(potential) New product love: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex

15 July 2011

now that's a whole lot of words to say for a product name! it makes it more "credible" sounding with all the good words already attached to it - "advanced", "synchronized", "recovery"... yummy words to live by when you want to have that youthful skin!

(Photo source: www.esteelauder.com.au)

I was given this by my lovely sisters (Ate Wengie and Ate Winnie). I think I tweeted this or put it on my FB wall and they picked it up....ahhh the magic that these status updates can really do:)

one of the reasons why I haven't tried this out yet is the price. It's one of those things that you (think) you need but just too expensive. I deliberated long enough that I still end up not getting it but thank you to birthday gifts i can now put my hands on this baby and hopefully make a proper review in a few weeks time.. i am thinking 4-6 weeks (feels like forever!).
It promises soooooo many good things so I am hoping it will deliver! 

for now, Let's do some first impression shall we:

1. LOVE the packaging. Anything doesn't let me stick my finger in it to get the product out is in my good books for packaging. it's soo old school to have the medicine dropper happening... brings back memories when your mum tries to trick you into taking some meds.

2. there is a slight scent to it. i could be one of the worst person in describing a scent but I can say that it doesn't smell anything like how the normal Estee Lauder moiturisers do. Don't get me wrong though, it's not offensive at all. It kinda tricks your brain because the product looks like "honey" so you kinda expect it to o smell like one.. weird scent.

3. the bottle looks huge and feels like it's going to take you forever to use it up..

here's the actual shot of the gift when i received it:

ahhhh.... one of the best surprises I've received :)))) (post dedicated to Ate Weng and Ate Wengie)

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