my (not) Celine handbag :)

22 August 2012

Over a year ago, I was given a gift card for my birthday. I had a mission to get something and by something I mean a handbag. I am easy  ;)

And here's what I got :)

It's not a Celine bag!! I wish it is though. But isn't she gorgeous? This is from Witchery, which is one of Australia's high street brands and they actually carry gorgeous (leather) bags. And this baby is 100% leather, very soft leather :) So really it's a knock-off but very good quality and plus I got it on sale! A very good sale! Thanks Witchery!

Now let's look at the Celine bag shall we?


When I win my lottery millions, this baby is mine :)
Can you see the similarities? I think at one point Witchery had some bags that looked so similar with the Balenciaga bags.

My bag is for sure 2000x cheaper than the real Celine but it looks as chic and it does the look that I want to carry. I am obsessed with this bag that I am always using it and now has turn blueish thanks to my jeans. Bah! Oh well.

If you're a bag woman, then watch out for Witchery sale because they are generous and you will always find something that is worth every penny (or not).
Almost a Celine bag :)
Hope it's sunny where ever you are :)

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