the one that (almost) got away

27 May 2010

Let me say this first, I wish that you won't feel what I felt today. The horror and shock of realising that.......... I left my lipstick in my jeans pocket and put it in wash!!

(cue Psycho music here)

It was an awful feeling so I hope none of you will ever have to go through it.... (dramatic much?)
Always check your pockets and please do a count on your lippies (unless you have gazillion).

Here is what almost got away: MAC Fanfare (Cremesheen)

The horror that this lipstick had to go through. All those cycles and the hot water and the spinning. I mean I would just melt but look at it, it's super trooper.

So today, I decided that this baby is going with me anywhere I go and will stay in my makeup bag.

It's a very very flattering shade of pink for any skin type and I think it works best on medium skin :)

A little FOTD for you showcasing the one that (almost) got away.
Oh well the lighting was OK but my iPhone is crap? but just take my word, it's a lovely pink :)

Media Release: New Orly Spring/Summer Nail Polishes

20 May 2010

MaxTedThomas.Pr marketing company has contacted my to let me know that the new Orly spring/summer collection is going to be available on shelf (Australian stores) from 1 August 2010.

The Sweet Collection

The six-piece range from ORLY includes: Pixy Stix (opaque raspberry crème), Lollipop (smooth lilac crème), Lemonade (lemon sorbet crème), Gum Drop (light turquoise crème), Cotton Candy (peachy pink crème) and Snow Cone (chilly blue crème)

It is going to be retailed at $18.95 each. For stockist info please visit

We here at Excellent Makeup are trying to get some samples and show you some swatches (currently out of stock) but once we get our hands on it we'll make another post with some photos. (let's cross our fingers)

I am very excited on this collection because everything looks sooo gorgeous. It's sad though that it's winter here and the collection is for spring/summer but nevertheless we would still use it :)

New Banner :) and something...

16 May 2010

Check out my new banner :) Thanks to my talented brother!

So a few great news about what's happening with

1. new banner!

2. we are now officially a YouTube partner (Australia)

3. more vids are lined up - basically all the ideas are now been presented to me (hahahah) and we're just in the process of outlining how it is going to be filmed.

4. more posts to come :)

Thank you for following this blog and also our YouTube channel :)

.... and something

I SOOOOOOO wanted these grey boots! This photo is from a Portmans and initially i am after the top then i saw the boots!! The shop don't sell it so I am in search of a grey boots that looks like these!!

So if you know where I can get them, please comment!! And oh this is how I would normally dress up if I can afford all of these :)

Ninewest Sale :) 20% off on boots

11 May 2010

Ninewest is having a sale on winter boots!
I just received this email a few seconds ago and all I can think about is "what should I get?"

Sucker for shoes and sale = me!
So if you're in Australia, then check this sale out :)

"wonderfully grey" - a LensCircle contact lenses review

09 May 2010

Megan Fox, Courtney Cox, Alexis Bledel... what do they have in common? They've got light blue/grey eyes and dark hair and I really love that combo!

I watched a lot of youtube videos about LensCirle contact lenses and got really interested so I finally joined the bandwagon and got myself a pair of World Series lenses in Grey

I have astigmatism hence I have to use Toric lenses and toric coloured contact lenses are expensive! It can be up to $300AUD for a pair that only lasts you 6 weeks and I am not really keen on spending that much just to "improve my looks".

LensCircle lense offers prescription lenses but with out the astigmatism component to it but the lenses these days are very good compared to 5 yrs ago regarding astigmatism so I gave it a shot.

Obviously, these lenses are only for "going out" or "i want to be extra pretty tonight" kind of thing.

So the lenses came in cute packaging - i got leopard print pouch :)

Here's how my natural eye colour looks like:

And here's with LensCircle lenses on:


1. very soft comfortable - being a veteran contact lense wearer, I find these lenses very comfy in the eyes.

2. still offers great vision - even without astigmatism added in the lense, I still can see clearly and able to drive. The only downside is it doesn't work well with computers so it's definitely a going out type of lenses.

3. cheap! this pair only cost me $30AUD which is like 10% of what it would normally cost if I buy it here.


Nothing really except I hope one day they will do Toric contact lenses and still be under $50 :D

Here's a FOTD for you :)

In and outs :)

07 May 2010

why am i always compelled to do in and outs everytime lollipop26 does her... :P not that im complaining.. i love in and outs :)

here we go:

1. single life - scary but fun.. go figure.

2. coloured contact lenses - I just had my first pair last week and i've been raving and raving! (promise a post is coming up).

3. MAC All that glitters - my love for this eyeshadow keeps on growing. i hit the pan already and i i am using the side bits :(

4. my Leather jacket - oh my my love for cold weather is now in and buzzing. i've been enjoying my cold nights while wrapped in my leather jacket! I promised myself to love and to hold this jacket for as long as I can :)

5. American Apparel Deep V neck T-shirt - I love love love love this t-shirts. I mean it has become my second skin and it's sooo flattering without looking like you're Jordan (google her).

6. New vids coming out :)


1. Studio Fix powder - for a longest time, i've had a love-hate relationship with this powder. it's a hit and miss for me and finally i am tossing it out and going back to my MSF natural.

2. short hair - i miss my long hair! i might try hair clip ins one day if i do get desperate.

3. MAC shadesticks - i dont know but i hate them this month. probably all dried up coz i wouldn't use it boooo

oh so Juicy!

05 May 2010

Yes! I have found my winter fragrance in the form of Juicy Couture (the first one).

Every Mother’s day is when I decide to buy my “winter perfume” mainly for 2 reasons, every perfume is on sale and it’s our (mum and I) tradition.

I made a mental list of what perfume to get after watching Lollipop26’s video on fragrances. I’ve been eyeing this perfume anyway and initially asked ex-ManFriend to buy it for me from a duty free. But he bought the Viva La Juicy instead which I loved too.

I was tossing between this one (Juicy Couture) and Flowerbomb and after a long debate with myself I decided on the one on sale :)

In my own terms, I’d describe this as a floral, sweet and sensual scent but not overly sweet like Britney Spears’ Fantasy (excuse the comparison hahaha). It’s starts really light and fresh but throughout the day it changes to a more floral-musky (aka sensual scent).

I’ve Googled the notes present in this perfume and understood why I love this perfume :)

Note present: “watermelon, mandarin, pink passion fruit, marigold, green apple, water hyacinth, crushed leaves, tuberose absolute, wild rose, princess lily, caramel crème brulee, vanilla, precious woods and patchouli”

What's your winter scent?

So yay for Juicy Couture and advance Happy Mother’s day to your mums :) send my kisses!

PS. If you’re in Australia, please check Priceline because they are having massive sale in perfumes for mother’s day.