new cheek combo: NARS Laguna and MAC Ladyblush

18 June 2011

This has been my "to go" cheek combo lately. It's very easy and both compliment each other - well Laguna compliments almost every shade of blusher out there (*if used correctly)

(funny is it, you still have the urge to tilt your head when looking at this photo.. even though it doesn't matter.. you still get the picture.. *boomtish*)

As you know, MAC LadyBlush is a cremeblush and you may heard/seen/read the rule about cremeblushes: creme on creme, powder on powder....but I broke that rule and happy that I did.

MAC Cremeblush works well on a powder base - in fact it gives me that dewy (not cakey) finish that I really wanted since my cheeks are the driest part of my face.
I tried to apply this blush on top of my foundation, before setting it with a powder, but I didn't get the colour payoff that I wanted... hence the breaking of rules and I've never been so inlove with a cheek combo until today.

Few things to note:

1. I used Nars Laguna more like to add colour/warmth to my face and less of the contouring idea the minute you apply a bronzer.
2. I use a stippling brush to apply my cremeblush

And here's the result (in 2 angles, because I can)

I wonder what's my next cheek combo? what's yours?

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