Hall of Fame: MAC Face and Body Foundation

18 October 2010

OK, finally I am able to review this baby.
I am so so sorry for the delay but with that Neutrogena-skin-reaction drama i had to stop using this foundation until my skin was back to normal.

So testing period was 4weeks (technically 6 weeks with that 2 horrible weeks of skin drama).

What i like about it

1. lightweight - i really love the feeling of "nothing" on

2. water-based - it's kind of giving my skin a breather when i use it because it's water-based. it's also great for "active" activities like gym or working out. not that i wear make up during work out but you know after a long day at work, i go run/walk and that foundation stays put.

3. easy to apply - although it's very runny, it is easy to apply. i use my fingers on this one to get optimal results.

4. you can layer it up without the cakey feel

5. the dewy finish that you get when you apply it is fantastic too.

6. i think you can compare this to Bobbi Brown's skin foundation based on texture (runniness) but this is far more "natural" looking on the skin. this is best when you want that effortless look but with so much effort.. if you know what i mean.

7. it's great on photos too!

What you need to know:

1. you need to get it in store to get your correct colour

2. you can use a translucent powder or the mineralise powder to set it

3. it doesn't cover your freckles (even if you layer it - like i said natural look) or post acne spots/marks. you will still need your concealer or use a different foundation all together

4. you have to shake it well before applying

5. fingers are better than brushes when applying it, you have more control

6. there is a slight fruitty smell to it. it's not offensive so it's ok

7. you have to wait for a few minutes after applying it before setting it with a powder

8. it's not that cheap here (Australia) so make sure you get the right colour for you


Although this foundation is very good, it is not my HG of all foundation. I still prefer my Nars Sheer matte.

Hope this review helps.


  1. I was lucky -- I have dark skin and I found a makeup artist www.sanbernabecosmetics.com that is selling some MAC samples for cheap -- they're not used -- that would be icky. Dark skin saves some money on this one...LOL

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