New Banner :) and something...

16 May 2010

Check out my new banner :) Thanks to my talented brother!

So a few great news about what's happening with

1. new banner!

2. we are now officially a YouTube partner (Australia)

3. more vids are lined up - basically all the ideas are now been presented to me (hahahah) and we're just in the process of outlining how it is going to be filmed.

4. more posts to come :)

Thank you for following this blog and also our YouTube channel :)

.... and something

I SOOOOOOO wanted these grey boots! This photo is from a Portmans and initially i am after the top then i saw the boots!! The shop don't sell it so I am in search of a grey boots that looks like these!!

So if you know where I can get them, please comment!! And oh this is how I would normally dress up if I can afford all of these :)

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