In and Out for March-April 2010

09 April 2010

In and Out
1. Cool mornings and nights - it's fall!! soon it's winter! my favourite season of all :) i got everything ready, i've invested on a good leather jacket, ankle boots, skinny jeans and scarves! i am set!

2. MAC Studio Sculpt foundation - this is my fave foundation for winter. it's very moisturising because of the shea butter in it :) so it's coming out of the drawer once again.

3. MAC Cherish lipstick and MAC Fresh Salmon (LE) - 2 of my favourite lipsticks at the moment. i'll be doing a different post about it with photos hopefully

4. Short Hair - yes! i've cut my hair! my looooong hair is not just above my shoulders. it's liberating and fresh. i miss my long hair though so i think no more trips to hairdresser any time soon :)

5. Organic Shampoo/Conditioner - i am back to using my "Natural Instincts" shampoo/conditioner combo because my hair needs some love :)

6. Being single - if you're following me on Twitter then you might have seen my very public twitter meltdown. This is also my reason for being away and not posting. This is a new territory for me but hey i've been there before :) all i have to do is find my way back to me... and only me :)

7. Ultimate trip - i can't tell you details yet but please pray that this will happen! if it does then there will be a 'meet-up' happening :)


1. MUFE Smokey lash mascara - it's dried out! and i dont have a back up yet :( I am already making a mental note to get a few when i go to my ultimate trip

2. Kiehl's line smoothing eye cream - HORRIBLE! it stings on my eyes! i think this one was off? but i am back with Clinique all about eyes

3. Five Years with ManFriend - it's out!!! although credit to him for finding this :)

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