New Love: Fresh Supernova mascara

20 August 2011

Happy days are here! I finally opened this mascara after months since purchasing it.

I did a lot of makeup haul when I went to US. I never got the round to write a post about the said haul because it was long overdue so I'll be showcasing them as I use the product (or as I opened it).

My US trip was back in January and only now (August) that I opened this mascara for great use and I am smitten!

Here's the latest love of my life: Fresh Supernova mascara (in black)

Fresh Supernova mascara in Black

I got this in NY, when I went for the Sex and the City tour! The store is in Bleeker street in West Village and along side are Michael Kors newly opened store and NARS. Fresh cosmetics are one of range that SATC used during the TV series and the movies so that's why we were brought there.

I've heard A LOT about this brand so I was ecstatic when we got there. Best part was they gave us a discount just because we were doing the tour.

 Packaging is too cute don't you think?! I am planning of keeping this tube even after expiry just because it's too cute!

The brush (I forgot the take a photo) is shaped like an hour-glass.. very sexy.

Formulation is a bit wet but once it sets it is the blackest of black. I do get panda eyes but to my surprise, it's not at all fugly, it adds character (smokiness). Saying that, that's my thing at the moment. I love how imperfect your makeup looks like at the end of the day, it adds that subtle sensuality.. (in my opinion). I normally pair this up with my Shiseido mascara base to add more oompph and to minimise the panda eyes scenario and it never fails to deliver.

Here's FOTD: (note that I have the common asian lashes, thin and straight. this mascara puts my lashes on the map... the map being my face)

extra ooommphh to my liking :)

how black is that?
Fresh cosmetics is not sold here in Australia that I know of but I clearly remember that they do ship to Australia - so online shopping is the go (great news innit?!).

I can't remember how much this costs in USD but I know it's not that expensive. I think I'll repurchase this when it's finished but I'll make it as a reward type makeup item :)

Just in case you're interested, I am wearing MAC Ravishing (cremesheen) mixed with MAC Bougainvillea (creme colour base).. yummy!

and all that jazzed

16 August 2011

One of my all time favourite lipstick is MAC Jazzed and sad to say it's limited edition!! :(

It's forecasted that bold orange and coral lippies are IN (again) this spring/summer and I am excited!

So I thought I'd whip it out and try in preparation of what is just around the corner... hayfever i mean spring. It's a bit premature because it's still bloody freezing and my skin is at its palest but NARS Laguna was there to the rescue and gave me the warmth my face needed to compliment this lipstick.

MAC Jazzed Lipstick from In the Groove Collection

it's a cremesheen finish... love!
In case you forgot, this was released last year (July-August 2010) from the In the Groove collection which for me is one of the best collection that ever came out since I started this makeup craziness.
I love the peachy-pink-coral tone and it's very flattering especially on a tanned skin. I find MAC Jazzed easier to work with than MAC Ravishing* (*which I think is always a shocker when applied).

I bought a back up too! (makeup junkie anonymous here I come!) and when the day comes that I had to use it I hope it's not expired nor spoilt...or i would just cry.

I read about dupes so maybe I'll look into it when the time comes or MAC should just get its act together and make it a permanent...unless it is already.. haha then this post is a total bullocks.

Yellow lighting and this lipstick = love!
here's a twist though and don't get me wrong... as much as I love the colour and the fact that it's a cremesheen finish, there is something off about it compared to other cremesheen lipsticks that I own... the formulation is a little bit 'pasty' to may liking. It doesn't sit well on the lips unless you blot it or add a similar coloured gloss on top.. it's not a deal breaker for me because I am all for the colour but it's just a little bit disappointing... this could have easily been my holy grail summer lipstick you know.

I still love it and would still recommend it if ever it gets re-promoted. It could be just the tube that I got and yours are OK? or my lips are just really notoriously dry... one must not be discouraged :P it's a great colour.

That's it for my ramble.

PS. Here's what I mean...this time I am in a room with white lights (not flattering at most times but true to the colour of the lipstick and state of my lips after a few hours)

white lights... sigh.. all imperfections come out! :p

what is your "almost" HG summer lipsticks?

new cheek combo: hang loose + laguna

12 August 2011

Is it me or do you find yourself giggling when you hear/read "Hang Loose"? Like seriously! for such a gorgeous blush, hang loose? (really?!) I don't know if MAC was trying to be funny or it's just my dirty mind....possibly the latter.

MAC Hang Loose is a mineralised (duo) blush that was part of the MAC In the Groove collection which was released July-August 2010.

I haven't been paying much attention to this baby for a while now...sadness..

I was favouring my MAC Spaced Out and Shu Uemura (Wine) blushers for weeks and by weeks I really mean months! I even hit the pans for both and already scraping the product out from its sides...*shakes head*

So what do you do when this happens? You go and open your stash and find something that tickles your fancy and Hang Loose definitely does the job...tickles my fancy. (Oh Sheryl! - some unanimous disapproval there)

MAC Hang Loose mineralise (duo) Blusher
Here's the thing though, this blush is lovely but I can't seem to work the purple (lavender) half but the other half (coral-pink) is a dream! It finishes off with some kind of freshness, softness look/feel to it, like you're glowing from within sans the glow. (unless I use a highlighter)

If you use the coral-pink side on it's own the it's very soft, fresh and borderline flat. It needs another layer of something and what's best to marry this blush with? *drumroll* NARS Laguna!! (but of course I hear you say)

NARS Laguna + MAC Hang Loose = love
I've decided, anything looks better with NARS Laguna. Such a strong conviction for someone who just started using it but bloggers don't lie.. that's the truth.

So here's what I mean when I say "soft", "fresh" effect on the cheeks when applied:

new cheek combo love :)

In case you're interested, here are the products used: (note that this is how I wear my makeup to work)

NARS Sheer Matte (Barcelona)
MAC Mineralised Skinfinish Natural (Medium Plus) - my winter shade
Garnier Eye Roll-On (2in1 Treament) under the eyes
MAC Hang Loose blush (coral-pink side) This is limited edition
NARS Laguna

Fresh Supernova Mascara (Black) - separate post is necessary.

MAC Naked Honey Skin salve (limited edition)

That's it for now.
Until I find another cheek combo :)

ps. just for the kicks, Hang Loose ...... HAHAHAHAHAHA

MsChikee's new secret weapon

08 August 2011

I may have found my secret weapon to looking awake, fresh and stress-free. I've been using this bad boy for a month now and I have no bad thing to say about it considering I was so sceptical at first.

I was in the impression that it's just a waste of money - for some reason I don't know! Then it won the Cleo beauty awards then I was intrigued but it wasn't enough for me to raid my local Priceline to get it.

It took me a while to actually purchase one, or in any makeup junkie's philosophy, it wasn't a priority and by priority I mean it wasn't shiny enough to get my full attention. But when a newer version of it came out, I was sold.

Lo and behold, my new secret weapon!

The original version of this one was only targeted to combat dark circles and tired eyes hence my lack of enthusiasm in purchasing it. But this new formula is now also a concelear + treatment and I think it's one of those affordable fantastic ideas put in the beauty market.

I was inlove on the first week that I've tried it and I've received so many compliments about how "rested" I look like (it could be that I have great friends too.. haha).

Star ingredients consist of caffeine and lemon extract. The former is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants properties and the latter is known for its (subtle) bleaching effect and that to me is a winner!

My thoughts about the product:
  • it's a roll on with a metal ball as the applicator which is cold-to-touch when you apply the product and in my opinion it helps in waking your skin up under the eyes (similar when you wash your face with cold water...*wink*). In a more convincing reason, the metal roller ball's coldness helps with the de-puffing the puffiness under your eyes because the cold helps drain the fluid build-up.
  • the concealer tint comes in 2 or 3 shades to choose from for every skin tone (i can't remember)
  • it comes out sheer and thin which makes blending a treat :)
  • it keeps your under eye hydrated 
  • long lasting although I don't really work for long hours, max is 8hrs a day but still this stays put without the need for me to re-apply. 
Here's how I look like before applying it. The sad looking eyes was just to give emphasis on the tired looking eyes.. hahaha (I like a bit acting once in a while).

Right after moisturiser and eye cream, I apply this bad boy

Voila! After foundation and powder to set!

I would definitely recommend this product. I am sure it will be different results for everyone but it's worth giving it a go. Garnier products are known for it's natural ingredients and normally all fruit based.

This sells around AU$17.00 at Priceline (at least that's how much I paid, it could on sale when I bought it).

What is your secret weapon?

MsChikee.Com Launch!

07 August 2011

Hello Petals!

Ok I've got some news for you, I've created a new blog!! I decided to keep this blog ( all about beauty related (after this post :P) while all other things will be posted on my new baby -

There is currently a giveaway contest happening on the other blog and it closes on 31st August 2011. The price is so cute... represents me... IT and girly stuff :P
Please visit when you have a chance :)

Thank you and *group hug*

New Love: Body Shop Almond Oil daily hand & nail cream

04 August 2011

One of my pet-peeves is dry hands. I get this "eekky" feeling! I hate touching my palms and I tend to hold the tip of my pinky so I can avoid contact with my dry hands/palms/fingers! I guess you can compare this weird pet-peeve to someone who hates the sound of nails against a chalkboard (eeek!) or that sound from sword fights or cutlery to cutlery (eeek!)

And because of this unusual pet-peeve,  I became a hand-cream hunter. I go from one cream after another hoping I'll stick to one and be merry. The search often fails me or the love for the product only lasts for a while then I get disappointed or just plain tired.

But not until my good friend introduced me to this bad boy. I was attracted to the scent - it was like a baby powder scent which is one of my favourite smell, reminds me of my time with my mum when I was young. My friend sold it to me like she works for Body Shop! and I am a sucker for those true testimonial from people who tried a product so the next day I found myself perusing the aisles of my local Body Shop store looking for it. It actually came with a cuticle treatment but I opted to just get this cream on its own.

it says "essential moisture for all-day softness" - who can resist that tagline?! I know I can't! and trust me this product delivers.

This baby is proving to be the one, the cream of the crop, the topnotch... that one that delivers... let's just hope they won't discontinue this anytime soon

(apologies for the dirty looking tube! hahahaha I had a mascara massacre and this tube was next to it!)

- the smell is absolutely fantastic! (if you hate almond smell then this is not for you)
- it's very creamy
- it really makes your hands essentially soft!
- keeps your cuticles very moisturised
- makes your nails shine!! (this is the element of surprise for me. I noticed it after a week or two of using it constantly)
- keeps your nails healthy and strong
- perhaps for a hand cream it's not that cheap although for Australian prices it's is (considered) cheap. This sells at $17AUD
- packaging is awesome (although i must admit the tube size is rather large if you're a small purse person)

CONs (can't think of any)

I wish this range came in body lotion and/or body butter then I will be faithfully theirs ;-)

ps. did you know that Perth, Western Australia is now #13 most expensive city in the world to live in?! *sadness*

In and Out (July Edition)

02 August 2011

I know it's already August but I thought I'd share my Ins and Outs from the last month :)


turning 31 - yes I celebrated my birthday and turned 31. this year's celebration was more intimate, just a few close friends and families. I am actually enjoying my 30s and the said that it will only get better from now onwards so I am looking forward to that :)

body shop's body butter in mango -  I have fallen inlove once again with this product. To me this is winter product. The only thing I wish they change is the packaging.... oh well here's hoping

prestige black liner - I have been obsessed in lining my upper (inner) lash line. and when i say obsessed i really mean obsessed! I can't even leave my house without it on. I like the "illusion" of thick lashes that it gives and since I wear my glasses all the time, this is my extra "oomph". Also this product is very similar to Mac's smolder in terms of creaminess but of course it's on the cheaper side of things. However saying that, when I use this all up, I think I'll get Mac Smolder anyway.

body shop's almond oil daily hand & nail cream -  this is by far my favourite hand and nails cream. I haven't had the chance to actually blog about it but I thought I'd share it to you now. It smells great, it's affordable, it moisturises your hands, cuticles and last but not the least... it makes your nails shiny!! I am inlove with the smell as well :))

chloe perfume (rose edition) - I LOVE LOVE LOVE this perfume. This is my gift to myself for my birthday. Some people say it's the same smell as the original one BUT I beg to differ... having used up bottle after bottle of the original Chloe, rose edition is (well) a rose infused edition. You get the same base notes but you get rose too especially at the end of the day... anyway, a blog post is necessary :)

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair - it's been 2 weeks now since i started using it and to be honest I haven't noticed anything new (yet) but I enjoy the process of adding this step in my night skincare routine that.

NARS Laguna - sunkissed cheeks all day long = LOVE!

Surprises - I LOVE surprises! Good surprise that is :) I had 3 great surprises this month and all I can say is they are the icing on my cake :)


can you believe it? No OUTS this month... at least I can't think of anything... this is great :)

hope you had a fantabulous July.. i know I did... :))