In and outs :)

07 May 2010

why am i always compelled to do in and outs everytime lollipop26 does her... :P not that im complaining.. i love in and outs :)

here we go:

1. single life - scary but fun.. go figure.

2. coloured contact lenses - I just had my first pair last week and i've been raving and raving! (promise a post is coming up).

3. MAC All that glitters - my love for this eyeshadow keeps on growing. i hit the pan already and i i am using the side bits :(

4. my Leather jacket - oh my my love for cold weather is now in and buzzing. i've been enjoying my cold nights while wrapped in my leather jacket! I promised myself to love and to hold this jacket for as long as I can :)

5. American Apparel Deep V neck T-shirt - I love love love love this t-shirts. I mean it has become my second skin and it's sooo flattering without looking like you're Jordan (google her).

6. New vids coming out :)


1. Studio Fix powder - for a longest time, i've had a love-hate relationship with this powder. it's a hit and miss for me and finally i am tossing it out and going back to my MSF natural.

2. short hair - i miss my long hair! i might try hair clip ins one day if i do get desperate.

3. MAC shadesticks - i dont know but i hate them this month. probably all dried up coz i wouldn't use it boooo

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  1. lol finally! the weather is improving, we still get the odd 'above 25 degree day' but hopefully approaching winter will wrap those up.

    Oooh! what kind of contacts did you get?! I cant wait for that post. =)


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