New Product (semi) Love: Cover Girl Lash Blash Length

30 April 2010

You've read that right - only Semi-Love this product.
it was love at first sight for the following reasons:

1. it's bright yellow - i was told yellow compliments my skin tone :P

2. it's from Lash Blast family - which is one of my fave drugstore brand

3. drew barrymore's photo next to the stand

so if it's love at first sight, why the "semi-love"?as always, once the novelty wore off and you're not in the infatuation stage, you'll realise your true feelings (and yes we are still talking about the mascara). Here's what I found out:

1. Formulation is great - no flakes! I rub my eyes due to contact lenses and usually at the end of the day i'll see flakes of mascara under my eye but this baby is a true trooper.

2. Brush - superb especially for short lashes. it reminds me of that Maybelling mascara that is marketed for Asian lashes - very tiny so you get precise application and it's great on the lower lashes too :)

3. It really does lengthen your lashes which is what it promises BUT that's not what I want.You can say "then why did you buy it then?" and I'll answer you "love at first sight".

All in all, i only semi-love this mascara for the fact that it doens't really give my lashes that extra oomph that I get when I user my MUFE mascara or the normal Lash Blast (orange tube).

Even if you apply 2-3 or even 4 coats, it still no oommphh which is kinda disappointing. You would think that it will lengthen it and if you apply numerous coats and it will volumise it too? Nah!

Saying that, this mascara is great for those already with thick lashes because it will help them comb through the lashes on every coat making it "neat" so if you love spider lashes then stay away

I would still use this especially on my lower lashes and I will keep it in my bag only beacuse it's yellow :)


  1. yes i like this too for my lower lashes because its like a comb!

    xoxo elle

  2. @elle - yes! the brush is like a comb :)
    PS. i love your blog :)


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