Perfect Marriage :)

13 February 2010

That is between Lipgloss and Lipstick :)

Anyone who follows this blog knows that I am all about nude lips :) Going to work? nude lips! Running errands? nude lips! Going out? nude lips!

It has become my staple and I've been mix and matching my lippies and I've found a match made in heaven!

Take Rimmel's Nude Delight and pair it with MAC Partial to Pink (cremesheen glass) and you get the creamiest pink/peach/nude lips ever!

It brightens your face in a way that people warms up to you because you look sooo ..... fresh? not the right word i guess but it bring out some "softness" and "feminine-ness" that is soooooo girly?

I am bad in describing it but if you've got these lippies then marry them up and see the results :)

I would say that MAC Partial to Pink is the best lipgloss I've got since MAC Love Nectar. I wish they make it permanent soon :)

What's your match made in heaven lip combo?

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