new name same blog!

04 August 2012

Hi Petals! I finally got around to changing my blog title to something more appropriate name based on what I really wanted this blog to be in the first place.

Old Name:

New Name: (soon to be live once the redirection happens!)

New name same blog :)
It's a new name - CurrentObsession but the blog theme remains the same. I'll still be blogging about all girly things that I am currently obsessed about and maybe a few travels and food listings. But expect makeup, skin care, shopping, jewellery, shoes, perfumes..well you get the picture.

So the site is still a work in progress so please excuse the blandness but expect new things popping in and out of this site in the coming weeks. I actually thought of putting the site offline while I am revamping it but I thought nah, just roll it into 'operation'.

If I were Beyonce, this blog is my Sacha Fierce (or not)

 Toast to the new name!

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