New Product Love: Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Treatment Concealer

03 August 2012

Lo and behold, I finally found something and by something I mean concealer that works (for now). I have this on going quest to finding an eye treatment/concelear for my dark circles and I often find a product that works for a period of time then it won't.. bummer!

Initially, I was so inlove with Garnier 2-in-1 tinted eye roll-on and it was my "secret weapon" for months (see post here) then just lately it stopped working for me or maybe I am getting more tired than usual?

I happen to watched MakeupbyTiffanyD July favourites and she swore by this product.
That's enough for me to get sucked in and my itchy hands just wanted to get hold of it like right now... and just like any skincare fanatic like I am, I got this the very next day with a new foundation which will be reviewed in a few days :)

What Maybelline says:

"Erases dark circles, fine lines and puffiness"

Why You'll Love It

• Micro-Corrector Applicator micro-fills and smooths imperfections.
• Active formula with Haloxyl reduces the look of puffiness and shadows while fading the appearance of under-eye circles.

What I think about it?

Packaging - love the twist-turn and the soft sponge applicator. I also love that you can see how much you've used and how much is left. The sponge applicator is really soft so it's doesn't tug or pull your under eye.

Scent - none! well i can't smell anything not that it will bother me coz it's not directly to my nose but I tried smelling it and I got nada.

Consitency/Formula - It's creamy in texture and can be compared to MAC's select cover up concealer. It's easy to blend and it sits well under the eye especially if it's set with a powder.

I've been using it for 2 weeks going 3 and I can see the difference now when I am not wearing makeup. I can actually see a great improvement on the dark circles side of things. It's lighter and I don't look tired as much as before. I even got compliments from the other half the other day so that's a plus :)

The active ingredient "Haloxyl"seems to be working on the puffiness as promised because I don't look like I just woke up at 10am when I've been at work 3 hours before that. I googled Haloxyl and got  "is a combination of active ingredients able to absorb and eliminate colored blood pigments in the skin that are responsible for dark cicles" - damn right I copy-pasted that :)

And...and...and, that annoying co-worker who always tell me "you look tired" when I actually feel fine and I put makeup on hasn't been saying those 3 deadly words for days! Something right is happening I say :P

 As for fine lines, well I am not going to hope high that it will be "erased" because in all honesty I am getting older and this is inevitable (cue sad face) but if I can slow it down from coming up for as long as I can then I'd be very happy and pleased.

Oh, I'm happy to see Goji berries as an ingredient as well. I've been a fan of it and I eat dried goji berries and even at one point drank shots of goji berry juice in the morning.

Price - it's OK for a drugstore brand. I can't really remember how much I got it from Priceline but it was on sale when I did. I think if you know your shade then you're best to buy it online and direct from US because it will be cheaper than here where everything is priced like gold. But that's just a suggestion :)

Colour - That's the downside of things. It only has 3 shades and I got the darkest one in Medium.  And even this shade Medium is still lighter than my normal shade (NC42 in MAC) but it's still close enough. I tend not to highlight my under eye ala Kim Kardashian because of the puffiness but like I said this concealer helps a lot in de-puffing (if ever that's even a word) so I really don't mind that it's a shade lighter. So if you're darker than NC42 then Medium is going to be way too light however they have a fourth shade which really is not shade but more a highlighter/illuminiser that might work for you. I didn't get this one as I want coverage.

Would I recommend it? 

Yes I would, if you get a shade that works for you yay! But hopefully Maybelline will extend the range in the future for our sisters with darker skintone can also enjoy the goodness that this little bottle brings :)

Is this my HG? not sure yet. I am sure there will be new products that will come out in the future that promises the same and will work better just because of the beauty community we have now, these companies get the feedback they needed to improve their products... i hope! so keep on blogging I say :)

What's your secret-weapon concelear at the moment?


  1. I'm an nc40/42 as well and recently picked this up in the shade honey. At first I thought I wasn't applying anything or that it wasn't covering, but it was actually because the shade was EXACTLY the color of my skin! Going too light highlights my puffiness, and when I got in my car and saw myself in natural light i was stunned at how good it actually looked- better than in my bathroom, and I went from "eh, OK" to "hey! Me likey!" Concealer never covers my dark circles, and usually looks ashy gray or pink so I'm liking honey a lot so far!

    1. this is still my favourite concealer of all time! x

    2. Hey the same thing happened to me omg thank God I found my perfect shade


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