New Love: Fresh Supernova mascara

20 August 2011

Happy days are here! I finally opened this mascara after months since purchasing it.

I did a lot of makeup haul when I went to US. I never got the round to write a post about the said haul because it was long overdue so I'll be showcasing them as I use the product (or as I opened it).

My US trip was back in January and only now (August) that I opened this mascara for great use and I am smitten!

Here's the latest love of my life: Fresh Supernova mascara (in black)

Fresh Supernova mascara in Black

I got this in NY, when I went for the Sex and the City tour! The store is in Bleeker street in West Village and along side are Michael Kors newly opened store and NARS. Fresh cosmetics are one of range that SATC used during the TV series and the movies so that's why we were brought there.

I've heard A LOT about this brand so I was ecstatic when we got there. Best part was they gave us a discount just because we were doing the tour.

 Packaging is too cute don't you think?! I am planning of keeping this tube even after expiry just because it's too cute!

The brush (I forgot the take a photo) is shaped like an hour-glass.. very sexy.

Formulation is a bit wet but once it sets it is the blackest of black. I do get panda eyes but to my surprise, it's not at all fugly, it adds character (smokiness). Saying that, that's my thing at the moment. I love how imperfect your makeup looks like at the end of the day, it adds that subtle sensuality.. (in my opinion). I normally pair this up with my Shiseido mascara base to add more oompph and to minimise the panda eyes scenario and it never fails to deliver.

Here's FOTD: (note that I have the common asian lashes, thin and straight. this mascara puts my lashes on the map... the map being my face)

extra ooommphh to my liking :)

how black is that?
Fresh cosmetics is not sold here in Australia that I know of but I clearly remember that they do ship to Australia - so online shopping is the go (great news innit?!).

I can't remember how much this costs in USD but I know it's not that expensive. I think I'll repurchase this when it's finished but I'll make it as a reward type makeup item :)

Just in case you're interested, I am wearing MAC Ravishing (cremesheen) mixed with MAC Bougainvillea (creme colour base).. yummy!


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  2. a freelance writer Definition is a bit wet but once it sets it is the blackest of dark. I do get panda eyes but to my amazement, its not in the least fugly,

  3. I was introduced to this brand, Fresh, by first buying Pear Casis perfume in Paris in 2004. Then I tried the Supernova mascara and now cannot wear anything else but Supernova.It is a problem finding it in Australia so I need to rely on my family to buy it for me overseas. It is the best mascara and I have tried quite a few but unfortunately does not last long once opened.

  4. Sorry, I pressed on the wrong button, I don't want to be anonymous. My name is Nathalie from Sydney, Australia

    1. Hi Nathalie - thank you for your comment :)


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