just a little bit Paradoxal

10 August 2010

here was the scene:

me: wow that's really nice polish, what is that?

sales lady: the new one from Chanel

me: *yeah that is helpful* - yeah? i better check that out. thanks!

(drum roll please)

Presenting - my very first Chanel (thanks to vouchers again) - Paradoxal

See how unique and pretty she is? The Chanel SA said that it's "greylet" - grey and violet. And it is - very paradoxal :P this is somehow similar to Sephora's Metro Chic (i think).

It's like dirt with elegance but then I could be biased because it's Chanel, it has to be elegant?

Seriously, in the bottle, you can see the ray of violet goodness and the grey dirt. And I was crossing my fingers that it will be the same on my nail but Chanel did disappoint me a little bit :( I can see the flecks of violet goodness but not like in the bottle goodness :( however, it's still a great colour, very unique and very flattering so you can use this on your toes too :D

the violet goodness maybe hard to capture on camera but in real life (and you have to trust my words) it is indeed greylet :D

This is from their new collection and a definite must see if you get a chance. I think this has been out in other countries and we just recently got them here in Australia.

It's $40AUD so please think before you buy unless you have money to spare. I used my gift voucher so it wasn't that painful. I don't think I could fork out that amount for a polish but then again maybe I could if it's this pretty then 1 wouldn't hurt?

Dare to be paradoxal?

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