MAC In the Groove - Haul and (initial) Review :D

28 July 2010

Haul time!

I got the email at 8am, contemplated on ordering online then thought maybe I should call the counter put things on hold then I thought nah! in the end, i bought it over the phone and then sent my brother to pick it up..... phew!!

All the trouble but you see it's all worth it. I think beauty bloggers will be on my side with this - when a new MAC collection comes out and you've heard a lot of good things about already then there is no stopping you and nothing is impossible :)

So here's what got

(L-R) Hang Lose blush, Togetherness eyeshadow trio and Jazzed (Cremesheen) lipstick

I am in love.

Hang Lose blush

It's a combination of baby pink with a slight peach undertone (semi-matte / satin) and a lovely cool lilac / lavender (shimmery). I don't own anything similar to this so I am very pleased of this purchase.

I think this is a very clever idea so you don't get glitter overload. and you can use both or just one and still be OK. I personally love the pink/peach half of it - it brings such softness to your face that makes it look so innocent and sweet. (love it!)
Togetherness eyeshadow trio

I love love the colour combination of this one too! And I think it will work well with the Hang Lose blush. I love the purple/blue mixed with grey. I think it can create a sultry sexy smokey eyes but still soft and sweet :D I love it! I can't wait to get my hands on this and hopefully I should be able to show you future FOTD :D

and the star of the haul - Jazzed lipstick

(Without flash)

(With flash)

I am inlove with this lipstick like you can never imagine. I bought MAC Ravishing a few weeks back and I love that it's Peach but this is just far more beautiful because it's mixed with pink.

I think if you mix MAC Shy girl and Ravising, you're get Jazzed.
I love that it's a cremesheen and I love that it works on any skin tone :D

Here are some on the spot lip swatch...
(with flash)

(Without Flash)

I am really a happy woman today.

To all Australian MAC fanatics, In the Groove is now available at your nearest counters.
There are some great mineralised skin finishes that are repromotes and some new Cremesheen glasses. If I can afford more I'll probably get some more :D

MAC In the Groove Collection

I've been waiting for this collection to come to Australia and apparently it came out on Monday :)
It's been selling really fast especially the infamous MAC Jazzed lipstick which I pre-ordered from Ebay and also online so technically I have 2 lots of those :) Impulsive buying is my curse.

So what did I get?
Jazzed lipstick - I've read and heard soooooooo much good things about this lipstick. It's been rated 4.8 out 5 on most makeup blogs including MakeupAlley. So I gotta have it :D

Hangloose blush - I really find it a unique colour. I dont think it will work on me or I think that I'll have to find a way to work it on my skin but the fact that it has purple and pink combo just made me ultimate curious. I dont have anything like it.

*I find that in blushes, my rule is something that i dont own - colourwise - hence I only have a few blushes :D (here's hoping hahahaha)

Togetherness eyeshadow -I love how everything looks so soft and unique and i am very very intrigued with the colour combination - :)

I am so excited that I am writing a post about this.

PS. there will be another post once I pick my goods up later today (cross fingers - i must beat that traffic after work :P)

Twilight Saga: ECLIPSE (review and more)

04 July 2010

So, I watched it today with my friends. We kept our tradition you know - lunch at my place with yummy home cooked meal, New Moon recap and few bubblies then to the cinema.

I got into some Team Edward spirit too :) (wearing here the Cullen Crest wrist band given by AbsolutFeli

The Review (Spoiler-alert):

There are sooooo many new dynamics in this film which makes this the best so far. The characters are fully developed with all the flashbacks. They are also more natural and comfortable with their characters (ie, being a vampire and all).

I know for a fact that this is way better than New Moon for one reason and one reason only - Edward is in for the entire movie :)

I love that 90% of the "lines" (dialogue) are directly from the book. I love the humour, romance and most of all the witty sarcasm.

The ab-flexing was superb and as much as I am team Edward forever, I kinda enjoyed all those shirtless moments with Jacob and that "special" moment when he got hurt that he had to phase out of his wolf-self and be human... that was PRICELESS!

The constipated look from Edward that I saw in the first 2 is less this time. I also believed him when he learned about the kissing and all.

The Tent Scene was superb!!!! it was fantabulous I tell you. First i thought it would be some kind of brokeback mountain-ish hahahaha with the cuddling and all but it was absolutely amazing.

Bella ain't bad at all but this is actually when I started disliking her character but it is still well played :)

The only thing that I am a little bit not happy is "Victoria" :( I think I would have liked Rachelle more but hey the way that she got killed by Edward was awesome.

I am happy to say that guys can totally watch this film without having to gag or fall asleep. It's action packed with nail biting moments.

Lastly, how awesome is that soundtrack. I mean it's a great soundtrack but hearing it on the film just made it even better.

I can't wait for Breaking Dawn :)

Tell me how's your Eclipse experience.