In and Out (July-Aug Version)

11 August 2010

I was just thinking about this yesterday and was about to tweet miss Laura aka Lollipop26 to ask her where is her In and Outs becuase I always do it when she does hers.. she's the queenbee of In and Outs :D

Here's mine


Ramadhan - it's in and very exciting. i must admit i will be grumpy for the next 4 days but after that it should be fine :D

Chloe perfume - i just recently bought my 4th bottle! yes girls and boys - 4th bottle. :)
New Friends and old Friends - met some new friends the last few weeks and i am kinda happy to meet them :D Old friends - well i am very blessed to have them.

MAC Jazzed lipstick - can this be my lip colour forever? maybe! i love love love it. I still love my cremecup and cherish but Jazzed is just ticking all my boxes at this time :D

Holidays - in about 5.5 months, me and my girl friends are embarking some exciting holiday getaway.. we are half way booking everything and i am just over the moon excited! i'll keep you all updated because I would love to have some meet ups :D

Which leads me to Lollipop26's questions - in a year i get 6 weeks paid holiday :D excluding public holidays :D


Flu - it was a horrible week having to deal with flu and cold and cough. i still have my sexy manly voice but hey it's sexy alright!

Family - they just left the country after staying with me for a few weeks. missing them already
MAC Studio Sculp foundation - expired! and it wasn't even half used.. so i dont think i am repurchasing it just yet.

Lolita Lempicka perfume - i used to love it but now it's just making me vomit... could it be that it's expired as well?

Short hair - i am growing my hair now becuase i can :D and also just in time for the weddings that i'll be attending and the ultimate trip.'

Ramadhan Kareem :D

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