Haul Time!

31 August 2010

Here's what I got from Melbourne... don't laugh but I only got 2 things :) (makeup wise, i bought other things but it's not Excellentmakeup appropriate).

MAC Face and Body foundation - this is only sold in MAC Pro stores and online. I could have bought it online but I didn't know what my colour is.

I am C5 (suitable for NC40-42).

First impression - could be a HG foundation. Very light, sheer, liquid-y and doesn't absorb fast. I've only been using this for over a week so please watch this space for a proper review after a few weeks :)

My skin is behaving well because of the cold so I really want to see how this baby performs in humidity. I am heading to a tropical place in a few months and I do hope this is coming with me happily.

This is sold at $60AUD for 120ml. This product is very promising

Note: MAC Pro store in only in Melbourne and Sydney hence this purchase :D

Kiehl's Abyssine Eye Cream - I've wanted this for so long but couldn't get myself to buying it!

Don't you notice that when you're on holiday, you don't think of the cost? haha
My curse to be honest! it's like it's now or never :P

Anyway, so it's finally in my hands and I've been using it for just over a week as well so again watch this space for a proper review in a couple of weeks.

First impression, I like the consistency, not too thick. However, I wish it was packaged differently.

So that's it, just 2 things. My trip was so spontaneous I didn't even have a list of what to get. But I did enjoy. I would love to go back and next time it should be more than just the weekend :D

I am in Melbourne :) - watch this space for photos :)

22 August 2010

I'm on a very quick holiday in lovely Melbourne :)

been to MAC pro store already and got me my face and body foundation :)
And I want to go back for more hahaha

Melbourne meet ups? Message me on mschikee[at]gmail[dot]com (geddit?)

My Melbourne followers? I love love love your city :)

Bronze Gold Eye Makeup + MAC Hang Loose Blush

14 August 2010

I was invited to attend the Singapore National Day Dinner and decided to whip on the quickest makeup look that I can do - Bronze-Gold type.

It takes me about 5 minutes for both eyes and another 5 minutes for the rest of the face.

I used:

MAC All that Glitters e/s (base)
MAC Tempting e/s (2/3 of the lid from the outer-V)
NARS Galapagos e/s (crease and under eye)
MAC Texture e/s (just above the crease and before the brow bone)
MAC Ricepaer e/s (brow bone)

And for the blush - MAC Hang Loose (limited edition).

If you ask about the lips - believe it or not that's my bare lips and by bare I mean I just whipped my ever so loyal Lucas pawpaw ointment :)

And for the final cheesy FOTD - voila!!

This look never fails me because it's simple and kinda classic. This is my HG look if you ask me hence those listed products are my staple products :D

What are yours?

Clinique supports Breast Cancer

12 August 2010

This is just another reason why I love Clinique, they support the one cause that is so dear to my heart.

It is going to be available in October (which is the Breast Cancer Awareness month) at both Myer and David Jones counters.

Don't you think the charms are just too cute?

In and Out (July-Aug Version)

11 August 2010

I was just thinking about this yesterday and was about to tweet miss Laura aka Lollipop26 to ask her where is her In and Outs becuase I always do it when she does hers.. she's the queenbee of In and Outs :D

Here's mine


Ramadhan - it's in and very exciting. i must admit i will be grumpy for the next 4 days but after that it should be fine :D

Chloe perfume - i just recently bought my 4th bottle! yes girls and boys - 4th bottle. :)
New Friends and old Friends - met some new friends the last few weeks and i am kinda happy to meet them :D Old friends - well i am very blessed to have them.

MAC Jazzed lipstick - can this be my lip colour forever? maybe! i love love love it. I still love my cremecup and cherish but Jazzed is just ticking all my boxes at this time :D

Holidays - in about 5.5 months, me and my girl friends are embarking some exciting holiday getaway.. we are half way booking everything and i am just over the moon excited! i'll keep you all updated because I would love to have some meet ups :D

Which leads me to Lollipop26's questions - in a year i get 6 weeks paid holiday :D excluding public holidays :D


Flu - it was a horrible week having to deal with flu and cold and cough. i still have my sexy manly voice but hey it's sexy alright!

Family - they just left the country after staying with me for a few weeks. missing them already
MAC Studio Sculp foundation - expired! and it wasn't even half used.. so i dont think i am repurchasing it just yet.

Lolita Lempicka perfume - i used to love it but now it's just making me vomit... could it be that it's expired as well?

Short hair - i am growing my hair now becuase i can :D and also just in time for the weddings that i'll be attending and the ultimate trip.'

Ramadhan Kareem :D

just a little bit Paradoxal

10 August 2010

here was the scene:

me: wow that's really nice polish, what is that?

sales lady: the new one from Chanel

me: *yeah that is helpful* - yeah? i better check that out. thanks!

(drum roll please)

Presenting - my very first Chanel (thanks to vouchers again) - Paradoxal

See how unique and pretty she is? The Chanel SA said that it's "greylet" - grey and violet. And it is - very paradoxal :P this is somehow similar to Sephora's Metro Chic (i think).

It's like dirt with elegance but then I could be biased because it's Chanel, it has to be elegant?

Seriously, in the bottle, you can see the ray of violet goodness and the grey dirt. And I was crossing my fingers that it will be the same on my nail but Chanel did disappoint me a little bit :( I can see the flecks of violet goodness but not like in the bottle goodness :( however, it's still a great colour, very unique and very flattering so you can use this on your toes too :D

the violet goodness maybe hard to capture on camera but in real life (and you have to trust my words) it is indeed greylet :D

This is from their new collection and a definite must see if you get a chance. I think this has been out in other countries and we just recently got them here in Australia.

It's $40AUD so please think before you buy unless you have money to spare. I used my gift voucher so it wasn't that painful. I don't think I could fork out that amount for a polish but then again maybe I could if it's this pretty then 1 wouldn't hurt?

Dare to be paradoxal?

a touch of colour

09 August 2010

is all i need! :)

it's still winter here but we were given some pretty awesome "spring-like" weather the last few days hence this latest purchase...

I present to you my earliest Spring inspired top that (i must admit is a splurge - thanks to vouchers) I am loving right now.

It's from Cue which is a really great clothing store.. a little but up market but borderline affordable.
I am a big fan of their clothes because it's classic and it's really my style.

They are great quality that are timeless so it's worth the money (or I'd like to think so) :P

so meet my spring/summer number :D

It's 100% cotton so ironing is going to be a nightmare but hey, it looks so pretty and fresh and summery :D

Here is some non-flattering OOTD photo :D

And I teamed it up with my this makeup look.. featuring MAC Jazzed lipstick (limited-edition) and MAC Hanglose blush :D

I love winter and I don't want to part ways from the cold but I am looking forward to spring :D

Have you started your spring shopping yet?