New Love: L'Oreal Infallable Longwear Lip (Golden Peach)

20 June 2011

Meet my new love... L'Oreal Infallable Longwear Lip (16hrs)!!

Shade is "Golden Peach" - which is peach/coral with gold flecks.

I got this because it was on sale. I was heading to the counter to pay my items when the flashing "Sale $9 each" just hit my gaze and I found my feet walking towards the stall...I was hooked (as I always do)!

Choosing the colour was hard! They were all saying "take me home mummy" but I settled for something neutral/nude/peach :)

So how does this work? there are 2 tubes, the lipstick and the lip balm.

The lipstick dries out on the lips after application (as all other longwear lip products) and that's what the lip balm is for - to moisturise and add the extra shine.

I like the packaging, it's chic, compact and neat. It's clever how they put a mirror-like case.. points to L'Oreal packaging team!

I am sure you can use a different gloss if you wish but just bear in mind that you will need to constantly moiturise or else you'll feel your lips becomes very dry and tight.

It promises 16-hours and it delivers. There is small to none colour transfer which is a plus.

This can be a good lippie for weddings or any whole day event where you can't do touch ups that often.

Here's how it looks like on my lips - excuse the pimple marks.. this was taken at the end of the day, my concealer was just gone.

By the way, if you look closely it has a pearl-ish finish as well. If you know me you would know I am not a big fan BUT you can always make some exception :P This is one of mine! Ha!

Also I am sporting a Bobbi Brown look... hahaha the actual Bobbi Brown with me huge, dark framed glasses :)

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  1. Hi MsChikee:)

    Yes its been a long time! Glad to see you back. I have a baby now so not so glowing anymore ahha I look so mummy nowadays but I do love being a mum! Anyway so sorry if I dont recognise you on the streets because I am a bit blind when I shop ahaha too many things I need to buy! Hope we do bump into each other and talk makeup stuff! I hardly wear makeup anymore so I will check your blog out for updates of the latest products:)


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