MsChikee Review: Garnier BB cream

20 June 2012

Hello petals! In for another post :) This has been long overdue post but it's finally live ;)

So BB Cream, if you live in Asia (Southeast and East specifically) then this is something that is old news to you and you can stop reading now but for those who didn't really know BB cream before like me, then keep reading :)

Being Asian, I've heard of this product but being Asian in a Western country, this wasn't easily available unless I go buy it online and I wasn't keen on that only because it didn't appeal to me.

I was also misinformed that BB cream was just all about whitening, something that I've stayed away since I can remember. I've accepted my naturally tanned skin (morena). But after doing my research and found out more about BB cream, I was finally interested but still unsure which one to get. Luckily it finally reached Australian soil some months ago and you know what happened next, I bought one.

What is BB cream?

First things first, BB actually stands for Blemish Balm or Blemish Base, a name that I would veer away from if I am being honest - well it sounds like something for extreme acne problems don't you think?

BB cream is your all in one type cream. It is your moisturiser, primer, foundation and sunblock - all in one product. Sounds too good to be true but that's what they are. Brands like MAC, Clinique, and Estee Lauder have it in their range and so as some drugstore brand like Garnier.

In theory, this is THE PRODUCT for those who hates piling shizz on their face. This saves time and money because everything you need is already in one product. This is the very reason why I finally got one! (easily pleased you see)

Since all I want really is to know what BB cream can do to my skin, I decided to get Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector. (you know, cheaper!) The name has so much weight and too much pressure put on simply because it was labelled "miracle" and "skin perfector". Liek what if it didn't live up to its name? (like seriously, great marketing name I say)
"Discover the BB Cream secret - a new generation of skincare that combines the best of skincare with the benefits of make-up in one application! New Miracle Skin Perfector has a lightweight formula with vitamin C and mineral pigments to deliver long-lasting hydrating care with SPF15 UV filters and a light touch of make-up for instantly visible, radiant results. Quickly & perfectly it unifies, corrects, brightens, moisturises & protects!" - from Garnier Australia website

 What I think of it?

Smell - Love the scent. The smell itself can wake your senses. It's fresh, light and seriously yummy but not in a sweet lolly kind of way. It's like cucumber freshness galore.

Packaging - always a fan of tubes. Product comes out nice and you can control the amount and it's handy in size - aka purse friendly if you're one of those who takes their moisturisers with them.

Texture - it's creamy/mousse like consistency. Application is a treat.

Coverage - since it's a tinted moisturiser, then it's less to medium coverage. It's not something you can build up because it will feel too much and heavy and a little bit oily.

It doesn't sink in my skin as quickly as I want but once it does then it leaves me this glowy (almost golden) looking skin that it's almost a crime to put powder on to set it. But with my skin, I had to or else it will just slip off my face in hours. It gave me this perfect looking skin - but not for long - I lose the "glowy" side of things by mid day.

Price - it's on the affordable range and for something that promises hydration, protection and coverage it is a winner to my books.

Staying power - well not sure which aspect of it I should measure, the hydration bit? the coverage bit? or the SPF bit? but like I said, I seem to lose the glowy side of things by mid day and by end of the day, my face is just bare as if I didn't even put makeup on.

Did it even out my skin? any benefits?

To be honest, I didn't see any changes in that aspect. The only difference I noticed was how it kept my skin hydrated compared to my usual moisturiser.

I also did get spots but that's like hormonal spot and not because of the product.

Will I repurchase it?

I am still thinking about it. Perhaps when summer comes and I needed a light coverage with SPF and hydration.

For it's purpose, the price tag is very reasonable. But probably not the miracle skin perfector that you would want it to be. Maybe it is for other girls but certainly not in my case.

This is available in Priceline and any major chemist and grocery store all across Australia. 

Have you tried BB cream?

New Product Love: Trilogy's Certified Organic Rosehip Oil - Initial Review

13 June 2012

Hello petals! Long time no post :( and I am very very sorry. It was a combination of collarbone injury and everything that comes after an injury and a new job! But I am back with a post that is very exciting. Perhaps, let's not get too excited because this is only my initial review and we all know in the beauty world, grace period in product trials is essential. I would normally wait for 2 weeks at least but this product I am about to share with you is just too good that results are evident after first week of use so I have to share it! Apologies in advance because it's not a makeup item.

Presenting, my new favourite part of my skin care routine:

Photo source/credit:

How did I learn about this product?

A close girlfriend of mine introduced me to it. She was raving about it and told me to give it a try. Since I was already on a hunt for something new to add to my skin care routine not to mention my strong refusal on repurchasing a very expensive serum, I decided to buy the trial size to find out what is all the hype about. (Note: I bought the starter kit from Priceline for A$26.99, it comes with  the cream cleanser and the vital moisturising cream, both deserve separate blog posts to be honest)

I still did my homework. I've read countless online reviews and even watched some YouTube videos just to feed my curiosity a little bit more before committing on to buying a bottle. I think for some, I was..what's the word... I was obsessed about it. Who wouldn't? There were far more good reviews than bad ones. And the bad ones are normally from ladies that are allergic to oil or just too young to be using this product. 

This product promises:
  • to calm your combination skin and make it more balanced
  • to minimise any fine lines and even stretch marks
  • to soften your deep wrinkles
  • to hydrate your thirsty skin
  • to repair your skin from scars
  • to give your skin that luminosity and glow
In other words, it promises healthy, smooth and glowing skin! 
I was scared that it's going to break me out because it's oil and I have combination skin with oily T-zone. I am also prone to hormonal breakouts (the nasty ones! the ones that starts deep, grows big and hurts the most - thank you hormones!) so I wasn't really convinced initially. But you know what they say, you gotta be in it to win it and I want everything that this rosehip oil promises so I joined the bandwagon!

Intial thoughts

I think this product should be used by women in their late 20s and older only because women my age and older requires more hydration and we have more visible signs of ageing compared to those in their early 20s.

I love how you can see results in the first few days of using it. In my case, it was glowing and very very smooth skin the first week. I was very impressed Trilogy!

I am not a fan of the scent as it reminds me of fish oil so I am going to try their new formula - Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ and hopefully it smells nicer than the original one. At this point, I am using their Hydrating Toner Mist to counter act the smell, something that my close girlfriend suggested as well.

My post-blemishes (aka those that I picked..booo! I have some bad habits you see) healed faster than usual.

I had one deep and painful hormonal pimple just 2 nights ago and that is now gone and it didn't even made it to the surface! That's something I am very pleased and I am hoping it was the Rosehip oil! hehehe

What I am hoping to get in the long run

1. Even skin tone - this is partially my fault to be honest because I pick my spots so I get all those nasty after blemish dark spots

2. A much more balanced skin. I don't mind combination skin to be honest. I'd rather have that than dry skin but I would like my T-zone to produce just enough oil (in whatever season) if possible.

3. Less scar visibility! Now if my collarbone surgery scar can fade a tiny bit more from this oil then I would be very very pleased!

4. Slow ageing process :) I don't mind wrinkles, I think it adds character but I do mind when they start coming sooner than expected. I am hoping that my frown lines will be a little bit subtle (if that's possible) and so as my under eye fine lines.

5. Minimise my skin congestion if possible.

Basically, just clear, healthy, glowing and smooth skin :) not too much to ask for.

So watch this space for a proper review say in the next 6 to 12 weeks :)

By the way, in Australia, this product is available in Priceline, David Jones and Myer :)

If you're using or have used this product, please share your experience :)


ps. Thanks Tasha for introducing me to it!