impromptu IN and OUT :)

12 October 2010

Ok i am back!

apologies for the lack of posts but all my lined up review were postponed due to the state of my skin last week.

It took 1wk and 3 days to actually have my skin back to normal and i didnt get to wear anything on my face except my usual moisturisers and sunblock.

so while I dont have my reviews just yet, let me do an impromptu In and Out for you!


1. Love - yes i am inlove with ... myself! hahaha i am having a Carrie Bradshaw moment in my life where i want to send out registry gifts notes to everyone on my marriage to myself :) HAHA
seriously, i am in a happy place right now and I hope this is a sign of more better things to come. I am moving on :))

2. Fringe / Bangs - i recently cut my hair and now my fringe / bangs are back. it was shorter than I wanted but it will grow back so meh!

3. Holiday - 11 weeks and i'll be on that plane :))

4. Exchange rates - how awesome is it!! 1 USD = .95AUD , it's been like that for a while now so i am very very pleased.

5. Covergirl lash blast fusion - i am on my second tube!


1. Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne facial cleanser grapefruit - BOOOOO!!!! never again

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