophy's Puruty cleanser - then they kinda smell similar if not the same.
If you're not a fan of heavily scented cleansers then this is a good option.

Cleansing effect?

It's not as bubbly as I am used to when it comes to cream cleansers but it really cleans your face and remove all makeup. Please note that you still need to use an eyemakeup remover to remove your eye makeup. And oh another thing I like about this is I find that it's less drying than my normal cream cleanser so it's a plus. You know that feeling after washing your face and you see it all clean but it's also tight and dry, it doesn't happen with this cleanser :)

Would I recommend it?

I mean if you're a fan of all natural, paraben-free, organic type of facial products, then this range is a must-try for you. Their Rosehip oil worked wonders on me so the entire range actually compliments each other.

The only downfall for me is the price. If you're on a budget then this is a little steep but if you wait for Priceline's discount sales then you can get this at a cheapser price. That's how i got mine when they are having 20% off but still it was still on the high-end price of things. This is also one thing that I am considering whenever i think of repurchasing it once it runs out. My skin loves it so maybe that's good enough reason? But to be honest, I can't bring myself into buying it again just for the price.

What cleanser are you using right now?

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