Mschikee Review: Covergirl's Lash Blast Fusion

04 September 2010

O-M-G! Remember my whining when I bought and used the Covergirl's Lash Blast length (yellow tube?) and remember how much I LOVE the Lash Blash Volume (orange tube?) - well girls and boys, the fairygod of mascara heard me and so as the other girls who wished that Covergirl should come up with the Volume + Length in their Lash Blast range and what do you know?! they did!

It just recently hit Australian market and to be honest because I am so out of touch from watching YouTube vids, I wasn't aware of this product until I saw it at Priceline stores! It felt like finding your soulmate after a long time! (drama queen I tell you!)

I like the purple tube, just like the other tubes, it's sooooo easy to find in your mess of a makeup bag so points to Covergirl packaging team.

And the brush! One thing I love about the Lash Blast range is the applicator's bristles, it's rubber. It doesn't hurt my lids when it touches it. I love that they definitely mixed bristles from the orange and yellow tube hence the FUSION.

The second thing I love about the Lash Blast range is the formulation of the mascara. This is just one of the few that doesn't give me panda eyes. It stays puts and it's easy to remove.

Here is what it does to my very asian lashes. Without mascara, my lashes are next to none. I can feel it but it's you can't really notice it. And this definitely give it some volume (or the illusion of it) and length.

I cannot say more. This is my favourite drugstore brand mascara.

This is sold in every pharmacy and Priceline outlets. Original price i think is around $18AUD but at Priceline, you can get it for $15 (promotional price).

Have you tried it?


  1. Heyyyy!!

    I actually LOATHE lashblast, I don't find it does anything for me. I know asian lashes tend to be super short and straight and hard to find a good mascara for. Have you tried Maybelline's Colossal or FUll N Soft? I think those are my favorite drugstore ones. Try them out if you havent!


  2. hi vonzi :) thanks for the suggestions, i've been thinking about the colossal so imma try it :)
    Maybelline hasn't been good to me or maybe just that pink tube thing.. it was horrible formulation.
    but i'll try the colossal and blog about it :D

  3. Wow! That was great. Actually, I haven't tried it before but now that I've seen it and it's good quality, think its worth trying. Thanks for this wonderful blog post.


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