New Love: MUFE Aqua Lip pencil in Red

27 July 2011

'Lo and behold!, I have found THE red lip product that I can put in my "holy grail" category!

Meet MUFE Aqua Lip pencil in Red - this is part of their Aqua range (waterproof) which I adore to bits. I first saw this on Nic* from Pixiwoo. She used it on one of her "to-go" makeup looks and I was immediately infatuated (as any makeup junkie would).

As MUFE is not sold anywhere in Australia, I had to outsourced this from overseas (junkie I tell you). I bugged a good friend of mine... a good GUY friend of mine.... a good very masculine GUY friend of mine to go to a Sephora and get this for me. Luckily it didn't take a lot of convincing so I actually got it in a few days after.

A few things to note though when using this product:

1, make sure that your lips are hydrated (no flakes or dry skin)
2. perhaps exfoliate your lips before using this?

This finishes off Matte and very rich. you may have to just dab a tiny gloss in the  middle of the lips to let it "move" a bit but not a lot that the product bleeds off your lips.

Let it set for a few seconds before applying any additional products or else it will move and you'll have a bloody mess!

Also, I use it not to trace my lips but to fill them in. This lasts for hours with just a little to no transfer at all so it's best on night outs or dinner dates.

It's also teeth-safe... it doesn't transfer at all... it doesn't move at all hence the HOLY GRAIL award to it.

To remove it is just your normal makeup remover :)

Here's a simple FOTD photo.. please excuse the duck face posing :)

Are you MUFE fan too?

MsChikee Experiment: strong brows

18 July 2011

I can't remember the last time I spent a good few minutes on me brows. I used to really pay attention to them and fill them in and try different products then all of a sudden I got tired? or maybe lazy... as we do.. I opted for the au naturel eyebrow look.

Recently, I've been getting back into the habit of filling in my brows and I kid you not I always get this cringe feeling when I look at myself because I look different...

I do know a few brow rules, like (1) always choose 1-2 shades darker than your hair; (2) groom them brows if you have a lot; (3) opt for pencil or eyeshadow to have that natural finish; (4) your brows are sisters, they are not twins

I guess I just have to get back to the hang of it because it really finishes off the look and somehow frames your face better?

Maybe this is another phase and eventually I'll go lazy again and return to my bare brows habit or maybe this is for better or for worst. I guess I don't want to be one of those ladies who can't leave their house without their brows on.... (here's hoping!)

So without further ado, here is a FOTD: the one where i sported a strong brow look :)

Products used:


Prestige Chill Quad palette (dark brown shade) - *i think this is already discontinued but try eBay :)
(maybe I'll try brow gel again)


MUFE HD Primer
NARS Sheer Matte Foundation (Barcelona)
MAC Mineralised Skinfinish natural (Medium Plus)
NARS Laguna bronzer
NARS Deep throat
NARS Albatross (to highlight)

Urban Decay primer potion
MAC Ricepaper e/s
MAC Illegal cargo e/s (limited edition - from Naughty Nauticals)
Prestige black liner
Covergirl Lash Blast
Bobbi Brown Flesh e/s

Revlon Lustrous Lipgloss (Nude Lustre)

Hope you're having a fantabulous weekend :)

(potential) New product love: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex

15 July 2011

now that's a whole lot of words to say for a product name! it makes it more "credible" sounding with all the good words already attached to it - "advanced", "synchronized", "recovery"... yummy words to live by when you want to have that youthful skin!

(Photo source:

I was given this by my lovely sisters (Ate Wengie and Ate Winnie). I think I tweeted this or put it on my FB wall and they picked it up....ahhh the magic that these status updates can really do:)

one of the reasons why I haven't tried this out yet is the price. It's one of those things that you (think) you need but just too expensive. I deliberated long enough that I still end up not getting it but thank you to birthday gifts i can now put my hands on this baby and hopefully make a proper review in a few weeks time.. i am thinking 4-6 weeks (feels like forever!).
It promises soooooo many good things so I am hoping it will deliver! 

for now, Let's do some first impression shall we:

1. LOVE the packaging. Anything doesn't let me stick my finger in it to get the product out is in my good books for packaging. it's soo old school to have the medicine dropper happening... brings back memories when your mum tries to trick you into taking some meds.

2. there is a slight scent to it. i could be one of the worst person in describing a scent but I can say that it doesn't smell anything like how the normal Estee Lauder moiturisers do. Don't get me wrong though, it's not offensive at all. It kinda tricks your brain because the product looks like "honey" so you kinda expect it to o smell like one.. weird scent.

3. the bottle looks huge and feels like it's going to take you forever to use it up..

here's the actual shot of the gift when i received it:

ahhhh.... one of the best surprises I've received :)))) (post dedicated to Ate Weng and Ate Wengie)

New Love: Revlon's Super Lustrous Plumping lipgloss

13 July 2011

Possibly a lipgloss that I don't really need because I've got too many.. oh wait.. scratch that! you can never have too many lipgloss right? (crowd cheer "rriiiggght" ... *applause*)

i stumble upon this little gem on my recent shopping trip. frustrated that I couldn't afford the dress that I wanted I resorted to a lipgloss and glad to have found this one. i haven't noticed this plumping range before.. must have been so out of touch.. sadness.

anyway, I do love the super lustrous range and I own 2 (Nude lustre and Glossy Rose) which I've repurchased a few times because the formulation is just fantastic. My personal favourite is the Nude Lustre because it's the perfect nude for my skin tone. It's peachy-based so it's flattering to any skin type :)

now what's different with this one? well the plumping effect.

does it work though? i say yes it does however the tingling sensation is less than what the other plumping lipglosses I've had before so I initially thought that it's not really working but looking at photos and the texture of my lips on every application, it does fill in the gaps (making my lips looks fuller than usual).

as for the colour, I got "Mauve Pout" which is VERY similar to Nude Lustre which makes me even more happy :)

here's how it looks like on my my lips.. (excuse the duck (half)face pose..)

ps. this was my birthday present to my self (well one of them) hehehe

(old) Love: Korres Lip Butter

07 July 2011

for some reason, i really do have a love/hate relationship with this product.

there are times when I despise it and so close to just chucking it in the bin.. those are when I feel that it's not moisturising enough or when most products are stuck under my nails (say no to pots!) and other times (like now) when I feel that it's doing what it's suppose to do on my lips..I am utterly inlove!

I am not quite sure but maybe it works best in cold weather?
or it gets better in time? (you know all that 'good' stuff after using it for a while :P)

I only have this shade which is the yummiest looking in my opinion.

It's buttery and very smooth to touch. It has a slight fruity scent to it but it's tasteless (i am not a fan of fruity taste lip balm anyway)

Right now (winter) it's the most nourishing lip balm and the stain it gives my lips is just superb.. i don't look dead in this freezing weather when I am actually frozen to my core and almost turning blue.

Here's a lazy FOTD taken this morning just before heading to work. Flash has to be used to give you a way better indication of how it looks like (on me) :)

PS. i really hate the packaging though.. say no to pots!