Media Release: New Orly Spring/Summer Nail Polishes

20 May 2010

MaxTedThomas.Pr marketing company has contacted my to let me know that the new Orly spring/summer collection is going to be available on shelf (Australian stores) from 1 August 2010.

The Sweet Collection

The six-piece range from ORLY includes: Pixy Stix (opaque raspberry crème), Lollipop (smooth lilac crème), Lemonade (lemon sorbet crème), Gum Drop (light turquoise crème), Cotton Candy (peachy pink crème) and Snow Cone (chilly blue crème)

It is going to be retailed at $18.95 each. For stockist info please visit

We here at Excellent Makeup are trying to get some samples and show you some swatches (currently out of stock) but once we get our hands on it we'll make another post with some photos. (let's cross our fingers)

I am very excited on this collection because everything looks sooo gorgeous. It's sad though that it's winter here and the collection is for spring/summer but nevertheless we would still use it :)

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