the one that (almost) got away

27 May 2010

Let me say this first, I wish that you won't feel what I felt today. The horror and shock of realising that.......... I left my lipstick in my jeans pocket and put it in wash!!

(cue Psycho music here)

It was an awful feeling so I hope none of you will ever have to go through it.... (dramatic much?)
Always check your pockets and please do a count on your lippies (unless you have gazillion).

Here is what almost got away: MAC Fanfare (Cremesheen)

The horror that this lipstick had to go through. All those cycles and the hot water and the spinning. I mean I would just melt but look at it, it's super trooper.

So today, I decided that this baby is going with me anywhere I go and will stay in my makeup bag.

It's a very very flattering shade of pink for any skin type and I think it works best on medium skin :)

A little FOTD for you showcasing the one that (almost) got away.
Oh well the lighting was OK but my iPhone is crap? but just take my word, it's a lovely pink :)


  1. O my!! The horror, I would be very sad at the situation if it happened to me as well.

    Glad it made it through, you have a tough one there ;)

  2. @renay - hahaha i know! had a tough morning ;) only you and the other girls can understand HAHAHAHAHA

  3. i once took my SO jacket to dry clean and i dint check his breast pockets, his mont blanc pen was in it >.< the pen broke into two and it was a beige paul smith jacket

    i was so mad at meself, SO and the laundry shop guy for a month!

    xoxo elle


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