New Love: MUFE Aqua Lip pencil in Red

27 July 2011

'Lo and behold!, I have found THE red lip product that I can put in my "holy grail" category!

Meet MUFE Aqua Lip pencil in Red - this is part of their Aqua range (waterproof) which I adore to bits. I first saw this on Nic* from Pixiwoo. She used it on one of her "to-go" makeup looks and I was immediately infatuated (as any makeup junkie would).

As MUFE is not sold anywhere in Australia, I had to outsourced this from overseas (junkie I tell you). I bugged a good friend of mine... a good GUY friend of mine.... a good very masculine GUY friend of mine to go to a Sephora and get this for me. Luckily it didn't take a lot of convincing so I actually got it in a few days after.

A few things to note though when using this product:

1, make sure that your lips are hydrated (no flakes or dry skin)
2. perhaps exfoliate your lips before using this?

This finishes off Matte and very rich. you may have to just dab a tiny gloss in the  middle of the lips to let it "move" a bit but not a lot that the product bleeds off your lips.

Let it set for a few seconds before applying any additional products or else it will move and you'll have a bloody mess!

Also, I use it not to trace my lips but to fill them in. This lasts for hours with just a little to no transfer at all so it's best on night outs or dinner dates.

It's also teeth-safe... it doesn't transfer at all... it doesn't move at all hence the HOLY GRAIL award to it.

To remove it is just your normal makeup remover :)

Here's a simple FOTD photo.. please excuse the duck face posing :)

Are you MUFE fan too?


  1. I've yet to try MUFE, since it's not in my budget but this looks great on you! I love red lips. :)

  2. Thank you!! I love red lips too.. It's the easiest look to pull off and immediately feel sexy and sophisticated :))


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