MsChikee Review: Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

08 September 2011

I finally got my hands on this foundation. I first saw it in LA earlier this year but I didn't get it because they don't actually have a tester available in Target (in US). It turns out that you can return any opened/used product if you're not satisfied with it (whatever the reason may be)... errr I was only there on holiday so it's quite crucial to get the right shade at that time.. in the end, no tester means no buying.

What caused the purchase? well, my ever so trusted Nars Sheer Matte foundation bid me farewell and I didn't have the money just yet to fork out to get me a new bottle so I opted for something a little bit cheaper but somehow similar and thought Maybelline's Fit Me foundation fits the shoe.... not quite the Cinderella moment for me but it will do for now I guess.

Maybelline Fit Me Liquid Foundation - Shade 230

Maybelline's Fit Me Powder Foundation
I got both the liquid and powder foundations (because they were on sale). Basically,  this is marketed as one of those products that don't hide and don't change you because it's lightweight and natural and it promises:

1. fresh skin finish
2. flawlessness effect
3. breathable skin (?) - you get the point.

It says that you'll have the same shade for liquid and powder foundations. That's what I did but perhaps I should have mixed the shades because I think i am in between shades :(

The Packaging

Liquid foundation - well a pump would have been nicer. I try to be careful when getting the product out and when putting the bottle back on my table without the lid on because one tip-off mistake and this is all over my carpet!

Powder Foundation - it's great to see the shade through the lid cover. Always handy when you have multiple shades in your kit.

The Product

Liquid Foundation

- the consistency is very runny that using your hands is way better than using your brush. So just be cautious on that.

- there is a slight odd smell to it. this may sound yucky but to me it smells like damp towel. I am not a fan at all and sometimes it puts me off. Thank goodness for my Estee Lauder moisturer - it kinda balances the smell a little bit.

- application is a treat - that's the silver lining for the formulation being runny, it glides on the skin so smoothly and so easy. No tugging action because sometimes the product dries up on the skin before you can even buff it. It doesn't happen with Fit Me

- it's true it is very lightweight. You don't even feel that you have something on. Perhaps if this doesn't have the odd smell then maybe you can even forget that you have it on!

- it's light to medium coverage. It hides my freckles without the feeling of having too much products on.

- i can somehow get when they say it lets your skin breathe. I wish I can explain this further but I can't find the words.

- You really have to find the right shade for you. I think I am in between shades so I normally set this foundation with my MAC Mineralised Skinfinish Natural in Medium Dark. (PS, I am normally NC40 and with this product I am on 230 Medium - very close to my Nars Sheer Matte in Barcelona)

Powder Foundation

- it's OK but it's not finely milled compared to the skinfinishes. The powder shows my pores... every makeup junkie's nightmare.

- it's very silky to touch when it's on your face (but your pores are visible too! booo!!)

- I don't use this to set the liquid foundation because it doesn't look good together on my skin... it looks TOO MUCH.

Overall thoughts?

It's lightweight and it's silky to touch. You just need to find the right shade for you. For a drugstore product, this is really good.

It doesn't last on the skin though (in my opinion) - max would be 4hours before powdering yourself again and it's not really friendly in humidity.

This has SPF18 so be careful with flash photography. maybe not be your ideal foundation for a wedding or anything with flash photography.

On a good note.. I didn't break out from this foundation so that's a plus. 

Will I repurchase?

Probably not or maybe try another shade? Maybe not.

I think my HG foundation will always be NARS Sheer Matte/Glow but it's always good to try new  things in case I end up finding a Steal!

This is available in Priceline stores in Australia for AU$18.95

Here's a FOTD photo when I wore this foundation (liquid):

What's the latest foundation you've tried?

MsChikee Review: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex serum

02 September 2011

Ok let's start with the name right here, right now.. how mouthful is that?! It's like one of those gourmet dishes with detailed name - Roast lamb with sweet potato and parsnip mash with mushroom sauce infused with rosemary and thyme. But hats off to Estee Lauder for having such a descriptive name enough for consumers to understand what they are getting out it.

Photo source:
I've been using this for 6 weeks and I am telling you now this is by far my new skin BFF. It is going to be a staple in my skin care from now on until my face requires new shizz to be slapped on to keep it all together *grin*

The Packaging:

Fabulous packaging! Any product that is not in a pot is a plus for me. The medicine dropper thing is just brilliant! It's very easy to control how much product you want and...and.. you can literally get the last drop of the product because you can reach all four corners of the base and get the product out!

The bottle is HUGE so it's not really travel friendly but would you really leave this behind? no you don't.. you just need to make space for it.

The Serum

It's not oily as the other serums that I've tried (ie Clinique Turnaround concentrate). And I find that this sinks in the skin faster than other serums. This works better with a night cream on top of it. I am using another Estee Lauder moituriser which is yet to be blogged.
You have to be religious in applying this every night (if you can). Other women use it 2x a day but I don't need that frequency just yet so I only use it at night.

Overall thought on the product

I LOVE IT! I give it all the possible stars you can give a product.

There is no drastic change in my skin that a photo will be able to capture because as much as I'd like to fuss over this, I am only in my early 30s. Although, I have lines (where it counts) that weren't there 2-3 years ago, it is still slightly unnoticeable to the less intrusive stares.

I decided to use this product with one aim and one aim only, to delay ageing and maybe improve my skin's ability to heal overnight from any free radicals that my skin get exposed to on a daily basis... so yeah make that 2 aims!

And for 6 weeks, I've noticed:

1. my skin's texture is firmer and smoother
2. any spot that I squeezed (i know i know, bad habit) heals overnight
3. my frown line (between my brows) is a little bit relaxed since using it. It's not gone like I would hope but it's rather on a  i-don't-look-like-I-am-angry state which is great!
4. I wake up to much hydrated and healthier looking skin
5. Makeup application is now a treat more than anything. 

Definitely, one of the best addition in my skincare to date *applause*. This is the trouble, the older you get the more products you'll tend to use just to hold it together! I think I'll have to try the eye cream too soon. Once I justify the price then perhaps in a few weeks/months.

Saying all that, this shouldn't be the only thing that you're doing to keep your skin young and healthy. Eating right and having enough and regular sleeps help a lot. Fruits and veggies are your bestfriends and water is your lover.

Hope this information helps you. 

ps. thanks again to my lovely sisters for this wonderful gift :)