"wonderfully grey" - a LensCircle contact lenses review

09 May 2010

Megan Fox, Courtney Cox, Alexis Bledel... what do they have in common? They've got light blue/grey eyes and dark hair and I really love that combo!

I watched a lot of youtube videos about LensCirle contact lenses and got really interested so I finally joined the bandwagon and got myself a pair of World Series lenses in Grey

I have astigmatism hence I have to use Toric lenses and toric coloured contact lenses are expensive! It can be up to $300AUD for a pair that only lasts you 6 weeks and I am not really keen on spending that much just to "improve my looks".

LensCircle lense offers prescription lenses but with out the astigmatism component to it but the lenses these days are very good compared to 5 yrs ago regarding astigmatism so I gave it a shot.

Obviously, these lenses are only for "going out" or "i want to be extra pretty tonight" kind of thing.

So the lenses came in cute packaging - i got leopard print pouch :)

Here's how my natural eye colour looks like:

And here's with LensCircle lenses on:


1. very soft comfortable - being a veteran contact lense wearer, I find these lenses very comfy in the eyes.

2. still offers great vision - even without astigmatism added in the lense, I still can see clearly and able to drive. The only downside is it doesn't work well with computers so it's definitely a going out type of lenses.

3. cheap! this pair only cost me $30AUD which is like 10% of what it would normally cost if I buy it here.


Nothing really except I hope one day they will do Toric contact lenses and still be under $50 :D

Here's a FOTD for you :)


  1. Hi, love your leather jacket? where did you get it?

  2. Hi.. if you're in australia, i got it from Sportgirl :)

  3. yup i wish these geo lens got toric too~

    xoxo elle

  4. Hey! You look really great! I just wanted to ask whether your customer service experience was good? Did lenses arrive on time?


Hi! I appreciate your comment and the time spent visiting my blog! Thank you xx