In and Out (July Edition)

02 August 2011

I know it's already August but I thought I'd share my Ins and Outs from the last month :)


turning 31 - yes I celebrated my birthday and turned 31. this year's celebration was more intimate, just a few close friends and families. I am actually enjoying my 30s and the said that it will only get better from now onwards so I am looking forward to that :)

body shop's body butter in mango -  I have fallen inlove once again with this product. To me this is winter product. The only thing I wish they change is the packaging.... oh well here's hoping

prestige black liner - I have been obsessed in lining my upper (inner) lash line. and when i say obsessed i really mean obsessed! I can't even leave my house without it on. I like the "illusion" of thick lashes that it gives and since I wear my glasses all the time, this is my extra "oomph". Also this product is very similar to Mac's smolder in terms of creaminess but of course it's on the cheaper side of things. However saying that, when I use this all up, I think I'll get Mac Smolder anyway.

body shop's almond oil daily hand & nail cream -  this is by far my favourite hand and nails cream. I haven't had the chance to actually blog about it but I thought I'd share it to you now. It smells great, it's affordable, it moisturises your hands, cuticles and last but not the least... it makes your nails shiny!! I am inlove with the smell as well :))

chloe perfume (rose edition) - I LOVE LOVE LOVE this perfume. This is my gift to myself for my birthday. Some people say it's the same smell as the original one BUT I beg to differ... having used up bottle after bottle of the original Chloe, rose edition is (well) a rose infused edition. You get the same base notes but you get rose too especially at the end of the day... anyway, a blog post is necessary :)

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair - it's been 2 weeks now since i started using it and to be honest I haven't noticed anything new (yet) but I enjoy the process of adding this step in my night skincare routine that.

NARS Laguna - sunkissed cheeks all day long = LOVE!

Surprises - I LOVE surprises! Good surprise that is :) I had 3 great surprises this month and all I can say is they are the icing on my cake :)


can you believe it? No OUTS this month... at least I can't think of anything... this is great :)

hope you had a fantabulous July.. i know I did... :))


  1. It is great to have no "outs" this month! It means you must have had a wonderful time!
    Happy belated birthday!
    XOXO from a new follower,

  2. hi catanya! yes i had a great july this :))) and thanks for bday wishes and double thanks for following :)) xoxo


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