New Love: Body Shop Almond Oil daily hand & nail cream

04 August 2011

One of my pet-peeves is dry hands. I get this "eekky" feeling! I hate touching my palms and I tend to hold the tip of my pinky so I can avoid contact with my dry hands/palms/fingers! I guess you can compare this weird pet-peeve to someone who hates the sound of nails against a chalkboard (eeek!) or that sound from sword fights or cutlery to cutlery (eeek!)

And because of this unusual pet-peeve,  I became a hand-cream hunter. I go from one cream after another hoping I'll stick to one and be merry. The search often fails me or the love for the product only lasts for a while then I get disappointed or just plain tired.

But not until my good friend introduced me to this bad boy. I was attracted to the scent - it was like a baby powder scent which is one of my favourite smell, reminds me of my time with my mum when I was young. My friend sold it to me like she works for Body Shop! and I am a sucker for those true testimonial from people who tried a product so the next day I found myself perusing the aisles of my local Body Shop store looking for it. It actually came with a cuticle treatment but I opted to just get this cream on its own.

it says "essential moisture for all-day softness" - who can resist that tagline?! I know I can't! and trust me this product delivers.

This baby is proving to be the one, the cream of the crop, the topnotch... that one that delivers... let's just hope they won't discontinue this anytime soon

(apologies for the dirty looking tube! hahahaha I had a mascara massacre and this tube was next to it!)

- the smell is absolutely fantastic! (if you hate almond smell then this is not for you)
- it's very creamy
- it really makes your hands essentially soft!
- keeps your cuticles very moisturised
- makes your nails shine!! (this is the element of surprise for me. I noticed it after a week or two of using it constantly)
- keeps your nails healthy and strong
- perhaps for a hand cream it's not that cheap although for Australian prices it's is (considered) cheap. This sells at $17AUD
- packaging is awesome (although i must admit the tube size is rather large if you're a small purse person)

CONs (can't think of any)

I wish this range came in body lotion and/or body butter then I will be faithfully theirs ;-)

ps. did you know that Perth, Western Australia is now #13 most expensive city in the world to live in?! *sadness*

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