Birthday Wishlist 2010

29 June 2010

So in a few weeks (12 days to be exact), i'll be entering the wonderful world of 30's.

They said that 30 is the new 20. who ever said that must be in her 30s too.

Due to some minor changes this year in my personal life - there has been some omitted items in my list which is now just between me and the list :)

anyhow, for my 30th, here is my wishlist:

1. Car :)

2. Balenciaga bag - Giant Part-time with silver hardware

3. Eve lom skin care! i really wanted to try it!

4. Drop-earrings :) -- This one i already got!

5. Sony Cybershot T90

6. Holiday - probably Asia and US and meet Robert Pattinson :)

Looks very expensive? well, i have 12 months to be 30 so i have 12 months to actually make this all happen.


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