Happy New Year :)

31 December 2011

2011 was a learning curve for me, for most. Life and love lessons were too confronting to say the least but they were empowering and humbling all the same.
A wish from me for all of us, may 2012 brings us more blessings and happiness and less worries and heartaches. May all the lessons we've learned this year stay and may we learn more for a better, stronger and happier version of us today.

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” - Maria Robinson

Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous new year :)))

MsChikee Review: Estee Lauder Day Wear Sheer Tint Release

26 October 2011

Hi Petals! I am so sorry for lack of posts but it has been a hectic few weeks and plus I've been under the weather for the most part. Anyway, enough of my excuses, here's a review post (as promised) on the Estee Lauder Day Wear Sheer Tint Release

excuse the state of this tube, it's been with me since day 1 :)
I was on the hunt for a new tinted moisturiser for a while. I had 3 choices that I had my eyes on and it came down to Estee Lauder Day wear OR Bobbi Brown's tinted moistuser

So what flicked the switch to get Estee Lauder?.... Gift time! haha At the time of purchase, there was a gift promo where if you buy any product/s for over AUD$75 you get a makeup bag with goodies :) That's good enough reason for me to jump and buy one plus the makeup bag is so cute (slightly in shot in the photo above) and it has all the travel size skin care items that will be of great use in my upcoming holiday... so really it's a win-win situation.

What do I think about the product?


I would actually pay for a good moisturiser (tinted or not) so it wasn't a big deal. But if you ask me then yes it is on the a less affordable side of things. This is sold at AU$80 for 50ml.


Superb! it's easy to carry around your makeup bag for travel purposes and it's hygienic because you don't need to stick you finger to get the product out.


There is a (slight) fresh cucumber scent to it (to me at least, it smells like a cucumber) which I find refreshing especially if you apply it in the morning. Just the scent itself awaken your senses :)


1. Remember that this is a tinted moistuser so won't be getting a full coverage out of it. It's more like to even our the skin for that more natural look and plus it protects your skin because it has SPF15

2. It has some small beads to it that sort of exfoliates your skin when you apply but I think that's the actual tint. This is one of those products that adapts to your skintone although it comes out a little bit greyish-brown from the tube. (NOTE: There is only one shade for everyone!)

3. Once applied, you will see that it gives you enough colour to look healthy :)

4. It sinks in a little slower so make sure that you let it sit for a few minutes before applying makeup.


1. You can skip your usual moisturiser if you're going to use this. If you're using the Day Wear range, then this is exactly the same thing only with tint

2. It only has SPF15 so if you're going to the beach, then this is not enough sun protection for the face.

3. You can layer it but it won't really give a full coverage. Your (cute) freckles are still going to show.

4. You can definitely re-apply but always on a clean face and not on top of makeup.. not nice if you do it over makeup :)

Overall, will I repurchase? Yes I will but I think I'll give Bobbi Brown a chance or not :)

Hope it's sunny where you are!

Also the Queen of England is visiting my state today :) Yay for long holiday!

MsChikee Review: Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

08 September 2011

I finally got my hands on this foundation. I first saw it in LA earlier this year but I didn't get it because they don't actually have a tester available in Target (in US). It turns out that you can return any opened/used product if you're not satisfied with it (whatever the reason may be)... errr I was only there on holiday so it's quite crucial to get the right shade at that time.. in the end, no tester means no buying.

What caused the purchase? well, my ever so trusted Nars Sheer Matte foundation bid me farewell and I didn't have the money just yet to fork out to get me a new bottle so I opted for something a little bit cheaper but somehow similar and thought Maybelline's Fit Me foundation fits the shoe.... not quite the Cinderella moment for me but it will do for now I guess.

Maybelline Fit Me Liquid Foundation - Shade 230

Maybelline's Fit Me Powder Foundation
I got both the liquid and powder foundations (because they were on sale). Basically,  this is marketed as one of those products that don't hide and don't change you because it's lightweight and natural and it promises:

1. fresh skin finish
2. flawlessness effect
3. breathable skin (?) - you get the point.

It says that you'll have the same shade for liquid and powder foundations. That's what I did but perhaps I should have mixed the shades because I think i am in between shades :(

The Packaging

Liquid foundation - well a pump would have been nicer. I try to be careful when getting the product out and when putting the bottle back on my table without the lid on because one tip-off mistake and this is all over my carpet!

Powder Foundation - it's great to see the shade through the lid cover. Always handy when you have multiple shades in your kit.

The Product

Liquid Foundation

- the consistency is very runny that using your hands is way better than using your brush. So just be cautious on that.

- there is a slight odd smell to it. this may sound yucky but to me it smells like damp towel. I am not a fan at all and sometimes it puts me off. Thank goodness for my Estee Lauder moisturer - it kinda balances the smell a little bit.

- application is a treat - that's the silver lining for the formulation being runny, it glides on the skin so smoothly and so easy. No tugging action because sometimes the product dries up on the skin before you can even buff it. It doesn't happen with Fit Me

- it's true it is very lightweight. You don't even feel that you have something on. Perhaps if this doesn't have the odd smell then maybe you can even forget that you have it on!

- it's light to medium coverage. It hides my freckles without the feeling of having too much products on.

- i can somehow get when they say it lets your skin breathe. I wish I can explain this further but I can't find the words.

- You really have to find the right shade for you. I think I am in between shades so I normally set this foundation with my MAC Mineralised Skinfinish Natural in Medium Dark. (PS, I am normally NC40 and with this product I am on 230 Medium - very close to my Nars Sheer Matte in Barcelona)

Powder Foundation

- it's OK but it's not finely milled compared to the skinfinishes. The powder shows my pores... every makeup junkie's nightmare.

- it's very silky to touch when it's on your face (but your pores are visible too! booo!!)

- I don't use this to set the liquid foundation because it doesn't look good together on my skin... it looks TOO MUCH.

Overall thoughts?

It's lightweight and it's silky to touch. You just need to find the right shade for you. For a drugstore product, this is really good.

It doesn't last on the skin though (in my opinion) - max would be 4hours before powdering yourself again and it's not really friendly in humidity.

This has SPF18 so be careful with flash photography. maybe not be your ideal foundation for a wedding or anything with flash photography.

On a good note.. I didn't break out from this foundation so that's a plus. 

Will I repurchase?

Probably not or maybe try another shade? Maybe not.

I think my HG foundation will always be NARS Sheer Matte/Glow but it's always good to try new  things in case I end up finding a Steal!

This is available in Priceline stores in Australia for AU$18.95

Here's a FOTD photo when I wore this foundation (liquid):

What's the latest foundation you've tried?

MsChikee Review: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex serum

02 September 2011

Ok let's start with the name right here, right now.. how mouthful is that?! It's like one of those gourmet dishes with detailed name - Roast lamb with sweet potato and parsnip mash with mushroom sauce infused with rosemary and thyme. But hats off to Estee Lauder for having such a descriptive name enough for consumers to understand what they are getting out it.

Photo source: www.esteelauder.com.au
I've been using this for 6 weeks and I am telling you now this is by far my new skin BFF. It is going to be a staple in my skin care from now on until my face requires new shizz to be slapped on to keep it all together *grin*

The Packaging:

Fabulous packaging! Any product that is not in a pot is a plus for me. The medicine dropper thing is just brilliant! It's very easy to control how much product you want and...and.. you can literally get the last drop of the product because you can reach all four corners of the base and get the product out!

The bottle is HUGE so it's not really travel friendly but would you really leave this behind? no you don't.. you just need to make space for it.

The Serum

It's not oily as the other serums that I've tried (ie Clinique Turnaround concentrate). And I find that this sinks in the skin faster than other serums. This works better with a night cream on top of it. I am using another Estee Lauder moituriser which is yet to be blogged.
You have to be religious in applying this every night (if you can). Other women use it 2x a day but I don't need that frequency just yet so I only use it at night.

Overall thought on the product

I LOVE IT! I give it all the possible stars you can give a product.

There is no drastic change in my skin that a photo will be able to capture because as much as I'd like to fuss over this, I am only in my early 30s. Although, I have lines (where it counts) that weren't there 2-3 years ago, it is still slightly unnoticeable to the less intrusive stares.

I decided to use this product with one aim and one aim only, to delay ageing and maybe improve my skin's ability to heal overnight from any free radicals that my skin get exposed to on a daily basis... so yeah make that 2 aims!

And for 6 weeks, I've noticed:

1. my skin's texture is firmer and smoother
2. any spot that I squeezed (i know i know, bad habit) heals overnight
3. my frown line (between my brows) is a little bit relaxed since using it. It's not gone like I would hope but it's rather on a  i-don't-look-like-I-am-angry state which is great!
4. I wake up to much hydrated and healthier looking skin
5. Makeup application is now a treat more than anything. 

Definitely, one of the best addition in my skincare to date *applause*. This is the trouble, the older you get the more products you'll tend to use just to hold it together! I think I'll have to try the eye cream too soon. Once I justify the price then perhaps in a few weeks/months.

Saying all that, this shouldn't be the only thing that you're doing to keep your skin young and healthy. Eating right and having enough and regular sleeps help a lot. Fruits and veggies are your bestfriends and water is your lover.

Hope this information helps you. 

ps. thanks again to my lovely sisters for this wonderful gift :)

New Love: Fresh Supernova mascara

20 August 2011

Happy days are here! I finally opened this mascara after months since purchasing it.

I did a lot of makeup haul when I went to US. I never got the round to write a post about the said haul because it was long overdue so I'll be showcasing them as I use the product (or as I opened it).

My US trip was back in January and only now (August) that I opened this mascara for great use and I am smitten!

Here's the latest love of my life: Fresh Supernova mascara (in black)

Fresh Supernova mascara in Black

I got this in NY, when I went for the Sex and the City tour! The store is in Bleeker street in West Village and along side are Michael Kors newly opened store and NARS. Fresh cosmetics are one of range that SATC used during the TV series and the movies so that's why we were brought there.

I've heard A LOT about this brand so I was ecstatic when we got there. Best part was they gave us a discount just because we were doing the tour.

 Packaging is too cute don't you think?! I am planning of keeping this tube even after expiry just because it's too cute!

The brush (I forgot the take a photo) is shaped like an hour-glass.. very sexy.

Formulation is a bit wet but once it sets it is the blackest of black. I do get panda eyes but to my surprise, it's not at all fugly, it adds character (smokiness). Saying that, that's my thing at the moment. I love how imperfect your makeup looks like at the end of the day, it adds that subtle sensuality.. (in my opinion). I normally pair this up with my Shiseido mascara base to add more oompph and to minimise the panda eyes scenario and it never fails to deliver.

Here's FOTD: (note that I have the common asian lashes, thin and straight. this mascara puts my lashes on the map... the map being my face)

extra ooommphh to my liking :)

how black is that?
Fresh cosmetics is not sold here in Australia that I know of but I clearly remember that they do ship to Australia - so online shopping is the go (great news innit?!).

I can't remember how much this costs in USD but I know it's not that expensive. I think I'll repurchase this when it's finished but I'll make it as a reward type makeup item :)

Just in case you're interested, I am wearing MAC Ravishing (cremesheen) mixed with MAC Bougainvillea (creme colour base).. yummy!

and all that jazzed

16 August 2011

One of my all time favourite lipstick is MAC Jazzed and sad to say it's limited edition!! :(

It's forecasted that bold orange and coral lippies are IN (again) this spring/summer and I am excited!

So I thought I'd whip it out and try in preparation of what is just around the corner... hayfever i mean spring. It's a bit premature because it's still bloody freezing and my skin is at its palest but NARS Laguna was there to the rescue and gave me the warmth my face needed to compliment this lipstick.

MAC Jazzed Lipstick from In the Groove Collection

it's a cremesheen finish... love!
In case you forgot, this was released last year (July-August 2010) from the In the Groove collection which for me is one of the best collection that ever came out since I started this makeup craziness.
I love the peachy-pink-coral tone and it's very flattering especially on a tanned skin. I find MAC Jazzed easier to work with than MAC Ravishing* (*which I think is always a shocker when applied).

I bought a back up too! (makeup junkie anonymous here I come!) and when the day comes that I had to use it I hope it's not expired nor spoilt...or i would just cry.

I read about dupes so maybe I'll look into it when the time comes or MAC should just get its act together and make it a permanent...unless it is already.. haha then this post is a total bullocks.

Yellow lighting and this lipstick = love!
here's a twist though and don't get me wrong... as much as I love the colour and the fact that it's a cremesheen finish, there is something off about it compared to other cremesheen lipsticks that I own... the formulation is a little bit 'pasty' to may liking. It doesn't sit well on the lips unless you blot it or add a similar coloured gloss on top.. it's not a deal breaker for me because I am all for the colour but it's just a little bit disappointing... this could have easily been my holy grail summer lipstick you know.

I still love it and would still recommend it if ever it gets re-promoted. It could be just the tube that I got and yours are OK? or my lips are just really notoriously dry... one must not be discouraged :P it's a great colour.

That's it for my ramble.

PS. Here's what I mean...this time I am in a room with white lights (not flattering at most times but true to the colour of the lipstick and state of my lips after a few hours)

white lights... sigh.. all imperfections come out! :p

what is your "almost" HG summer lipsticks?

new cheek combo: hang loose + laguna

12 August 2011

Is it me or do you find yourself giggling when you hear/read "Hang Loose"? Like seriously! for such a gorgeous blush, hang loose? (really?!) I don't know if MAC was trying to be funny or it's just my dirty mind....possibly the latter.

MAC Hang Loose is a mineralised (duo) blush that was part of the MAC In the Groove collection which was released July-August 2010.

I haven't been paying much attention to this baby for a while now...sadness..

I was favouring my MAC Spaced Out and Shu Uemura (Wine) blushers for weeks and by weeks I really mean months! I even hit the pans for both and already scraping the product out from its sides...*shakes head*

So what do you do when this happens? You go and open your stash and find something that tickles your fancy and Hang Loose definitely does the job...tickles my fancy. (Oh Sheryl! - some unanimous disapproval there)

MAC Hang Loose mineralise (duo) Blusher
Here's the thing though, this blush is lovely but I can't seem to work the purple (lavender) half but the other half (coral-pink) is a dream! It finishes off with some kind of freshness, softness look/feel to it, like you're glowing from within sans the glow. (unless I use a highlighter)

If you use the coral-pink side on it's own the it's very soft, fresh and borderline flat. It needs another layer of something and what's best to marry this blush with? *drumroll* NARS Laguna!! (but of course I hear you say)

NARS Laguna + MAC Hang Loose = love
I've decided, anything looks better with NARS Laguna. Such a strong conviction for someone who just started using it but bloggers don't lie.. that's the truth.

So here's what I mean when I say "soft", "fresh" effect on the cheeks when applied:

new cheek combo love :)

In case you're interested, here are the products used: (note that this is how I wear my makeup to work)

NARS Sheer Matte (Barcelona)
MAC Mineralised Skinfinish Natural (Medium Plus) - my winter shade
Garnier Eye Roll-On (2in1 Treament) under the eyes
MAC Hang Loose blush (coral-pink side) This is limited edition
NARS Laguna

Fresh Supernova Mascara (Black) - separate post is necessary.

MAC Naked Honey Skin salve (limited edition)

That's it for now.
Until I find another cheek combo :)

ps. just for the kicks, Hang Loose ...... HAHAHAHAHAHA

MsChikee's new secret weapon

08 August 2011

I may have found my secret weapon to looking awake, fresh and stress-free. I've been using this bad boy for a month now and I have no bad thing to say about it considering I was so sceptical at first.

I was in the impression that it's just a waste of money - for some reason I don't know! Then it won the Cleo beauty awards then I was intrigued but it wasn't enough for me to raid my local Priceline to get it.

It took me a while to actually purchase one, or in any makeup junkie's philosophy, it wasn't a priority and by priority I mean it wasn't shiny enough to get my full attention. But when a newer version of it came out, I was sold.

Lo and behold, my new secret weapon!

The original version of this one was only targeted to combat dark circles and tired eyes hence my lack of enthusiasm in purchasing it. But this new formula is now also a concelear + treatment and I think it's one of those affordable fantastic ideas put in the beauty market.

I was inlove on the first week that I've tried it and I've received so many compliments about how "rested" I look like (it could be that I have great friends too.. haha).

Star ingredients consist of caffeine and lemon extract. The former is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants properties and the latter is known for its (subtle) bleaching effect and that to me is a winner!

My thoughts about the product:
  • it's a roll on with a metal ball as the applicator which is cold-to-touch when you apply the product and in my opinion it helps in waking your skin up under the eyes (similar when you wash your face with cold water...*wink*). In a more convincing reason, the metal roller ball's coldness helps with the de-puffing the puffiness under your eyes because the cold helps drain the fluid build-up.
  • the concealer tint comes in 2 or 3 shades to choose from for every skin tone (i can't remember)
  • it comes out sheer and thin which makes blending a treat :)
  • it keeps your under eye hydrated 
  • long lasting although I don't really work for long hours, max is 8hrs a day but still this stays put without the need for me to re-apply. 
Here's how I look like before applying it. The sad looking eyes was just to give emphasis on the tired looking eyes.. hahaha (I like a bit acting once in a while).

Right after moisturiser and eye cream, I apply this bad boy

Voila! After foundation and powder to set!

I would definitely recommend this product. I am sure it will be different results for everyone but it's worth giving it a go. Garnier products are known for it's natural ingredients and normally all fruit based.

This sells around AU$17.00 at Priceline (at least that's how much I paid, it could on sale when I bought it).

What is your secret weapon?

MsChikee.Com Launch!

07 August 2011

Hello Petals!

Ok I've got some news for you, I've created a new blog!! I decided to keep this blog (ExcellentMakeup.com) all about beauty related (after this post :P) while all other things will be posted on my new baby - www.mschikee.com

There is currently a giveaway contest happening on the other blog and it closes on 31st August 2011. The price is so cute... represents me... IT and girly stuff :P
Please visit MsChikee.com when you have a chance :)

Thank you and *group hug*

New Love: Body Shop Almond Oil daily hand & nail cream

04 August 2011

One of my pet-peeves is dry hands. I get this "eekky" feeling! I hate touching my palms and I tend to hold the tip of my pinky so I can avoid contact with my dry hands/palms/fingers! I guess you can compare this weird pet-peeve to someone who hates the sound of nails against a chalkboard (eeek!) or that sound from sword fights or cutlery to cutlery (eeek!)

And because of this unusual pet-peeve,  I became a hand-cream hunter. I go from one cream after another hoping I'll stick to one and be merry. The search often fails me or the love for the product only lasts for a while then I get disappointed or just plain tired.

But not until my good friend introduced me to this bad boy. I was attracted to the scent - it was like a baby powder scent which is one of my favourite smell, reminds me of my time with my mum when I was young. My friend sold it to me like she works for Body Shop! and I am a sucker for those true testimonial from people who tried a product so the next day I found myself perusing the aisles of my local Body Shop store looking for it. It actually came with a cuticle treatment but I opted to just get this cream on its own.

it says "essential moisture for all-day softness" - who can resist that tagline?! I know I can't! and trust me this product delivers.

This baby is proving to be the one, the cream of the crop, the topnotch... that one that delivers... let's just hope they won't discontinue this anytime soon

(apologies for the dirty looking tube! hahahaha I had a mascara massacre and this tube was next to it!)

- the smell is absolutely fantastic! (if you hate almond smell then this is not for you)
- it's very creamy
- it really makes your hands essentially soft!
- keeps your cuticles very moisturised
- makes your nails shine!! (this is the element of surprise for me. I noticed it after a week or two of using it constantly)
- keeps your nails healthy and strong
- perhaps for a hand cream it's not that cheap although for Australian prices it's is (considered) cheap. This sells at $17AUD
- packaging is awesome (although i must admit the tube size is rather large if you're a small purse person)

CONs (can't think of any)

I wish this range came in body lotion and/or body butter then I will be faithfully theirs ;-)

ps. did you know that Perth, Western Australia is now #13 most expensive city in the world to live in?! *sadness*

In and Out (July Edition)

02 August 2011

I know it's already August but I thought I'd share my Ins and Outs from the last month :)


turning 31 - yes I celebrated my birthday and turned 31. this year's celebration was more intimate, just a few close friends and families. I am actually enjoying my 30s and the said that it will only get better from now onwards so I am looking forward to that :)

body shop's body butter in mango -  I have fallen inlove once again with this product. To me this is winter product. The only thing I wish they change is the packaging.... oh well here's hoping

prestige black liner - I have been obsessed in lining my upper (inner) lash line. and when i say obsessed i really mean obsessed! I can't even leave my house without it on. I like the "illusion" of thick lashes that it gives and since I wear my glasses all the time, this is my extra "oomph". Also this product is very similar to Mac's smolder in terms of creaminess but of course it's on the cheaper side of things. However saying that, when I use this all up, I think I'll get Mac Smolder anyway.

body shop's almond oil daily hand & nail cream -  this is by far my favourite hand and nails cream. I haven't had the chance to actually blog about it but I thought I'd share it to you now. It smells great, it's affordable, it moisturises your hands, cuticles and last but not the least... it makes your nails shiny!! I am inlove with the smell as well :))

chloe perfume (rose edition) - I LOVE LOVE LOVE this perfume. This is my gift to myself for my birthday. Some people say it's the same smell as the original one BUT I beg to differ... having used up bottle after bottle of the original Chloe, rose edition is (well) a rose infused edition. You get the same base notes but you get rose too especially at the end of the day... anyway, a blog post is necessary :)

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair - it's been 2 weeks now since i started using it and to be honest I haven't noticed anything new (yet) but I enjoy the process of adding this step in my night skincare routine that.

NARS Laguna - sunkissed cheeks all day long = LOVE!

Surprises - I LOVE surprises! Good surprise that is :) I had 3 great surprises this month and all I can say is they are the icing on my cake :)


can you believe it? No OUTS this month... at least I can't think of anything... this is great :)

hope you had a fantabulous July.. i know I did... :))

New Love: MUFE Aqua Lip pencil in Red

27 July 2011

'Lo and behold!, I have found THE red lip product that I can put in my "holy grail" category!

Meet MUFE Aqua Lip pencil in Red - this is part of their Aqua range (waterproof) which I adore to bits. I first saw this on Nic* from Pixiwoo. She used it on one of her "to-go" makeup looks and I was immediately infatuated (as any makeup junkie would).

As MUFE is not sold anywhere in Australia, I had to outsourced this from overseas (junkie I tell you). I bugged a good friend of mine... a good GUY friend of mine.... a good very masculine GUY friend of mine to go to a Sephora and get this for me. Luckily it didn't take a lot of convincing so I actually got it in a few days after.

A few things to note though when using this product:

1, make sure that your lips are hydrated (no flakes or dry skin)
2. perhaps exfoliate your lips before using this?

This finishes off Matte and very rich. you may have to just dab a tiny gloss in the  middle of the lips to let it "move" a bit but not a lot that the product bleeds off your lips.

Let it set for a few seconds before applying any additional products or else it will move and you'll have a bloody mess!

Also, I use it not to trace my lips but to fill them in. This lasts for hours with just a little to no transfer at all so it's best on night outs or dinner dates.

It's also teeth-safe... it doesn't transfer at all... it doesn't move at all hence the HOLY GRAIL award to it.

To remove it is just your normal makeup remover :)

Here's a simple FOTD photo.. please excuse the duck face posing :)

Are you MUFE fan too?

MsChikee Experiment: strong brows

18 July 2011

I can't remember the last time I spent a good few minutes on me brows. I used to really pay attention to them and fill them in and try different products then all of a sudden I got tired? or maybe lazy... as we do.. I opted for the au naturel eyebrow look.

Recently, I've been getting back into the habit of filling in my brows and I kid you not I always get this cringe feeling when I look at myself because I look different...

I do know a few brow rules, like (1) always choose 1-2 shades darker than your hair; (2) groom them brows if you have a lot; (3) opt for pencil or eyeshadow to have that natural finish; (4) your brows are sisters, they are not twins

I guess I just have to get back to the hang of it because it really finishes off the look and somehow frames your face better?

Maybe this is another phase and eventually I'll go lazy again and return to my bare brows habit or maybe this is for better or for worst. I guess I don't want to be one of those ladies who can't leave their house without their brows on.... (here's hoping!)

So without further ado, here is a FOTD: the one where i sported a strong brow look :)

Products used:


Prestige Chill Quad palette (dark brown shade) - *i think this is already discontinued but try eBay :)
(maybe I'll try brow gel again)


MUFE HD Primer
NARS Sheer Matte Foundation (Barcelona)
MAC Mineralised Skinfinish natural (Medium Plus)
NARS Laguna bronzer
NARS Deep throat
NARS Albatross (to highlight)

Urban Decay primer potion
MAC Ricepaper e/s
MAC Illegal cargo e/s (limited edition - from Naughty Nauticals)
Prestige black liner
Covergirl Lash Blast
Bobbi Brown Flesh e/s

Revlon Lustrous Lipgloss (Nude Lustre)

Hope you're having a fantabulous weekend :)

(potential) New product love: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex

15 July 2011

now that's a whole lot of words to say for a product name! it makes it more "credible" sounding with all the good words already attached to it - "advanced", "synchronized", "recovery"... yummy words to live by when you want to have that youthful skin!

(Photo source: www.esteelauder.com.au)

I was given this by my lovely sisters (Ate Wengie and Ate Winnie). I think I tweeted this or put it on my FB wall and they picked it up....ahhh the magic that these status updates can really do:)

one of the reasons why I haven't tried this out yet is the price. It's one of those things that you (think) you need but just too expensive. I deliberated long enough that I still end up not getting it but thank you to birthday gifts i can now put my hands on this baby and hopefully make a proper review in a few weeks time.. i am thinking 4-6 weeks (feels like forever!).
It promises soooooo many good things so I am hoping it will deliver! 

for now, Let's do some first impression shall we:

1. LOVE the packaging. Anything doesn't let me stick my finger in it to get the product out is in my good books for packaging. it's soo old school to have the medicine dropper happening... brings back memories when your mum tries to trick you into taking some meds.

2. there is a slight scent to it. i could be one of the worst person in describing a scent but I can say that it doesn't smell anything like how the normal Estee Lauder moiturisers do. Don't get me wrong though, it's not offensive at all. It kinda tricks your brain because the product looks like "honey" so you kinda expect it to o smell like one.. weird scent.

3. the bottle looks huge and feels like it's going to take you forever to use it up..

here's the actual shot of the gift when i received it:

ahhhh.... one of the best surprises I've received :)))) (post dedicated to Ate Weng and Ate Wengie)

New Love: Revlon's Super Lustrous Plumping lipgloss

13 July 2011

Possibly a lipgloss that I don't really need because I've got too many.. oh wait.. scratch that! you can never have too many lipgloss right? (crowd cheer "rriiiggght" ... *applause*)

i stumble upon this little gem on my recent shopping trip. frustrated that I couldn't afford the dress that I wanted I resorted to a lipgloss and glad to have found this one. i haven't noticed this plumping range before.. must have been so out of touch.. sadness.

anyway, I do love the super lustrous range and I own 2 (Nude lustre and Glossy Rose) which I've repurchased a few times because the formulation is just fantastic. My personal favourite is the Nude Lustre because it's the perfect nude for my skin tone. It's peachy-based so it's flattering to any skin type :)

now what's different with this one? well the plumping effect.

does it work though? i say yes it does however the tingling sensation is less than what the other plumping lipglosses I've had before so I initially thought that it's not really working but looking at photos and the texture of my lips on every application, it does fill in the gaps (making my lips looks fuller than usual).

as for the colour, I got "Mauve Pout" which is VERY similar to Nude Lustre which makes me even more happy :)

here's how it looks like on my my lips.. (excuse the duck (half)face pose..)

ps. this was my birthday present to my self (well one of them) hehehe

(old) Love: Korres Lip Butter

07 July 2011

for some reason, i really do have a love/hate relationship with this product.

there are times when I despise it and so close to just chucking it in the bin.. those are when I feel that it's not moisturising enough or when most products are stuck under my nails (say no to pots!) and other times (like now) when I feel that it's doing what it's suppose to do on my lips..I am utterly inlove!

I am not quite sure but maybe it works best in cold weather?
or it gets better in time? (you know all that 'good' stuff after using it for a while :P)

I only have this shade which is the yummiest looking in my opinion.

It's buttery and very smooth to touch. It has a slight fruity scent to it but it's tasteless (i am not a fan of fruity taste lip balm anyway)

Right now (winter) it's the most nourishing lip balm and the stain it gives my lips is just superb.. i don't look dead in this freezing weather when I am actually frozen to my core and almost turning blue.

Here's a lazy FOTD taken this morning just before heading to work. Flash has to be used to give you a way better indication of how it looks like (on me) :)

PS. i really hate the packaging though.. say no to pots!

"no makeup" makeup look :)

28 June 2011

The magnificent Sam from Pixiwoo just uploaded a video about a "no makeup" makeup look using less products - basically from medium to no coverage but more on highlighting and just a touch of warmth on the face.. and funny enough I sported this look on my recent visit to lovely Melbourne just 2 weeks ago so I feel like I've connected with her in some way (cue hysterical laughter here).

Most MUA will say that to create a "no makeup" look you would normally use tons of products. Layers of foundations and concealers will be applied to get that "perfect" complexion. If you watch The Hills you would know that it's Whitney's signature look and she admitted to have more products on to get that look than usual.

That's why I think the "no makeup" look is much harder on days when your skin is not behaving well because you'll have more to work on than when it's all clear and bump free.

Now saying that, I've been a fan of this look for years regardless of the state of my skin. It wasn't bump free day all the time but on the days that my skin is clear enough, I would use less coverage, less products and still get the same look and sometimes better.

Which takes me to my next point, makeup looks better on good, well hydrated, well maintained, well taken care of skin. In fact the more you take care of your skin, the less makeup products you will use in the long run.

So here's a snap shot of my "no makeup" look (winter makes my skin behave better than in summer):

In case you're interested, here are the products used:

Clinique Superdefence SPF25 moisturiser
Neutrogena Intesive deep wrinkle eye cream
Clinique tinted moisturiser (shade 3)
MAC studio sculpt concelear (under the eye)
MAC Transparent finishing powder
Covergirl Mascara
MAC Spaced Out l/e (blush on the cheeks)
Revlon Nude Lustre lipgloss

I skipped any eyeshadows and liner only because I was wearing glasses. I like to feather up my lashes and make it flirty under the glasses :) Also I didn't have any highlighter with me at that time.

But that's my take on "no makeup" makeup look :))))

Are you a fan of this look?

New Love: Paper Cowrn (clothing line)

22 June 2011

Who's your favourite The Hills character? Mine is Lauren Conrad. I like her style and her work ethic and well her personality better than say her ex-BFF Heidi.

I was on Twitter and saw LC's tweet about Paper Crown - i was like "paper crown?".. I clicked the link and oohh-eemm-geee did my heart skip a beat.. the clothes are SOOO beautiful. Look at these: (Photo Credit: http://www.paper-crown.com/)

This is my favourite - I love the jumper, the hair and the pants! sigh.. I can see myself wearing all the clothes.. i want the jumper!
I wish Australian boutique will house some of :)

I know this is a makeup blog but can you blame me? These are all pretty!

I think I know what hairstyle to do on my next trip to the hairdressers :))

Follow Paper Crown on Twitter - @papercrownluvsU

New Love: L'Oreal Infallable Longwear Lip (Golden Peach)

20 June 2011

Meet my new love... L'Oreal Infallable Longwear Lip (16hrs)!!

Shade is "Golden Peach" - which is peach/coral with gold flecks.

I got this because it was on sale. I was heading to the counter to pay my items when the flashing "Sale $9 each" just hit my gaze and I found my feet walking towards the stall...I was hooked (as I always do)!

Choosing the colour was hard! They were all saying "take me home mummy" but I settled for something neutral/nude/peach :)

So how does this work? there are 2 tubes, the lipstick and the lip balm.

The lipstick dries out on the lips after application (as all other longwear lip products) and that's what the lip balm is for - to moisturise and add the extra shine.

I like the packaging, it's chic, compact and neat. It's clever how they put a mirror-like case.. points to L'Oreal packaging team!

I am sure you can use a different gloss if you wish but just bear in mind that you will need to constantly moiturise or else you'll feel your lips becomes very dry and tight.

It promises 16-hours and it delivers. There is small to none colour transfer which is a plus.

This can be a good lippie for weddings or any whole day event where you can't do touch ups that often.

Here's how it looks like on my lips - excuse the pimple marks.. this was taken at the end of the day, my concealer was just gone.

By the way, if you look closely it has a pearl-ish finish as well. If you know me you would know I am not a big fan BUT you can always make some exception :P This is one of mine! Ha!

Also I am sporting a Bobbi Brown look... hahaha the actual Bobbi Brown with me huge, dark framed glasses :)

new cheek combo: NARS Laguna and MAC Ladyblush

18 June 2011

This has been my "to go" cheek combo lately. It's very easy and both compliment each other - well Laguna compliments almost every shade of blusher out there (*if used correctly)

(funny is it, you still have the urge to tilt your head when looking at this photo.. even though it doesn't matter.. you still get the picture.. *boomtish*)

As you know, MAC LadyBlush is a cremeblush and you may heard/seen/read the rule about cremeblushes: creme on creme, powder on powder....but I broke that rule and happy that I did.

MAC Cremeblush works well on a powder base - in fact it gives me that dewy (not cakey) finish that I really wanted since my cheeks are the driest part of my face.
I tried to apply this blush on top of my foundation, before setting it with a powder, but I didn't get the colour payoff that I wanted... hence the breaking of rules and I've never been so inlove with a cheek combo until today.

Few things to note:

1. I used Nars Laguna more like to add colour/warmth to my face and less of the contouring idea the minute you apply a bronzer.
2. I use a stippling brush to apply my cremeblush

And here's the result (in 2 angles, because I can)

I wonder what's my next cheek combo? what's yours?

MsChikee Wishlist: Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Foundation SPF25

16 June 2011

Lo and Behold, another item added to my ever so growing wishlist of products that I want to get my hands on!

Bobbi Brown's Extra Repair Foundation SPF 25

The promo photo looks soooo divine. It looks creamy and rich and luxurious. The price on the other hand is a heart-attack in the making - this sells at AU$132.00 a pot - 30 ml (1 fl oz). - a bit too much to pay for in a foundation - in my opinion.

It is described on the website:

"NEW Extra Repair Foundation SPF 25 gives skin perfect coverage, moisture and broad-spectrum sun protection."

Now I wonder if this is something that will photograph well because of the high SPF - perhaps not a good choice for a wedding makeup?
Also by the looks of it, this foundation is intended for either very dry skin (ie, mature age) or sun-damaged skin.
I don't quite see a 20-something woman using unless she suffers from very dry skin.

It's great that it has a higher SPF though - I guess you can skip your sunblock when you use this?

But still I would like to try it this out - maybe not on me per se but maybe on future clients who requires more moisture.

Wishlist is getting longer and longer :)

YT Guru: Michelle Phan's Mascara 101

15 June 2011

Don't you just love Michelle Phan? If you don't know her then I don't know where you've been. She's the reason why I started all this makeup craziness. I'd religiously watch her videos day in, day out getting tips. And now her videos are just getting better than ever.

Like this new vid she uploaded about Mascara:

How straight-forward and easy was that? I enjoy these type of videos because of how easy she explains it. Now I understand why some mascara just doesn't work on my thin (barely-there) and facing downwards lashes!

Who's your favourite YT makeup guru?
What's your favourite mascara? - mine is Covergirl LashBlast

eye for an eye

13 June 2011

For the past few months, I've been trying out different eye creams - well just for the heck of it. It's the most frequent purchased skin care item because it finishes up quicker than your pot of moisturiser (or that's just me).

I've narrowed it down to 3 eye creams (for now) and I am hoping to try out the others when given some budget ;-) (these days it's all about budget I am afraid).

What I normally look for an eye cream are the following:

1. good formulation - it has to be less runny and less oily/greasy. should be able to hold in your concealer/makeup as well.
2. texture - it should be smooth and absorbs fast in the skin
3. packaging - it should be easy to get out of the packaging and hygienic (ie, tube or pump)
4. targets fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness
5. affordable


Top 1 - This Works Tired Eyes Serum

It's been part of my skin care routine for almost 3 years. It ticks everything in my criteria list except affordability. It sells at AU$75 here in Australia but like a said it's worth every dollar.

Packaging is awesome - it uses a pump. The formulation is fantastic - less greasy and it sinks into the skin fast enough that you can apply your concealer straight-away. It reduced my fine-lines and improved my dark-circles.

Top 2 - Neutrogena Deep Wrinkle Eye Cream
Now this product is awesome. It's almost the same as the tired-eyes serum only cheaper. This sells at AU$25.00 at Priceline. It has an entire range but I was only brave enough to try this one and I am glad I did.

Packaging is awesome, easy - tube is always better than pots.

It doesn't sink in the skin fast enough so you will have to wait a few minutes before applying your makeup on.
It keeps the skin under the eye hydrated so it's a great base under your concealer. It helped minimise my fine lines and great on dark circles too.

Affordable and it does the job!

TOP 3 - L'oreal Youth Code Eye cream

This is my current eye-cream.
I started using it about 3 weeks ago and so far I like it. I actually wanted to try the whole range - so maybe once my face moisturiser (night one) finishes then I'll try the Youth Code Night cream and serum.

Back to the eye cream - it is almost the same as the Neutrogena one except the packaging is horrible. I am not a big fan of pots. Most of the time it get stuck in my nails when I dip my finger in it. But the actual cream is great.

Absorbs well on the skin, holds my concealer well, hydrates my eyes (less flaky with makeup on) and so far I can feel the skin under the eye tightening a little bit.

It's sells at AU$33.00 (this was a sale price) at Priceline stores.

so there you go, my top 3 eye creams. what's yours?

MsChikee is back!!

Hello Petals!

Mschikee is back! after a long hiatus attending some personal matters - i am back on my feet and ready to write more posts.

I have some long overdue post like haul from my US Trip (yup, I went to NY and LA at the beginning of this year). Also my latest obsession, bronzer! and the new skin care routine since i am now in my 30s!

Thank you for all your support ladies all these months that I'm gone.

and here's an impromptu In and Out


1. MUFE aqua lip liner in Red - this pencil is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! expect a separate post just about it! I will get more shades the minute i set foot in Singapore!!

2. Holiday in Singapore - it is still months away and I haven't even bought my tix yet but it is going to happen.

3. L'Oreal Youth Code eye cream - it's been weeks since i started using this and so far the only thing i love the most is that it absorbs through my skin faster than my other eye creams which makes concealer application a dream!

4. Korres lip balm - I've always been inlove-inhate with this product and I figured I love this better in colder months which is right about now :)

5. NARS Laguna - Bora-bora in a compact!! (I've never been to Bora-bora but I would expect a perfect sunkissed complexion when I do get there... one day)


1. MUFE Aqua Smoky Lash - for some reason the tube that I bought from Singapore didn't quite work for me! Panda-eyes galore (even with a lash primer). I had to break up with it!

And that's it for today. I hope you've been well when I was gone :)