(old) Love: Korres Lip Butter

07 July 2011

for some reason, i really do have a love/hate relationship with this product.

there are times when I despise it and so close to just chucking it in the bin.. those are when I feel that it's not moisturising enough or when most products are stuck under my nails (say no to pots!) and other times (like now) when I feel that it's doing what it's suppose to do on my lips..I am utterly inlove!

I am not quite sure but maybe it works best in cold weather?
or it gets better in time? (you know all that 'good' stuff after using it for a while :P)

I only have this shade which is the yummiest looking in my opinion.

It's buttery and very smooth to touch. It has a slight fruity scent to it but it's tasteless (i am not a fan of fruity taste lip balm anyway)

Right now (winter) it's the most nourishing lip balm and the stain it gives my lips is just superb.. i don't look dead in this freezing weather when I am actually frozen to my core and almost turning blue.

Here's a lazy FOTD taken this morning just before heading to work. Flash has to be used to give you a way better indication of how it looks like (on me) :)

PS. i really hate the packaging though.. say no to pots!

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